Sunday, October 31, 2010

Christmast shopping.Check em out #1

Wgen your at the Jersey Shore and in the mood for christmas shopping here are some places to check out

517 Main Ave
Bay head NJ 08742
phone 732 714 8566
A family of friendly and knowledgeable surfers will help you pick out what you want and need to catch the best waves.They provide gear lessons and all you need for a wonderful Beach experience!

Special T Graphics
2249 Bridge Ave
Point Pleasant NJ 08742
Phone 732 899 7240

If you need t shirt or sweatshirts made THIS is the place to Go!Sheryl can also make you custom shirts or choose from her many made iron ons!

Ocean County Music & Electronics
519 Arnold Ave
Point Pleasant NJ 08742
phone 732 899 8282
Music,computers AV and more
A knowledgeable and friendly staff.They have whay you need for electronic needs for music instruments,computers,Stereos and more!
They also provide music lessons!

Thoughtful Treasures
Antitiques and Collectables
641 Arnold Ave
Point Pleasant Beach nj 09742
phone 732 899 1155
Get your blast from the past right here.
Furniture tors ,books glassware and more!

and this my friends is just the start!

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Happy Halloween
Well the end of October is here.Cold damp air.Time do realize fall is here.put way those shorts and sandels.Time to drag out the gloves and hat.
This Morning I went for a haircut and the reality the summer is over was surely Evident.Goodbye to baseball and soccar hello to football,Hockey and basketball.
Time to think about Thanksgiving and Christmas and yes Trish's holiday shopping guide!
stay tuned ...its comin' soon!VERY soon!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Trish's Travels

Before I left work today I saw a bit of sunshine.It had been raining most of the day.
When I got home I took in the mail,sorted it and let Bayou out to attend to her needs.Then I let her in and gave here a biscuit.She knows the routine now so I dont need to tell her to sit,She sees me going for her biscuit jar and sits and gently takes it from my fingers with her teeth.
Then I run to my side get changed and head off to piano lessons every Wednesday.
At 1:30 it was nice out so I took my bike.
When I got to Joan and Tylers house Skip Applegate was there with a fruit basket.Joan was in the hospital this summer.He apologizes for the lateness but we know hes a busy man.He asked to to DJ at the Fire company's Christmas Party and I gladly said yes and also said Id volunteer my time!They are getting a new Concrete floor for the truck bay so money is in short supply!Id volunteer anyway!
After my piano lesson I went to the bank and then dropped of a letter to mail.
I was thirsty and Muellers Bakery is oh yes right there!I got an Arizona ice tea and a sugar cookie and took a seat.It looked like it was going to rain.and sure enough it started.
It was a light rain but it was rain.After Muellers I headed for the library to see if I had anything there.I had nothing there but went on they're computer and checked if anything was in transit.not yet.
From there I went to Bay Point Market to get soda and milk.That's when it started pouring rain.I had a cup of coffee and waited for it to stop.20 minutes later it did.
My last stop was CVS.I wanted to go to Bordans but I think they close at 5:30 and it was 5:20.I bought ink cartridges for my printer.As expensive as it is I buy both at once now because I know no sooner will one need a new cartridge the Other one will run out of ink a few days afterwords.
I was also going to get wine but it was starting to get dark so I'll do that Tomorrow.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Wisdom in a card

As I was cleaning my room tonight I found a greeting card that read:Savor each day for the gift that it is.About now your most likely thinkin'No Trish no more wisdom please.
Late this Afternoon I was sitting on the porch as the wind was blowing and the leaves were falling yet there I was drinking tea with just a t shirt and jeans and its the end of October.
When I went inside for another cup the phone rang.It was my friend Duke Clement saying he had a mix for me.
He came over about 7ish and gave it to me and we talked a bit.Its called Indian Summer and its an awesome collection of mellow tunes.Seeing Duke and getting a surprise made for a gift of a day.
I also am doing better at using spell check.Im a good speller but not the best typist.Oh how spell check humbles me!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cocktail Hour 2008 by djtrish

