Sunday, February 27, 2011

Those were The Days

Heres my latest oldies mix.I wanted to just have songs I had on 45s but it just took a life of its own and other songs and genres snuck in.

1 Memories - Elvis Presley
2 Those were the days - Mary Hopkin
3 Batucada - Sergio Mendes & Brasill 66
4 Cairo - Amazulu
5 Come and get it - Badfinger
6 18th nervous breakdown - The Rolling Stones
7 Autunm to May - Peter Paul & Mary
8 Summer Wind - Frank Sinatra
9 Carry Me Back to Old Virginny - Ray Charles
10 Keep off the grass - James P Johnson
11 That Sunday,That Summer - Nat King Cole
12 Love is in the air - John Paul Young
13 Baker Street - Gerry Raffety
14 Indiana Wants me - R Dean Taylor
15 Chattanooga shoe shine boy - Freddy Cannon
16 Lets Live it up - The Brian Setzer Orchestra
17 Mahogany Hall Stomp - Louis Armstrong & his Savoy Ballroom Five
18 Rete - Jean-Phillipe Martheny
19 Stewball - Peter Paul & Mary
20 Black & Tan Fantasy - Duke Ellington & His Orchestra
21 Mr Guder - The Carpenters
22 Hollywood Nocturne - The Brian Setzer Orchestra

Request for a CD mix are welcome.
I finished my 1st gift card mix last night and am calling it "listen up 2011"
years agowhen I had the music match program I had one so that why I added the year to it!I have to do a lil alterating of the playlist but Ill post that one too!

A beauty of a day

Today was warmer then yesterday.Last night I made my friend George 2 mixes and one was playing on the stereo as I left.He was working on refurbishing a Jewelry box for his daughter.I found out that the stereo in his garage does play tapes so next time I clean out my cassettes I'll send some his way so he can use them when hes tired of talk radio.
Halkway over the brige I realized I didnt have my helmet.Its eith at Nicholases or Rockin Joes..or the garage.
Ill be post my playlist called those were the days in my next blog.stay tuned and be cool!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Return to Rockin' Joes

After amost a 3 month absence I returned to Rockin Joes today to meet Knight and KC and a few of their friends.We chatted and had coffe and good food.I also met a member of the Boro Enviromentall comission and I gave him my email address and he will let me know when and where the Earthday festivities will be held and what time.He said something about the park on the river where Point Pleasant Hospital used to be.
Afterwards I visited the Nicholases and Beth and I had tea.The bikeride home was a tad colder than it was in the AM and I wish I had my gloves.
Last night I was up till 2am downloading somgs on my itunes thanks to My Cousing to sent it to me oh wait she sent me 2 but Ill reserve that for later.
using ones good for now.
I have Not for gotten about the playlist Im going to post.Im going to make a friend a birthday mix and then heading to bed before 2am.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Speacial T Graphics new Location!

Hello my Friends
After 19 years My friend Sheryl is now at a new Location

Special T Graphics is now located at
3105 Bridge Ave Point Pleasant NJ 08742
They will have a Grand Opening March 1st
Swing on by and see great T Shirts she designs

Once again
The NEW location

Thursday, February 24, 2011

2 big surprises

I come home to 2 big surprises today.My cousin send me 2 gift cards to itunes and I got 10 CD mixes from a fellow mixmaker.
I got the hard copy of my newsletter done & will be addressing envelopes tonight and slapping stamps on and mailing them will happen this weekend and already i got a peper cut...Battle wound?lol!
I got an email my my old friend Jennifer.She gave me her cell number and wants to meet for lunch some day.Its funny how some folks pop in and out of your life!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Another nice bikeride ..with visits to friends

