Saturday, January 31, 2015

Trish In Action

a perform many duties at BHS. one of them is changing and updating the outside message board. Yesterday the Wind was low and it was in the mid 30s so The boss asks me if I could do the sign. I jumped on it like a flea on a dog and got it done in good time
 Photo by Dianna Finnerty!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

first snowfall of 2015

Today we had a snow day. Its the first one of 2015. We got the call that school was cancelled today so last night I made this mix.
using an iTunes card I bought to download a few songs my niece wanted on a mix and I had $5.00 left after that so I downloaded a few foe myself and also added a few from songs I ripped from CDs I got from the library.

a few stills I took today including todays great sunset!

Monday, January 26, 2015

The greatness of itunes

The other Day I bought an iTunes card to find a few tunes my niece requested. I found the ones I didn't have and had $5.00 left to spend so I went searching for a few tunes for myself.
In its early years there wasn't much of a selection as far as finding hard to find hits and oddities but if it came out in digital format its on iTunes.
 iTunes is great for DJs like me who still use CDs. If someone wants certain songs for an event I'm playing, I find it on iTunes, put it on a CD-r and play it at the event.
 Thank you iTunes!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

music news and chatter

A few days ago I hot an iTunes cards to download some songs my niece requested.
With the remaining amount I had a picked a few songs for myself. I searched for radio bloopers.
   One blooper I came across was Casey Kasem doing promotional spots for his American top 40 show. It was like his this Is Casey Kasem tune is this weekend to wcr.. uuh oh s--t! he did about 5 takes befor he got it down pay but which each mistake he would come out with what the f--k or  dammit.

Casey Kasem seemed so nice and clean cut I never imagined him cursing. Its kinda funny hearing him curse.

Monday, January 19, 2015

A walk in mid January

As I walked out out the House this morning,headed for work the sun was shining and the wind was calm. I guessed it was in the upper 30s. I was right it was 31!
I started to plan my after work activities in my mind but did dare think to much for fear I would jinx it

 I went to the bank to get a little cash after work. I was hoping to do some shopping after work.
 Upon arriving home I naturally reached for the mail but there wasn't any. Oh that's right its Martin Luther King day.
Our school was probably the only school that was open. But isn't that what MLK would have wanted? The kids learning about equal rights and treating each other with kindness and respect?
  I think all children should hear his I have a dream speech and learn how bad things were back then.
OK OK so I got changed when I got home, check my email, facebook and what was going on  with youtube. I looked and saw I had 400 subscribers!
 I tuned on the camera and made a thank you video and uploaded it.
 Afterwards I took a walk to Butlers and 7-11. My right ankle was cramping up but I kept on.
  Walking is both physically and mentally healthy.
 I cant remember when I got a good walk in in the Middle of January. Wow!
Much to my surprise I got most of the things I planned to get. When I got home I remembered the one thing I forgot.
I'll write myself a note to remember tomorrow.
all in all it was a good Monday!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

cocktail Hour 2015

 about a weekago my Creative engines were running hot. I had enough mellow tunes to make this years version of Cocktail hour mix. But Would I repeat songs from the last 2 years.
 for a change in pace I included some a little country flavor to this years mix.
My creative engine is still running but I'll wait a week or so.
Im having a mental block on the title!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

deep deep cold

The past few weeks have been very cold as Jamuary often is. Its been a while since gone for a bikeride.One it gets in the 20 and 30s bikerides and walks are out of the question unles I need to go somewhere. I'll take a quick walk bundled up to the 7-11 a few blocks over for milk and stuff but that's pretty much it.
  Today it was 29 and there was a cold wind.
I managed to be brave
enough to stand it the back yard long enough to take a picture of a sunset.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Thought on France and other stuff

Friday Morning I walked into the boiler room to get a cup of coffee and saw the news on the TV about Terrorists in France in two locations. It must have been as scary as 9//11 was for us.
By the end of the day all the terrorists were killed but 2 are still at large.
  My heart goes out to them.
I don't know much about France but I know they are a pretty peaceful country. Do their police even carry guns?
   My fellow mixmaker Sid from Northern Ireland invited me to this mixtrade group on yahoo and I joined. There are folks who still enjoy making CD mixes like I do. A few members emailed me welcoming me to the group. Like me they have the same mindset Trade mixes via mail and make new friends in the process.
 I hope to send out a few packages tomorrow. Weather permitting!ugh
 We are supposed to get snow early in the morning and as cold as it is the snow will make for bad driving conditions.
 OK so back to the music, A happy subject. I'm thinking of a world music mix for 2015.
A artist friend of mine posted a beautiful picture of a fish she drew on facebook.I'm thinking of asking her if I can use it for a mix cover and give her the credit of course.
 OK I'm told once you post a picture of facebook its public domain but I still believe in asking permission to use it. In my mind the artist ,photographer gets a thrill that someone likes what they did so much they want to use it and its buts a smile on their face, plus its keeps your conscious and integrity in the clear. Asking is better in this case.
 I ordered MORE music from the library despite the fine I have. I'll pay the off the week!
 More on the music later this week.
Stay warm
Peace Love and music!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

January Jams 2015

Wel; here it is
Inspired my some iTunes downloads and a few new CD purchases this mix was born. click on the pictures to see a clearer view.
While my creative engine was running hot I went on our library website and ordered more CDs to barrow.
 world music, rock favorites and some jazz will be in there next mix too!

Friday, January 2, 2015

New Years Day DJ gig!

2 weeks or so back I saw Ed Austin at Joan Shermans memorial service and asked him if they needed a DJ at the New Years day lunch at Sacred Heart, He said he didn't Need one but He welcomed my assistance.
  A group from Valentine house which houses physically and mentally disabled adults were the guests. Wow they had a great time! There was a small space for dancing inform of Ed and I and they packed it and cut loose!
 I could tell they were having fun!
It was a fun afternoon. That's the great thing about music. It lifts hearts and souls and for a few hours these folks were able to cut loose and forget the worries of the world if only for a few hours it was so worth volunteering my time to make a group of folks who got a short end of the straw in life happy for a few hours.
We got a big round of applause of the end of the day!
Ed took some pictures of me too!
Thank you Ed for a great afternoon!