Cocktail Hour 2008 by djtrish

Bully your a Bully

This Morning my radio alarm woke me up at 8am as always.I have it tuned to 107.1 the breeze.
There was a Gentleman on there talking about anti bullying.He goes around to different schools and talks about bullying and how to stop it.
Being victim of this when I was in my younger teens I listened and remembered what it was like for me.
I wasnt psysically bullied but mostly verbally.My self esteen suffered for a long time.I was called things like retard,reject and four eyes.
The gentleman said words are powerful and can lift you up or bring you down.
He also said some teens came home and theres noneone home to talk to which makes them want to turn to drugs or suicide.
Luckily for me there was someone home most of the time.Either my mom or our dog Snoopy.When Id come home from school he would jump up on me and lick me on my face as if to say oh good your home,I love you!Id pet him and take him for a walk or let him out in the back yard.
Then there was the music.Id turn on the radio,records or whatever and feel the bad feelings subside.
People who are bullies are bullies because they themselves have a low self image so in order to feel cool they bully people.
Many bullies come from disfuntional families or are vitims of bullying themselves.
Don't let a bully ruin your day..or life.
Just because your in a special Ed class DOES NOT mean your retarded!
Many turn out ok and do well in life!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

cold toes

Every Year I try hard to hold of on turning on the heat till November.Like last year Mother Nature drop the temps down so low I had to turn the heat up.Dayam!
I recently discovered I can share my playlists I post on ZeRo to facebook and Blogger.hmm.
Im working on a new mix Titled "Isn't That Special"after a mixed cassette I made in the 90s .This playlist is differant though.While I was without the internet for a while I did go into the archives and listen to a few mix cassettes I made in the late 80s and 90s.
Although many prefer the sound of records CDs have a cleaner sound.Sadly though theres stuff not reissued on CD.
My friend Tyler transferred some records onto CD for me and so did my friend Knight.
Id like to someday inport a few songs into my itunes.Perhaps after the holidays when I can delete all my christmas music and have more space in my hard drive!
I recently learned how to used the spell check and make corrections.My spelling is good but its but typing skils that are not so good.OK time for bed

Thursday, October 21, 2010

this and that random stuff!

The other day..I think it was Tuesday I went downtown to Pt Pleasant Beach to pick up more CDrs.Bay Ave was line with Political posters.A few were for my friend Kris Tookers run for town council in the Beach.Unlike the rest Krissys campaigns arent trashing the other guy.She just states what she is going to do.
Today I saw a halloween CD on the Boiler Room Counter That Frank used to Play when he used to be the DJ at our school Dances.Ah the good old days.There were times he let me dj for a while and he dissapeared.I often wonder where he went.Other times he would put on a compilation CD or tape and dissapear and his wife Cathy and I wondered where is he?
Frank Recently told me he went out for a smoke back in those days.Thankfully he stopped smoking but still left for a breath of fresh air and left me to DJ or put on a comp!He always did a fine job setting up for the dances.I miss those days!
In 05 he retired from DJing.We had other DJs before I got my gear but the kids left halfway though the dances.Sadly we just let Antrim have the dances.
Im happy to say I've been DJing at Davy Jones day for 10 years!I DJed at the Clam bake for 3 years and looking forward to my 2nd year at the Earthday celebration next April!Oh yes and Ive DJed at the duck race and Shark run for 2 years.
I had my first DJ gigs at the Beach house Movies night this past summer and hope for more next summer.
The Beach Library got some renovations done a few years ago and I stopped in to check it out after my trip to Bordans.It looks nice.I picked up a Carol King CD of her greatest hits.A few tracks will be on my next mix!
OK thats it for now.Stay tuned for more news and Idle chatter soon!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How Sunsets remind me

Tonight there was a wonderfull Orange sky as the sun was setting.As I was getting ready to have dinner I stopped and stared at it.Like the early morning reflections on out atlantic Ocean Sunsets touch my soul and remind me of Gods love for us!Its like hes saying heres a beautiful sunset I made to soothe your soul.
Any anger or worry goes out the door when I see a sunset like I did tonight.
The year after by dad died I dread this time of year because it was the time of year he died.
Im beginning to like and appreciate this time of year again although I still thing of my dad and mom alot during this time of year!
Christmas time and New Years is kinda hard for me too But I press on the best I can
because I know they would want me to!
Today as I rode my bike I noticed how pretty the tress are too.the changing colors are cool!
Ill be glad when election day passes and all the advertisements and nasty campaigning stops.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Im Back!

