Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bay Point Pancakes

Bay Point Market is under new ownership.They are now serving Pancakes!I was lucky enough to have some today.They are very good.
Jim Smith retired recently and told no one.
After I had my Pancakes I went to the post office and Mailed out 6 envelopes of CD mixes and more will go out Saturday including one to my friend Tex Hobart.His is a little bigger so it will be worth the wait.
My Cousin Donna is coming this weekend with her 2 children she adopted 2 years ago.She inspired Nancy and Dans adoption of our 3 additions.In fact its the one years anniversary today!
Adoption is a beautiful option.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

this just in

Stay tunes for these and other stories as they develope!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Reaching Up

Today started out kinhda overcast.I got a call from Martha(Of Ocean County Music) saying my order came in.I ordered a copy of Nicole Willis and the soul investigators CD Reaching up.Its great.Soul revival is on the rise.If you like modern soul with a old school twist this CD is for you.Also Check out Sharon and the Dap Kings.
A few years ago My cousin Michael made me a mix that blew me away.The Soul Investigators theme one one of those songs Id play repeatly.
I was also turned on to Ratatat which was also on this mix.One day I'll post the tracklist.Its that cool.I dont normally post other folks mixes but theres something about this mix.
A few days ago I got a cool mix from my friend Tex Hobart that cool too but I always play it when im dozing off and must listen to at upright and give it a proper review.
OK so onto my gig tonight.It was fun.No one really danced but I got positive feedback.Greg Powell and his wife were there.Greg got up and gave a thank you speech that had many of us misty.
The way everyone pulled together to make it came together brought tears to this DJs eyes.The love and support was beautiful.I think Over $6000.00 was raised.
Thank you to Alicia and Chris for the Chance to spin.Also BIG shout out to Chip Tillson, my awesome Roadie.Also big thanks to the Pioneer hose fire co In Brick for letting the event happen there!
Last but sure as heck not least big thank yous to Ocean County Music for helping make my dreams of being a DJ come true and un biggest thanks to God Above for it all!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Flea Man a review

My former brother in law and friend Jimmy Kaplow has a show In Geo network every Friday night called flea man!
He helped folks unload stuff from their attic or basemant and sell it at flea Markets.In one episode Jimmy helps a couple sell stuff from their basement to they can drive a car to their son who is in the Navy.Other couple is selling their stuff to raise enough money for a recording session for a country music singer.Both couples goals were close enough that both couples were able to live out their dreams.That touches me.
I hope Flea man is a success so Jimmy can live out his dream and help others make enough money to Live out theirs!
Best wishes for success my friend!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

rumble rumble flash flash

Yesterday our day at the beach was ended an hour early because of an approaching thunder storm.
As I pulled into Bridge Ave,One of our lifeguards took my radio and told me to rock n roll.In other words hit the road kid the storms coming.
Its amazing how fast my feet can peddle when a storms approaching.I was just approaching Bay Ave when I saw a big bolt of lightning over the bay,followed by a loud thunder.
I wasn't taking chances.I pulled into Bay Point Market to wait it out!Theres a fine line between faith and stupidity.The benefits of waiting it out.Drying off,avoiding getting hit my lightning and a cup of coffee!
Common sense..I love you!
When I got home I was a wet rat covered in sunscreen.Yuck.Time for a shower.
After my shower and a set of dry clothes I had some dinner and a glass of wine!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Clarence you will never be forgotten

I was sad to hear about the death of clarence Clamons.The great horn section of the E street band.He played with all his Heart and Soul and you coul feel the power right though the speakers...even though Radio Shack Speakers...OK I have nothing against Radio Shack speakers.They were good for my first pair of speakers.
Anyway Clarence Clemons not only was a great horn man but if you saw him in concert you saw those massive arms and know he worked out.He was no candy ass!
Im sure we will read more about Bruces right hand man in days and weeks to come but in the meantime put on an old CD lets say eh Born to run and hear that powerful Sax playing!
Thank you Clerance.
God Speed!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Music review Joy Comes in the Morning

Tyler Sherman has a new CD out titled Joy Comes in the morning.a offering of praise to the Lord.Its starts out in the unplugged style with "Let us pray" and "Magnify the Lord".
There are also Upbeat and Danceable tunes "In this Moment" and "I want to be like you" and "Give it" up rememinds us to look to Jesus to hard times and to give it all to him!
Great Backing harmonies are provided by Joan Sherman,George Nicholas and Tom Lewis.

2 thumbs way up!