Today after work I went for a bike ride.My first stop was the recycling Center where I dropped of a dozen or so old magazines.Chip and his crew were going about the business of wrapping up the work day.
My next stop was Ocean County Music.It felt good peddling down Bay Ave again.I bought some Jewel cases for my Cd's.Sal was there.He was actually in a talkative mood.I nicknamed him to quiet one.Some folks think hes not that smart because he's shy but Hes actually very smart I think!
My next stop was a 60 second visit to Vinnie at In The Light Photography.He was meeting with customers So I didn't stay long.
My next stop was Thoughtful Treasured where my friend Eloise has a shop.My Last stop was The Grind coffee Shop where I got a blueberry Muffin and a coffee.
I chatted with Debby the owner and eventually Eloise showed up and had a latte.We all sat around and chatted and being it was getting late I headed home before dark but of course I had to stop at Bay Point Market and get some Pennie pasta and a bottle of coke.
Tonight Ill make some mixes and family and friends and mail them off Saturday.
Oh and I must post my latest mix here.Hmm perhaps Tonight.stay tuned!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

off to a good start

I woke up at 7:30 to the call of nature.I was planning to get up extra earlt today to get a some CD mixes mailed out before work.I figured up at 8 out of the house by 9:15 etc etc.
Upon returning to bed I saw what might screw up my plans.Snow!
I did get up my 8am,get dressed and had tea.I prepared myself for a good 15 minutes and brushing off snow and scraping off ice.
I headed out to the car and it didnt seem bad.I got the brush combo scraper and went to was just a dusting!YES!
My 15 minute ordeal turned out to be a 5 minute brushing!Not only did I have time for a post office run, I went to Muellers Bakery next door and got 2 blueberry muffins.One for me and one for our Custodian,Frank.
He doesnt like me spending money on him but I told him the seagulls talked me into it.ha!
He appreciated it.
Tonight I made a my playlist but might do some rearranging with the songs.I wanted just to do all oldies but it kind of took a life of its own and theres a touch of world music.Its mostly oldies and jazz though.Ill try to post it tomorrow.

lost on 45,found on CD

Before we moved I had to get rid of my records.Luckily I have replaced most of them on CD.Id like to make a mix of songs I had on 45s that I do now have on CD.
I have a wish list of wrote out years ago.
Before I started blogging I kept a Journal so I may have to refer to that too.
Im sure most of my friends are sick of my oldies mixes but this one will be special!

Sunday, February 20, 2011 on the lookout!

As spring approaches and the weather gets warmer you will see signs for yard sales.These usually happen close to memorial day.
If your looking for bargains on kids toys,baby strollers,music books,pictures frames etc,yards sales are awesome.If you find music or DVDs check to make sure they arent damaged and Have the right disc inside.Its happened to me.I bought a CD for a dollar,get it home and no disc inside.Don't worry about what the people think.check it out.If your buying a stereo or something like that make sure it works.
Its your buying a collectible glass or any dinnerware put it in the dishwasher if you plan on eating from it.
Books come pretty cheep.Usually 10- 25 cents.If you see a picture with a frame that you want buy it and chuck the picture later.
Oh I could go on but I will stop there.
Happy Yard sailing!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Arr.. the north winds are a blowing!

Im so glad I went for my bike ride yesterday.Today the radio said wind gusts could get up to 50 MPH.
Today im sure they did.
No Power walk and NO bike rides.A wing suite would be the only thing but it depends on which way you wanted to!
Today I did make a playlist of cocktail hour 2011.
Tonight Molly and I did catch up on Pizza and beer
Each time she brings over a new brew.
this time It was a beer from India called Full Sail.It was good but only second in Line to Sierra Nevada!
Full Sail Had a banner in the middle with the letter IPA in the middle.I figured out IPA stands for Imported Pale Ale.Dayam I was right.I may be dumb but I'm not stupid!lol!!
Alright so here it is my newest play list
Calcutta - Lawrence Welk & his orchestra
Egypt by Air - Bombay Dub Orchestra
Zoot Suit Riot - Cherry Poppin Daddies
Unbeleivable - The Deprees
Extroadinary Machine - Fiona Apple
So Nice - Billy May
Peg O' My heart - Jerry Murads Harmonicats
Jumpin' Jive - Joe Jackson
Side By Side - Kay Starr
Snarkel - Leo Kottke
Embraceable You - Les Paul Trio
Tempos Birthday - Lionel Hampton
It's Only a Paper Moon -Nat King Cole
North - Pat Metheny
So What's new - Peggy Lee
New Amsterdam - Pink Martini
Pearls - Sade
Night Passage - Shadowfax
Shivas Daughters - Arling & Cameron
Simba - Les Baxter
Batucada - Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66
Another Song - The Carpenters

OK Album review
Close to you - The Carpenters
I had this on cassette when I was in 8th grade and played it so much my tape player decided to eat it.This was before I discovered the importance of tape head cleaners!
Sergio Mendes & Brasill 66
My dad had some of his stuff on 8 track
and years later I had some on 45s
The greatness of Parental Musical influence!