Hello my friends
Since my last log in I had internet connection problems that are now fixed.
Im sure you've heard the old saying"You dont know what you have till you've lost it"
Wow isnt that the truth!
I felt disconnected from the world.
Small things like do I have anything on hold at the library was a question I had to get answered by calling the library on the phone instead of a fast search online.
I see folks with their iphones and blackberries and wish I had one just for little things like thats at the library for me.
Its like wanting to turn on the radio when theres a power outage.
Yes I am a bit more addicted to the internet more then I was willing to admit.
I did watch more tv than I normally do!Among stuff I watched was Dog the Bounty Hunter,repo man and the Show about the animal control.VH1 and A&E are good.the rest of the stuff..Ehh!
Im not a big game show watcher but I do stayed glued to "Dont forget the lyrics" when I see it.Then again it is about something close to my!Natch!!!
One day while going to work I was dropping some rhymes.
get outta the way
I gota get to work on time
How much slowa would ya goa
Don't wanna be late
don't ya knowa

Uh oh yes the previous night I did watch 8 Mile.

Yo Trish
redeem yourself
put that remote on the shelf
That MTV is gettin to your brain
Pick up a book to keep
from goin insane!

OK time to say goodnight
Peace out!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

So Long Summer

One More Summer we bid goodbye.
It went past way to fast.
Hot days are just a memory now.
We await falling leaves and then a snow plow.
Glasses of cold water will be replaced by soup and hot Tea.
Summer 2010 Is now a Memory!
An Original Poem
By Trish

Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Duck Derby

The weatherman was right about todays weather!After 2 days of rain,the sun finally appeared late yesterday afternoon.
Today I woke up later than I should have but somehow got through the traffic without losing my mind.Im sure there were a few bad words springing from my mouth en route though.
OK so I get there and after getting ready to set up,Frank tells me that that band and I are set up in front of Boro Hall!
We drag everything over there and set up.My Cables were a tad tangled but its my own fault for NOT untangling them last night.
So I waited till the band playing the shark run finished and then I started.
Meanwhile the Sherman brothers were warming up.
This small group of Zumba Demonstrators come in front of us and the woman ask me to stop playing so I did.
They danced to about 3 songs and then tell me I can start playing again.I played a few songs and then they wanted to do a few more routines.So I hit the breaks again.
they did a few more routines and then handed it back to me.
I got in about 25 Minutes of playing time before the Sherman Brothers started.
After they started playing I went on a quest for a 2nd cup of coffee.My first one got knock over while I was setting up.Thankfully non of my gear got wet!
around noontime It started getting warm enough to ditch the sweatshirt.I had my Yellow Submarine T shirt on That I was happy to show off!
There were many announcement made between songs but I received positive feedback so I had no complaints.
I think some members of the band were dissapointed there wasnt a better turnout and folks werent Dancing but I didnt let it bother me.At least no one told us wew were too loud!Thats a pain!People stand 5 feet from the speakers and tell you they can hear themselves think.I wanna reply "Stop Thinkin and Start dancing!"
When I got home and got my gear packed away I sat out on the dock and enjoyed probably the last of the really warm days till next spring!
It was a beautiful day!

Friday, October 1, 2010

entertainment news and update

Tomorrow Oct 2
The Sherman Brothers and DJ Trish will be providing fun music for your listening pleasure in Centenniial Park in Bay Head.The fun start at 10am at the Duck Derby!
Sunday theres a car Show on Arnald ave In Point Pleasant Beach.There will be Entertainment by Ed Austin and DJ Tommy Lynch!The fun there starts at 12 Noon!
Who says life get dull at the Jersey Shore after Labor day?
Support your Local DJs and Bands?
As you can see Not only do I talk about myself but I also beleive in supporting other DJs and Bands that are independant!Big companies shell out Bands and DJs but its not the same!We local entertainers Appreciate and Love our audience.We have a connection You can't find with big entertainment companies!
I beleive if Local Bands and DJs support one another we can help each other out and keep the Local scene alive and bring back the fun in our area!
Musically Yours