Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sidewalk Surfin'

Derek shows off his sidewalk surfin skills!

A great day for bikes and Cameras

Today was a unseasonbly warm day but I'm grateful for it.Heres some pictures I took
Messing around with close ups or Micros as my friend Brea calls them
my fave coffee Mug
St Pauls In Bay Head.Heres the Church
heres the Steeple!
All Saints In Bay Head
The Window Display at the Beach House Classic Boardshop in Bay Head
Derek and I taking shots at each other...with Cameras of Course!
extreme close up!
Heres Derek Hard at work checking the surf conditions for the next day!
Cool Stickers
A funky mailbox I saw in my travels
I had a hankering for a blueberry Muffin so I went to Cafe De Point.Heres Brea the owner

Saturday, January 28, 2012

my channel

Hello my friends By now most of you know I have my own channel on youtube Don't worry its all clean check it out if you don't believe me www.youtube.com/user/djtrishm comment,subscribe,etc Have a great weekend Trish

The Hand!

be afraid.be very afraid!

People Places and other things

picture of a robin Redbreast
What would you like to Drink?
Quack Quack
The ladies at The Bay Point Market are ready for the Lunch Time Rush!
Gearing up for another Mix!
so many great tunes!!
Beth Nicholas Hard at Work!
On the Hunt for a good Book or Magazine
Found One!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Birds and scrapbooks

My friends Eric posted some pictures he took from an old surf Magazine and I got the Idea to do the same with an old scrapbook
I also got a pictures of some birds in our tree.There was at least 1 robin red breast that I saw!An Early Spring???

The Birds 2012

Is this a sign of an early Spring or Psycho bird activity?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Surfboards and french fries

Today In my travels I stopped at the Longboard grill for a Duke and Pictures
They have stickers now..and coffee!
Don't fear the goofy face they are a nice friendly Bunch
Oh yes they know how to laugh and make the Customers feel at home
Longboards!Thats why they call it the Longboard Grill
Be sure to Check Out The Daily Specials!
They work Hard to Bring you the Best!So swing on by the Longboard Grill!
I saw a great Quarter mood tonight so I had to see If i could get a nice shot of it.How'd I do?

Its about the music

Recently I saw this video about a DJ called DJ tiestro or something like that.College kids flock by the thousands to go see his shows.He has fog lights pyro technics etc.Folks seems to love him.He plays hip hop and techno and girls go nuts for him and thinks hes a rock star.I suppose Wolfman Jack Alan Freed ,and Cousin Brucie got caught up in the moment but WE DJs must remember not to let the fame get to our heads.Its about the music!Remember that.Sure its great to hear that folks love you and that your the greatest but Remember to stay focused on the ultimate mission:Good Music! Sadly many Radio stations have fallen because they abandoned their audience and listened to corporate sponsers.WCBS FM tried another direction years ago and eventually went back to their original format because the listeners spoke up.NEVER forget your listening audience.reach out to them.Love them.Respect them! Howard Stern was once a fun DJ on WNBC and was funny as heck.Fame got to his head and he is hardly ever heard from now.WNBC stayed from their listening audience and went to a sports channel as did WABC. When your get heady and forget your original mission things go bad. TV has its victems too.MTV and VH1 used to play great videos but then a virus called reality TV took over ..and is still there!Its said the music industry is suffering.Gosh why is this? MP3s are replacing CDs?Oh perhaps.Vinyl is on the comeback because folks like to collect music.not files.We want to read who wrote what song and how it came about.How can we Jumpstart the music industry?Anyone?Music?Anyone?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tour Of Ocean County Music

one of my favorite Places to go!

The Point Pleasant Canal

A little video I did about the canal

The Sun comes out!

I had almost given up on outside photography till the spring but but mother nature decided its time to give us a Break.I heard it was going to be 50 degrees today so after work I wasted no time in persueing my plan to take a bike
ride.First thing I did was take a pictures of a lawn ornament in our garden
Then I went down and took a video of the canal and heres a close up shot of the loveland town bridge! Next up was a visit to George and Beth Nicholas's house
I met Dyanna Curts Gi
rlfriend who is visiting while looking at Colleges.I had a German beer Beth Gave me!
We were perfectly safe under the tight security this fine superhero provided. After wards I stopped At Ocean County Music
I also swung by twight lake in Bay Head where I got a few good shots
I also shot some videos.I uploaded one today on my youtube channel www.youtube.com/user/djtrishm If you click on this link it should take you right to it Happy viewing and reading Let me know if your computer doesnt want to take you there and Ill post the videos here like I have been!

Monday, January 23, 2012

random chatter

So I'm thinking of cool things to take pictures of when the weather is nicer.I've noticed some funky mailboxes.Around our area.I also look forward to seeing cool Gardens,antique cars shows and festivals.Id also like to get some pictures of stained glass like in a church.Of yes and cool steeples. Id like to also more more video tours of local shops.Thus far no one has objected however to be on the safe side I always ask. OK time to turn to music.I have 2 new CDs from the library.I have 1 or 2 more in transit.That will inspire me to make a new mix.Since I got my camera my mix making has been neglected well maybe not neglected but I having been making many mixes lately. my Creative engine needs to get started again. Ideas,and comments are welcome. I'm so looking forward to spring! Trish

Sunday, January 22, 2012

This weekend was a bummer weather wise.Rainy and cloudy No Opportunities for outside picture taking or videos.I hope the weather will be nice this week.Im not much into sports but happy the Giants won! Oh yes i do have good news!The BP is down so0 I don't have to go back to my regular dr for 3 months but I do have to get bloddwork done,the ears checked out,an eye exam and a mammogram.Ooph does it ever end?

Newt Verses Barack

OK I say I don't like talking politics but I gotta get this out.If it came down to a Barack Versus Gingrich vote I'd vote for Barack!He seems nicer,he's not afraid to cut loose in this speeches.You can tell by the way he looks at Michelle and his kids hes a happy loving father and husband. I saw the debate with Gingrich and he went nuts when the other guy brought up with past marriage issues.What does he think once he got nominated it would all go away?OK I'm willing to forgive his past but the American people DO NOT need another Monicagate.We don't want our president running around having sex with his interns and then denying the whole thing and then admitting it days before he leaves office. We need someone who is straight up and honest with us.A man who's not afraid of answering tough questions or face tough issues. Some folks thing Obama took the credit for the Killing of Bin Laden but he Clearly stated the our Navy Seals were the heroes and he gave the order for them to carry out the mission. Gingrich seems to get to angry about his personal life and issues he doesn't agree with.We don't need a hot tempered president.We need someone who is calm under pressure and can take the heat. Go Obama!
Oh yeah and Newt..your no Ronald Reagan!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Winter surf Movie Night!

Last night there was a music and movie night at the Day Head Firehouse.It was a great way to break up the winter duldrum and get folks together.Many thanks to The Bay Head fire company for allowing up to be there and Thanks to Eric Bryrt and George Nicholas for the brainstorm.Im not sure who came up with the idea originally but Im sure they both deserve Credit.Thanks to Chip for his Roadie services and Thanks to Derek for getting me a beer! Lots of Reggae and surf tunes were spun and there was a little dancing too especially by the littlest fans!Trish

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

On a cold winters day

so I still experimenting with close up shots heres a few
a trophy my Piano Teacher gave me last year
a mug Frank Gave me to have folks gives me tips at DJ gigs.I'll use it one day if I DJ at the subway.lol!
close up shot When the weather gets nice again I'll start taking picks at cooler things!