Monday, May 30, 2016

A few additions to the CD colection

So A friend told me he was downsizing his collection and asked if I wanted some CDs. Of course I said yes. I offered cash but he just wanted them to go to a good home!
If you Like 70s Soul you'll enjoy the Delfonics!
 When I was a little girl I hear alot of Glenn Miller  being played by my Dad!
Jim Crace was a hit in the early 70s but sadly was killed when his plane crashed.
Last but not least is Reggae Great Jimmy Cliff!
 Tracks from these CDs will be included in my next mix!

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Summer 2016 has startes

The Heat.The Traffic and the crowds. Summer 2016 Is Here! A seagull sits on top of the old Bay Head Borough hall awaiting a fish or crab to swim into scow ditch for his next meal!

There are even crowds at the beach taking advantage of the weather before badges start!

ah yes Then theres these beautul flowers planted by my sister in a pot on the porch!
  But what are the real signs of summer?
Damn Bug bites! Ouch!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

cool gifts in the mail.

Yesterday I came home from a typical busy day at work and there was a package containing a few CDs.
These are 2 of them! They were sent by a fellow youtuber who knows I've been on a RNB  kick lately. She also sent me a Luther Vandross CD which I haven't heard yet.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Boats and boards

today after many year the Power boat races returned to Point Pleasant. It was the idea of Stephan Reid the New Mayor of Point Pleasant Beach.
 I didn't think I would get a good shot of any of the boats because they were going so fast but I had to try!

  I also got a shot of some surfers

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A family of Swans

so today I went to that little lake off the Point Pleasant canal to see if I could see and photograph some wildlife and sure enough I saw a family of swans!


 I also went to the beach and saw This in the distance! I'm not sure what it is but someone on facebook thinks its a bark transporting a wind farm.

and Finally the steple of St Pauls UMC church in Bay Head. I think the cross lights up at night or used to!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Recent photos

                                               A recent sunset

                                              Flowers by The Bay Head recycling center

These two plants were shot by a store called the Caldren I think its a new age type place that sells incents. That incents they were burning that day were so strong I almost gagged taking these shots!

It doesnt work anymore but this phone booth still is at the center of Arnold Ave in Point Beach!
                              A cute big stuffed animal outside of of the shops.

2 old looking Bangoes at Ocean County Music! if you enlarge this photo you can see the place! I'm sure to someone really wanting a bango can clean them up and tune them up to be good as new!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Back to the boardwalk

This Past Sunday turned out to be pretty nce. Being it was mothers day and I was alone I had to get out and be busy so I didnt sit inside  just crying because I missed my mom.
I decided to go to the point Pleasant Boardwalk.

Of Course the first stopwas to see Dr Cheekos Island Sounds. A great band that plays covers of Reggae ,Sounds,Latin and other summer type vibes.
A have two beers,hand out for the set and when the go on break I walk the boardwalk. I only stay for a few songs because I got there late but still needed the walk.
here are a few shots I took during my walk.

Friday, May 6, 2016

A new Family on the block

So Yesterday I was heading out for a bikeride when I saw a family of Geese getting ready to cross the street.
I whipped out my camera as calmly and fast as I could. This is something we photographers Love..well at least I do!

Papa Goose was keepin on eye on me while he was bringing up the rear while his mate and Babies crossed the street!
Here are a few other photos of the day.

You can see video footage at

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

start of May ideas and random thought

Happy May folks
Im sitting here in jeans and a sight polo hoodie. Its in the 50s when by this time we are in the mid 60s. so music rain and dampness
I put more CDs on hold last night and a playlist is rolling in my head. its going to be funky. VERY FUNKY! Look out! A title has not come to mind yet but one will.
I just saw an interview with bootsy collins and who had nice things to say about Prince and yes there will be a few Prince songs in my next mix and of my gosh I think I have a title. I wonder of I have a purple sharpie? The Purple mix?
 So Today I went to the Doctor and he told me I gained 10 pounds since my last visit. "Oh s--t" I thought 10 frigging pounds. OK only one visit to the staff snack box a week.One cup of tea after dinner NOT 3 and more water,less soda!
 When weather permits make a power walk at the community park right after work especially on Monday- Wednesday when you get out earlier the the kids and start our with 3 laps.
 OK I know some of you hate health talk and some of you are OK with it.
   Before work On the beach starts I need to get my eyes checked and a new pair of glasses.
   I would also like to find the local skate park to do a little video taking there! I plan to do a video called the adventures of Slinky on a day wheres its very nice but filming locations are secret for now!
  I have a little dry spell in my DJ gigs for May but I'm not complaining because April was very good for me. I think Chip need a rest too! I did tell him I owe him a few beers.
 OK that's all for now. This is going on longer than I wanted. lol!
Peace,Love and music

Sunday, May 1, 2016

new mixes

Wgile my Camera was in the shop my creative energy went in a different direction. The Death of David Bowie got me going over some of the young adulthood faves and I got into some 70s and 80s funk as well as some current stuff.

Being Summer is around the corner I got to get the summer grooves going. Yeah here I go with the Reggae and tropical vibes again. Also got into a few funky faves here too!