Friday, February 18, 2011

What a day!

I finally got out on my bike!It felt good.I was in a t shirt and jeans and wore a swaet shirt over it.
I saw a few folks I havent seen since December!
Iheard though we may get a little snow on Tuesday.I can handle a little snow.No 3 feeters thank you.
I also got to new CDs in the mail though
They are..wait.They will be on my next mix
cant spoil the surprise!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I feel good.

My radio alarm woke me up at the usual time.8am.The forecast sounded good .A high of 59 degrees.I metally formed a game plan for a short sleeved shirt.
Luckily My white Izod shirt was clean and unwrinkled.Yeah!!
a few folked commented on the fact that I was wearing a short sleeved shirt.Perhaps they didn't hear the weather forecast.
The day went well.
During the ride home I planned on a walk or a bike ride.
It was a walk.
Getting my bike out was no east task but I'll work on that tomorrow.Its cover by an extension cord and other stuff blocking a quick exit but I'll clear a path in the Morning.
Anyway the walk felt good.I love my new sneakers.I havent been in sneakers for weeks!Ive been living in boots,work shoes and socks.
Today's first stop was the post office to mail 4 lucky music lovers some CD mixes!
At the time i got to the Post office it was 4:45 and there was one person on.I did a little small talking to the woman in front of me about how nice the days was and the woman in front of here said we are supposed to get another dose of nasty weather on Tuesday.
My next stop was the local Pharmacy where I got Tooth paste and 4 mailing envelopes.
Yes 4 more lucky Music fans will be getting mixes.
All this shopping makes one hungry so on the way home I got some Chinese food.
I ate my dinner and had four glasses of wine.
We have 4 days off and I have no set schedule for tomorrow so what the heck.Turn on the tunes,have dinner and a few glasses of wine.Yeah!
Oh but don't think I mailing all these mixes out and not getting any in return.
I did get 2 mixes from a fellow mixmaker from Japan!
Most folks I mail mixes to do return the favor!
A few don't havbe the time or whatever to make me a mix but they do That me with a small donation towards yes More CDrs.
OK time for a cup of Tea to sober up.I got a little buzz!lol!!!
Have a great weekend
did a spell check.5 errors.Not bad for someone blogging under the influence.Oh s--t can i get arrested for that?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

More CDrs!

Today before I left work I found a special box by my door.It was my CDrs!I placed them on the Dining room table and headed to work!Many Thanks to CD Technology INC.
Check them out!
I also Checked on the status of my CDs I ordered at and I may get them tomorrow.
They have music,Movies,Books & more
Yes I know I probly spend too much on music but hey Im not married and I don't have a boyfriend so music is my life.No complaints either!
Tonight I will be burning mixes for folks who anxiously await mixes from me..including a few folks at work!
we have presidents weekend off so Work mixes are priority but I exspect to do another mailing or mixes next week and Ill post some tracklists here too!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Febuary Shout outs

MTV has nominated 90.3 the core for the college radio awards
If you listen to the station please vote for them or the station of your choice if listed
go to

During the last snowfall we had I didnt know when Id be able to get out and buy blank cds.Someone told me about a site called
I sent in my order last week and its on its way im Guessing Tuesday at the earliest
Check them out!
Also check out the other blogs I follow and if your into photography check out Nikon Sniper
What your a surfer?
check out
all the rest are pretty music about music
There are my Febuary Shout outs!

baby Workout!