Friday, June 17, 2011

the doors close on another school year and open for another beach season

Today was the last day of school.On my way home I realised the year ended on a happier note.Last year we were all worried about our jobs and the future of our school, but this year our budget passed,that plus other factors are a contribution to higher moral and lower stress levels.
This past wednesday we had what is called walking wednesday.Staff and students meet in Bay Heads Municipal Parking lot and then walk to the school.I was happy to be a part of it and proud of how many showed up.That alone I beleive is a show of force in school spirit and community spirit too.
So another beach season Starts tomorrow.
After this afternoons meeting I went to Monalyssas for a slice of pizza and a pepsi.Afterwords I went to Tyler and Joans to say hello and get a copy of Tylers CD of praise tunes for a $10.00 donation thats goes to first Baptist Church.
review to follow soon.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer Jams 2011 #1

Heres is Part one of my newest mix!
Ultrafox - Django Reinhardt
Mambo Jambo - Mighty Sparrow
Soul Investigators Theme - Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators
Gimme Some (Good Soul Music) - The Dramatics
Coral Reef - Neal Hefti
Mama - Connie Frances
Singing in the rain - Gene Kelly
Starlight - Electric Light Orchestra
Call of the space siren - Combustible Edison
Smooth Sailing - Ella Fitzgerald
Soulburger - Soulful Torino Orchestra
The Whale - Electric Light Orchestra
Don't you (forget about me) - Simple Minds
Holdin On - Nicole Willis & the Soul Investigators
If you were here - The Thompson Twins
Stax Jam - Galactic
Magic City - Buju Banton
Save The Children - Gil Scot-Heron
Jukebox(Ralphi's Juked Radio Edit) - Bent Fabric
Ice Cream - Coalishun
Welcome to Jamrock - Damian "Jr Gong" Marley

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

3 more days

# more days of work at the school.Completed volume 2 of my summer series.then perhaps another jazz mix will be in the works.Then I'll crank out some patriotic mixes for the 4th of July!So Many ideas running through my more imput as far as music in the computer unless some is deleted.
Now I'll focus and reading.
Book review I hope will be added this summer.stay tuned and stay cool.
Summer Playlists will be added soon.
Stay Tuned and remain cool.

Monday, June 13, 2011

wonderful Vibes beautiful people

My online friend and mix buddy Tex Hobart bounce positives vibes off each other lifting each other up spiritually and emotionally.Thats what I beleive God wants us to do.However we must keep it real,be honest.
Today I saw a few folks in town that heard my music at the fair and liked it.
I mailed out a couple of mixes today and started working on another tonight.I was in CVS and saw itunes gift cards and bought myself one for $15.00.itunes is the only one I do trust if I really want to download.With the gift cards you pay cast for them so theres not really a worry about credit card info to worry about getting jacked.
For weeks theres been a few songs I just couldnt get out of my head.the biggest one is the soul Investigators theme by Nicole Willlis and the soul Investigators.
Lately I've had this hankering for soul old, jazz and obscure island music.I got my fix tonight man!
Tonights sunset was beautiful.I stood out on the porch and watched the sunset.any worries or nagative feelings just seemed to melt like butter!Its OK Trish Gods got it all under control!I know that deep down but every now and then I need a beautiful sunset to give me a reminder.
every now and then I wonder how much I making a positive inpact in this life and today I got a good idea that im doing OK.When I get positive feedback from DJ gigs it puts a smile on my face knowing I make others happy.Knowing I have a happy listening audience makes me happy!
My next mix is simplay called Summer Jams 2011#1.yep a 2 volume set is planned!Lets Grroooove!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Oh the decision

Tonight was a fun night at Music and movie night.
any fun request and a little Dancing I saw.Folks had fun!The night was Sponsored the The Christian surfers of Manasquan.We watched a Movie Called Walking On water.It was fun and there were parts the tugged at my heart.
It got me to thinking how I really need to get back to church.Id like to go to Sacret heart because that is my church but it makes me sad because I always went with mom or dad and ever since dad died I can't go alone without getting teary just a tad.I do go to my friends Tyler and Joans church which is first baptist and they love seeing me there and I don't get teary.
Oh what should I do?Tough it out and go to sacred heart and try to be strong or go to first baptist where Im better emotionally?

A good Day at the fair

Todays gig went well.I even had a student hanging out with me and picking some classic rock Like the Beatles,Bryan Adams ,Eric Clapton and Queen.Wow!I dint think kids really cared for classic rock.How wrong I was.
I received lots of positive feedback which always puts a smile on my face and no "its too loud" complaints.
Sparks the Ocean County Library Mascot was there and so was Loon E The Clown who makes animal figures out of Baloons.
There was awesome food and fruit drinks, water slide and The Bay Head Fire Company providing fire truck rides.
OK Time to call Eric about this evenings plans being I just got a call from a friend and they told me about rain tonight.hope they are el wrong o!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

a morning of a check up and blood test.

