Friday, November 25, 2016

the new site

I started a new blogsite But will keep this one  for a while the other place you can find me is

Now thats What I call Reggae

I used to think of the Now thats what I call music series as something for kids but This 3 CD compilation gives me a whole new perspective.
there are some artists and songs left out of other compilations that makes this 3 CD set worth getting!
I bought this used because of the price and later hoped all CDs weren't scratched or damged
I'm happy to report all 3 CDs look unharmed!
2 thumbs up from me!

Saturday, November 19, 2016

recent music spins

Tonight I spun a new CD I bought from Amazon!
Years ago I was looking for Quiet Village by Martin Denny and discovered this series!
   This is filled with jazzy versions of TV themes.
a few are cheesy and most of them are well done! Many reminded me of the kind of music my dad enjoyed! This is perfect for playing cocktail hour or after a busy day.
Perhaps I'll spin this at dinner time at next years fireman's dinner!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Murphy's laws is trying me again

Last week I had a nice day of photography and video making when I went to upload my video to youtube it didn't work. I tried everything.
I emailed my sister thinking she put some sort of block on youtube because someone posted something bad? Nope
She did say sh got some random email from me so I thought oh s--t someone hacked my account.
I spend the rest of the evening changing passwords.Damn what a pain in the arss!
 I finally gave up on Windows movie maker and searched for a new one.
I finally came across one called Filmora. Norton security says its safe so I downloaded a trial version and tried it out. I like it. I posted a video but the brand name is across the whole video and in order to get rid of that is to purchase the licence. Its not much $37.00 for a year.
So worth it!
today I did some videotaping and will upload it when I purchase the license. in the meantime I can still post photography so here's some from today!

the Day started off at Mueller's Bakery! The best way to get a Sunday going!

The landscape photography turned out nice today!
The sun is starting to set on Barnaget Bay! There are get places by the Bay Head Yacht Club for sunset Photography!

The Local first aid dive team was practicing at Chadwick St Beach. Wow that a BIG RIG!

a Turtle figure on a friends porch!

some car emblems are cool to take pictures of! I love doing this!

Theres only one way to end such a long blog..With a gorgeous sunset of course!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

CDs and why I'm staying with them

 CDs came out in the early to mid 1980s. The were around $20.00 and up! Records were between $5-10.00!
I swore back then I would stick to records because CDs were out of my Price range! In the early 1990s I got a stereo that played albums,cassettes and CDs. I bought a CD here and there when I had extra cash. When I made mixes you can tell the songs that came off CDs sounded better. I still collected records and 45s though.
 slowly the Records started disappearing from the shelved and bearing replaced by CDs. By this time CDs were more affordable.
 in or around 2013 or so there was a renewed interest in vinyl again but records were more expensive then CDs! A new record can be $25-30.00!
Production and pressing costs have going up.
You can go to a thrift shore or goodwill be you may not find the records in good shape.
CDsare still down in price and many titles and artist can be founds for a few bucks on places like,amazon and best buy!
I respect records and record collectors but price wise and space to store has worked out for me and they STILL sound great. Even old recordings like ella,Louie and ol blues eyes himself sound great on CD!
 If you go to a second hand store or flea market ALWAYS check your album or CD for scratches and other defects!
Groove on!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Bay Head Harvest Festival

this past Saturday was the Bay Head Harvest Festival, There were vendors,food and entertainment by DJ Trish and James Dalton! Here are photos of the day!


 My friends children painted a pumpkin and gave it to me!

Later that day the was a small group that did a sunset paddle with canoes and SUPs on twilight lake and I took on landlubber photographer duties!

so afterwards a few of us gathered a Chip and Joyces aka The SDYC and saw the moon rising! It was so cool!

Lfe at the Jersey Shore. Its a beautiful thing!