After a few deep thinking blogs I figure its time for a fun blog.So here it is another old mixtape.
Rockin up a storm Vol 2
Creat Date: 6/5/95-6/11/95
By this time I beleive I chose maxell as the main choice of tapes being they never or seldom failed me.10 years later I made the same decision for Blank CDs too!
Side 1
Whats the frequency Kennith - REM
Baby Workout - Jackie Wilson
100% pure Love - Crystal Waters
My Old Flame - Miles Davis
Somewhere USA - Gorden Lightfoot
Pop Muzik - M
Upful and right - Big Mountain
Where or When - Dion and the Belmonts
Get up and Boogie - The Silver Convention
I got you - Split Enz
Noah - Bill Cosby
Junk Food Junky - Larry Groce
Share the Land - The Guess Who
New Kind of Kick - Jesus and Mary Chain
Side 2
Whip it - Devo
Don't Blame me - Miles Davis
Move it like this - K7
Sweet Thing - Rufus
Ebb Tide - Lenny Welsh
Sing our own song - UB40
Mr Sandman - The Chordettes
Love is the drug - Roxy Music
Someday we'll all be free - Donny Hathaway
Where have all the flowers gone - Peter Paul & Mary
Just the two of us - Bill Withers
Save your kisses for me - Brotherhood of man
Goodnight - The Beatles

Friday, February 11, 2011

He's outta there!

Muborak has finally quit!The People of Egypt can start anew!Much speculation of will it get worse befor it gets better.
When I hear about stuff like this from around the world It reminds me of how nice we have it here in the U.S.
Sure we have our troubles but nothing like stuff otherseas.We can sleep at night knowing the military isn't going to force our kids into service at age 13.They can play in the fields knowing they wont step on a landmine,etc.
We are so blessed here in America and still we complain its not perfect.Be greatful for your family and friends.Be greatful for your job,car and that roof over your head.Be greatful for your sight,hearing and ability to get up each day.
Seize the day and do the best you can!Strive for new heights!Your an American!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

God has my back

Its funny how things work out.
This morning I left for work early to pick up a few blueberry muffins as a suprise to my fellow office posse.I had $20.00.I just happen to look at my gass gage and saw I was low.I had just enough time to get gas too!Plan A was scratched!
I did arrive on time to work.I thanked God pulling into the parking lot.
I realized I had no money for lunch.I had $1.00.OK a little something from the snack box will have to do.Im in no danger of starving.
At 11ish I saw someone deliver what appeared to be bags of chinese food.Then it hit me.Today was chinese food day and I put in an order!I raised my right fist in victory.YES!The thumb went up!
Its funny has many things work out and that little voice says "whos got your back?who takes care of you?for me the answer is God.Im not ashamed nor am I boastful but I am greatful!Im sure It pleases him that I recognize it though.Oh yeah.Glory to God in the highest my friends and peace to his people on earth!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Music Chatter n stuff

For years I have been looking for CDs of the Dave Clark Five.Last week I was on the Library website and wella they Have the greatest hits.Someone told me their stuff was out of print.Im guessing there was a legal or internal beef and it somehow got settled and now theres a greatest hits.Naturally I ordered it.
Do you ever search on line for music or whatever and see what you want and then find out its no longer avaliable.Why is it still on the website then?so cruel!
Im thinking of a new mix but awaiting an order from
A tltile has yet to come to mind too!One title comes to mind "kill the groundhog"!
Today the jumprope for heart even at BHS went well.
I played music on our little school stereo.One first grader asked me if I had any Guns and Roses.GNR was popular when they were just a twinkle in they're mamas eye!ah perental music education.Don't ya just love it?My parental music education was better.Jazz,swing and folk music!Im not a GNR fan.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wind and the wonderin'

Today seems like a busy Tuesday.
My plan to go for a quick trip to get CDrs didnt quite go as planned but I do have 10
CDrs.The Rite Aid on Bay and 88 is going out of Business.I walked in clueless and saw a practically empty store.
I saw the new Owner but He didnt say what the new store was going to be.
I did go to Ocean County Music and get 10 CDrs and being Bordans is right next door I bought some mailing envelopes too!
After I got home ,brought in the mail,let Bayou out and got changed I found $10.00 in my jeans pocket!Lunch Money!
Tomorrow I'll be doing the music for hoops for hearts program.Ill be using the school stereo.
I'll plan on mailing out some mixes Thursday.Im hoping the pack on 50 I ordered online arrive this week.There are a few folks patiantly awaiting mixes incling my friend George.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Friends- a Poem