My brother in law Dan and I spent a morning at the drs for a check up.He went first and then I went.We listened to Jimmy Buffett on the way there.
Dr Boyan said my blood pressure was a hhigher than last time.
He sent us Both for bloodwork.
When the nurse picked up the needle I immediately looked away.I t was just a little pinch but I didn't want to see how much blood was being extracted.
They also had me pee in a cup.The lab now has a sample of my blood and my pee!I should have made them a mix to seal the!
Now that thats done I can look forward to a fun weekend.
How can I have high blood pressure after listening to Jimmy Buffett?I also have a super fun Saturday of DJing coming up!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sound of Sunshine Music review

The other day at was looking at the new music section in our library website and Michael Franti and Spearheads new CD The Sound of sunshine was listed.It was listed under rap.Rap?
The sound of Sunshine is full of positive upbeat and Danceable tunes!I like it very much.2 thumbs up from me for sure!
If your looking for a new CD to buy this one is really worth the investment in new music!
Back from Rio - Roger McGuinn
This is vintage 1990s but still a great CD.Roger Mcguinn has been around for awhile but still has those great vocals that made the Birds famous.He still rocks.This is another CD worthy of adding to your music collection!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

double Header!

Saturday will be my first back to back DJ gig
First off
10-till 3 at BHS
and then 7 till 10ish at the Beach House 517 Main Ave in Bay Head
Its the first ever Movie and movie night of the season.Im stoked to be spinning!
Ill also be spinning at the Pioneer Hose Fire House June 25th for a benefit.
On July 9 Ill be pklaying for a regatta at the Mantoloking Yacht club.
Musically I thinks it going to be a fun summer!
OK well enough about me.
I went to see my friend Tommy Lynch play at the carshow in Point Beach today.he always does a fine job.I also met his daughter!
Ed Austin was there too!
Ed Austin and the Sherman Brother will also be at the Art in the Park Saturday too.
I have enought material to make another mix but weirdly enough I am having a creators block.What me..creators block?Perhaps after Saturdays my creative engines will restart.
Whats wrong with me?

Monday, June 6, 2011

chin up

I wanna have a few drinks
I wanna get drunk
thats how I feel when Im
In a blue funk
Turn on the music
it will be OK
and all those feeling do go away
my heart is heavy
my brains on the run
Look to the Lord above
for real love
Let him lead the way
and you know
he won't lead you astray
-original poetry by Trish

Saturday, June 4, 2011

a very nice day!

I headed out a tad late but had a nice day.I picked up a few CDs and was given a few musty albums.Both the CDs and albums are in nice shape.I dont have turntable but will give them to who friends who do.My friend Frank and my friend Knight Berman.I was also thinking of my friend Tyler but Im afraid if he gets any more albums his wife will file for divorce.
Among the gems of CDs I got Was the soundtrack to Flashdance.I had it on vinyl and played the heck out of it in the 1980s.After that it was the soundtrack of Top Gun and Miami Vice.
Naturally I opened up each CD to make sure all was good.I did get a dirty share but i didnt let it get to me.
I saw a beautiful blue vase I would have liked to get Joan but the price was a tad much.Although Im sure If i was it in a store it would have been double what it was.
after my yard sailing I went to Summerfest in the Boro.I bought a Pepsi and went and listened to a band called Elavator art.On one song a girl used a water jug as a percussion instrument.Interesting!

Friday, June 3, 2011


I sent of a Jazzy Swingy mix to Nancy In Japan and Also to Kathy In Colorado.She doesn't know Im sending her one but I got vibes from her comment on the zero website that she might like one.
My name appeared twice in todays local paper.Once in the article for nexy weeks event and Eric from the Beachhouse mentioned me in an article for his summer movie nights.
I look forward to a busy summer with the music.Its not about me,its about the music.Im trying to keep the oldies and the reggae sounds alive.I want to feature happy clean music everyone can enjoy.Many of the other DJs are playing Jay Z,Eminem and the like but I want to rock folks ,not shock folks!I try to be a family friendly DJ and get folks together and dance,be happy and have fun while forgetting the troubles of the world for a few hours.Music has always done that for me and I want to share that feeling with others.
Today I had one beer after work,checked me email and felt tires so I took a nap.I never got motivated to head out for a bottle of wine but I was doing some heavy drinking last week so I might go on the wagon this weekend.
This week at Work the secretary was out and the Principle was out for 3 days but things were just as busy.Alicia,our administrative assistant and I kept things squared away.There were a few that were a tad eh looser than usual but Im keeping my mouth shut there!I don't like it when folks rat on me so I won't rat on them.