Thursday, January 30, 2014

timeless music

the other day a fellow youtube member asks folks to show their times music.I wanted to show Abby Road but someone beat me to it. This was my pick, well one of them anyway!                                                          

      This was my other Pick.George Harrisons All things must past. Georges music was so deep and meaningfull and had a lot to say. Like John he was a man searching for real peace and harmony in his life and the world.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

animal house

                                                The newest addition to my CD collection given to me by the CD Phantom.(Frank) w few tunes on it I already Have but there are a few I don't. its a neat soundtrack.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

End of January Ramdom Chatter

We got another two inches of snow.It cold ,windy and no bikerides or power walks for quite some time. Oh Im so looking forward to spring
 so if you watch my channel on youtube I have almost 300 subscribers. With this weather its hard to come up with ideas of things to do videos about. Im running dry on ideas!
 Once the weather gets nice again I plan to do what I call Video tours I go into the store and video stuff in the store.This spring I would like to see if the owners want to talk about their business. Some will welcome it and some are camera shy I'm sure.
I also want to go in Jenkinsons aquarium.
 if your curious about my channel I mostly talk about music but do videos on other stuff when weather and time permit!
heres the link

I don't use bad language and all my videos are clean. If your a big music fan you'll enjoy my videos!

     OK so Justin bieber got busted drunk driving and drag racing!Will these celebrities ever learn?
These people get famous make lots of money and then go about with little or no regard for anyone else. Not all celebrities are like this but many are! many politicians are too! the mainstream media doesn't tell you much about the good ones but plenty about the bad ones.

Many folks like to watch the news when they're eating.I much prefer listening to music. theres too much crazy stuff going on that would make me puke hearing or watching it during lunch or dinner.

 I do hope to have a few DJ gigs this spring. I told my friend Sheryl I want to play earthday again.I think this will be my 4th year. I also hope to do summerfest on the community park too.
 Last Summer and fall was a good year for my DJ gigs. With all this snow and temps in the teens I must remember we don't get tornados and I do have many good things to be thankful for. At least we didn't have another hurricane and don't get tornados or earthquakes!
 OK that's enough rambling for now!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

the cabim fever photo session

Its been weeks since I've been able to leasurely bike or walk about going on random photo shoots so finding stuff inside is the next best thing!

 this cute thing is hanging in the laundry room

                             I box of chocolates I keep meaning to bring to work but often find myself snagging one or two while im having tea and listening to music after dinner.
a few old cassettes I found while looking for something else in my hallway clossette!

 a selfee taken to show off a iTunes giftcard my way too generous cousin Pat sent me!

      Nancy and Dans fishtank
 an old little bell.I think the clapper is missing. This bell has been around since I can day when I was little I put my index finger in the hole and didn't think I would get it out. I didn't try that again!

                                               My latest mix

Friday, January 17, 2014

download frenzy!

                              My cousin Pat gove me a 50.00 iTunes card and tonight I went on a download frenzy. I asked fellow music lovers for their input. Pat will get a very eclectic mix.60s and 70s rock put some world music and obscure songs from me.There also will be a few cool club dance numbers!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

more world music

The other day on the way home from the dentist I stopped in at sunshine daydream on Bay Ave.
 I was still numb so a trip to the green planet was out of the question.
  For the past few years I have been getting educated in world music and incorporated it in my DJ gigs and get mostly positive responses! Its a better alternative to lady Gaga and Justin Bieber.
 The Putumayo world music series is awesome and If I ever get establisted at a local cafĂ© or restarant Id like to do a world music night or do a good set of world music.

could this beanother fun year?

weather wise its starting out crazya few days after New Years I was asked to DJ at The Bay Head Fire company's new years gathering.Chip and Joyce were my roadies.
Despite ice and snow all went well.Cocktail hour type music was requested and an occasion injection of 50s and 60s I pretty much stayed on course.
A friend of mine requested Lady by Kenny Rogers and she dance with her new boyfriend. Her Ex husband was there and I wondered how he felt out that. Being I'm friendly with both of them I felt a little awkward. I only know her side of the story but don't dare ask him for his.
 Today I was asked for my contact infor by a guy at Monalyssas because they are looking for a DJ for summerfest. I was so happy I was being considered.
 I sent out a flyer I made up to a few local places in town today too!
last year was a good year for DJing for me.I'm hoping this year I do well too!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

its just a loan

 Several weeks ago I got this out of the library.Yes Im overdue returning it but there is so much great music here! If you click on the picture of the tracklisting to make the picture larger you will clearly see some great artists.
 The Library is largely to credit for my discovery of world music. I incorporate it in my DJ gigs often and people love it!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Now this is shagdelic

                                So you think Austin Powers really knows what shagedelic music is?THIs is shagedelic baby! among the groovy greats are Dean Martin,Martin Denny,April Stevens,Louis Prima,Billy May and Julie London just to name a few.
 I went online and ordered this with a gift card.its groovy baby!