They will lift you up when you are low
They will respect you
don't you know
They wont always agree with your views
but they help you
pay some dues
They will bring sunshine when you feel blue
celebrate and laugh with me
Good friends are more precious than Diamonds
don't you see
Some are seldom seen
In Dark times they can be seen
Love them
Appreciate those who are close
hold them near
let no one part
good friends
near to your heart
Good friends
can last forever!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tunes and the telly

Tonight I watched American Graffiti on DVD.Its a great film about high school kids in the early 60s.Its also has some awesome tunes in it.
I also listened to Nanas show on 90.3 the core.She plays a great Eclectic bunch of tunes.There was a song I really liked by a band called Grizzly Bear playingFine for now.They kind of reminded me of Crosby Stills and Nash a little bit.
I found 2 blank CDs and made a cousin 2 of my newest mixes.I was hoping to get the blank CDs I ordered in the mail today but didnt.Oh the waiting game.Lord give me Patience!Calm my anxious soul.
Theres a list of folks awaiting music from me.Some haven't seen a mix from me since the Christmas mix I sent out.I think its been a few weeks since I send out any mixes i'm Having mix withdrawl!Ahh!

So what will Febuary Bring?

Sooo what will Febuary bring?last night i has 3 big glasses of wine anticipating more snow today which turned out to be rain.yeah I know what your thinking.. friggin wino!
Actually I have not had wine in 14 days.ha Im not a Wino.
Last night I Listen to a CD by a guy named James Moody.Cool Stuff.Also listened to a CD by a Band Called The black faith in the current music scene is returning.I also saw a show about DMX on VH1 last night.That dude is so haunted by his pat he cant move on and straighten out and fly right.He needs Dr Drew.For Real!

Friday, February 4, 2011

A walk and thoughts

The work day went well.I have a new name for our 5th grade teacher.Smiley.She has this wondewrful smile that lights up the room and brightens your day.She could be a model.realy.
After work I took a walk to the local Liquare store to get a bottle of wine.Of course my walk started just as the school around the corner from us were dismissing and traffic around the school get a tad overwhelming.Thats when I hop up on the sidewalk till after I get past the school.
The one cool advantage to that is the crossing guards stop traffic so you can cross busy streets.No 10 minute waits to cross Beaver Dam Road Today.
I was really starting to feel the effects of lack of excercise today en route!My lower back and my legs.oh man!
Im sure Ive Gained to Pound since Christmas time too!Walks have been few and far between.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

the groundhog a myth?

Yesterday the kids were all saying how the groundhod didnt see his shadow.
Later I thought to myself "Of course he didnt see his shadow it was cloudy and rainy!"
Why do people beleive this Urban legend and why should springs arrival be determind by a Groundhog? If the groundhog is wrong do we get to kill him and use him for fish bait?No !PETA would not allow that.If he is wrong can the ALCU sue him for being a false prophet?Oh no Pat Robertson would head up that!
OK preak it to them gentley but tell your kids The groudhog ruling is an urban legend.I do hope spring does arrive a little earlier though BUT if it does give mother nature or a HIGHER power the credit NOT a rodent.
Next weeks subject .."There are no such things as Purple Dinosours that talk."

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

random thoughts

Last night I thought to myself.Why am I complaing about being stuck inside?Days eh hem weeks like this provide time to relax and go through old mixtapes and relax.
Many good songs have I forgot about.
Speaking of Memories I watched the first episode of Starsky and Hutch Tonight on DVD.
Starsky and Hutch was a Popular cop show in the mid to late 70s.
I found I book in my closet titles Jazz 101.Aha something to read.I love jazz and want to learn more about its history althought years ago I watched Ken Burns series on Jazz on Channel 13.
I might watch thats again on DVD too.
The first grade is doing a survey on whether the groundhog will see his shadow or not.Frank and I said no.I think that groundhog stuff is just malarkey but I go along with it at work.