Saturday, February 28, 2015

Mid winter Surf Movie Night

The Beach House once again put on an awesome Surf Movie night at the Bay Head Fire House. I was honored to be the DJ!
here are pics I took

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

So ready for Spring

Yesterday was our 2nd snowday this year.
Today I got up earlier and ready to scrape and dust the snow off my car. When I headed out the door I couldn't believe my eyes. There was NO snow on the car! The only thing I had to do is defrost the back window.
 The drive into work wasn't bad either but I course I drove cautiously. I kept Thanking God all the way to work.
I arrived at work 15 minutes early which gave me time for coffee! YES!!
The day was busy but being I had time to site and have coffee before my work day started was a plus.
   The 2 crates of mail we got neither shocked me or had me going "oh Lord!"
 I am so ready for spring though.
Outside photo and videos, bike rides and DJ gigs!
I also plan to get back to my 3 lap power walks in the Community park too!
There's a facebook group called The Jersey Shore Photographers. Id like to plan a meet and greet at a local deli have breakfast or lunch and then go to the Point Pleasant Boardwalk and do photo shoots.
 I think it would be neat!
these are just idea floating' round my little head at this point!
I don't know if this ideas or visions will amount to anything but its something to look forward to!
  I have been posting many videos on youtube like crazy lately but I'm going to take a break for a week or so.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

3 dog night

On my youtube channel I started a series called digging in my own collection. I go and pick out 4 or more cool CDs I have and talk about them.
 Back in the 70s I would tape songs off the radio.
One day I believe it was a snowday I got a blank Kmart 90minute tape and started taping away. I would often channel surf and tape songs off different radio stations.
This one tape had among them 3 dog night, Pink Floyd and I thing David Bowie songs on them.
 Out in the country was one of the songs on the tape.
   After school I would come home and play this tape. I played it so much that eventually the tape recorder would eat it.
Years later I learned that 1.00 90 minute 3 packs were not good quality tapes. I also learned the importance and cleaning tape heads and pinch rollers.
The life lessons of a young mixtaper!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

red sky at night

I can't decide which picture is the best so Im including them all.
Besides music and Power walks,sunsets have a great way of calming you down after a wild busy day. Bad weather is predicted for the next few days so while its in the low 40s I took the chance to take a power walk, run a few quick errands and get some photos in too.
 I'm not a fan of winter vut it does give us some spectacular Jersey Shore sunsets. So looking forward to spring though!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Recently I got inspired to make a new mix of dance tunes. Many folks in the youtube vinyl community have been showing funky records they picked up at their local stores.
 click on the photos to see clearer views of the tracklist.
can I fill of danceflooor?

Monday, February 9, 2015

Look what I found

I was looking through some cds and found this. There's a great batch of oldies here but when I played it the Rosemary Clooney track skipped. Hearing WC fields was funny.
This was a period I was really discovering the greatness of old school country like Johnny Cash and great Jazz of Ella Fitzgerald!
 this was a nice rediscovery!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Random thoughts and Ideas

Alrighty folks get your coffee or tea and sit back for a nice read.
Oh man I'm so looking forward to spring.
Two of my friends who have businesses locally are relocating. Locally not to far from their former locations. I look forward to doing brand new video tours in both their shops. I hope to go to other spots as well including the train room and the upstairs of Point antique Pavilion.
  My CD collection is pretty much complete. I don't think I'll be buy many more but if I do it will be for others..
 A few folks in the Vinyl Community on youtube have been showing some cool funky records and yes they do inspire me to make a new mix. Being the weather sucks and money is tight right now I went to the Library website and had a field day finding cool music. Now I pray all the CDs I'm putting on hold aren't scratched to hell. its been my luck of late with Library items.
 Once spring gets here I also plan to return to the Boardwalk to do another video tour of the Aquarium!
 I hope to get some footage of some surfers in action too.
I also hope to get a few more DJ gigs too!
I want to get back into a 3 laps a day at the community park with power walks.
what else?..Oh Yes Church. gotta get back to ol Sacred Heart.
OK well one last things
I was going though some stuff today and found an old note book that I was throwing out but before I did I took a few shots of some of my cartons in it

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

ye old card

This is probably the very last of the cards I made from my first computer. I have new ones professionally made now. this wasn't a bad start though. and yes the info is still the same!

Monday, February 2, 2015

only one Kenye music review

Last night I watched the video Of Only one by Kanye West Feat Paul McCartney.
I was disappointed. The video work was good best the song itself sounded like a bad demo
2 thumbs down D-!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

end of January sunset

Friday O took this shot right outside my bedroom window because it was like 25 degrees out. brrr!