Sunday, December 30, 2012

Chips Party

So my friend Chip tuned the big 50!Here are some pics I took!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

So my new car plays CDs and cassetts.I went into my hallway closet to see if Icouled find a cool commute to work mixtape!Ah decisions! decisions!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

C70 the music

The first mix for cruoising in my new car. 1. Rock sweet rock - Bob Marley & the Wailers 2. Boombaya - Boombaya 3. Coconut Girl - Brother Nolan 4. Ali's Here - Ali Farka Toure 5. Yellow Bird - Arthur Lyman Group 6. Rock me - Gregory Isaacs 7. Eh Congo - Janka Nabay 8. Mad Mad World - Judy Mowatt 9. Theme from Rick and Bob Report - Leo Kottke 10. Have a little faith - Michael Franti & Spearhead 11. Rumba Afrika - Music Ye Afrika 12. Sukanyali - Oumou Sangare 13. The Obvious Child - Paul Simon 14. Lessons of my life - Peter Tosh 15. One World(not three) - The Police 16. Live it up - The Predator Dub Assasins 17. Jingo(millenium remix 2000) - Santana 18. Reggae Dancer - Inner Circle 19. Reggae Fever - Steel Pulse 20. Nautical Wheelers - Jimmy Buffett Im listening to it as Im typing this up and pleased with the way it came out!

just random chatter

What a week. back to work,new car and yes my phone is fixed.Oh yes and I updated my itunes and it prints fine now.They corrected the printing issue!Yay! I heard about the shooting in CT and its sad.especially when innocent children are killed. I'm not watching to much news because its just too sad. Alicia showed me what out downstairs of the school looks's completely gutted.I guess Franks was right not letting me see the damage in the beginning. I saw a quote from someone I think it was on facebook saying "mix making is coming back"huh when did it leave? I hope to get some serious Christmas Shopping done this week!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

oh Happy day

This Morning I woke up at 8:30 looking forward to returning to work. After a month of not working I was starting to feel useless.The students are teachers are Back at BHS!Knowing it was going to be a busy crazy day I left early and stopped at The Bay Breeze deli.It wasn't that cold this morning and I was hoping and praying mother nature would give us a mild start of winter being I'm still without a car. it was a busy day as i was sure it would be.I stayed until 2:30.I had to make copies if the emergency contact book so our nurse could have a copy for her office.most if not all her files were destroyed in the flood! When I got home I saw a red car in the driveway.infact it was also a convertible. We have company i thought or is it can't be!Nancy and Dan told be Id be getting a convertable so in the summer they could cruise around in it in the summer while I was working at the beach. I went in to say hi to nancy and ask her if she needed anything from the store.I then asked her who was here.She replied no one.Is that .. I started to ask .She turned to me smiling :Merry Christmas! We went outside and she showed me all the features.Like my other car it has a CD player AND a cassette player. To Top it off its a VOLVO! iI TOOK IT FOR A LITTLE RIDE.I Have to adjust my seat so im not up so close but that's OK. The excellarator is a little touchy but I'll get used to that.I like it!

Monday, December 10, 2012

December random chatter

Sadly Atomic CDs closed their Doors.Now I will hunt for another place to buy used CD's in addition to Ocean County music, consignment for cash and the antique pavilion. Not that those places aren't good but I'm always on the lookout for new spots but that will wait till spring I guess. I gave Nancy my Christmas wants and had them noted in my phone but deleted them so i'll be surprised on Christmas. Wednesday I expect things to get closer to Normal as BHS is opening up again.As much as the time off was kinda fun Im starting to feel useless!Uhoh Yeah i need to get back to work!! I may crank Out another mix before Christmas vacation. If the weather is permitting My Camera and I will go on one last adventure of my unscheduled vacation. Today was unusually warm for December but I'm not complaining,heck no!I got a lot accomplished because of it. 16 packages containing Christmas mixes in them,cards mailed and even a stop for a late breakfast and then off to the drugstore for allergy meds.I had a half hour to spare before I went to the dentist and All is well. NO Cavities.Although I do need to step it up on the flossing. Ok well thats all for now! stay tunes and be well Trish

Friday, December 7, 2012

I got this in the mail today along with part 2 and a bunch of CD mailers my friend Retro Joe sent me I laughed outload when I heard the New Christy Minstrals version of do you hear what I hear.Its so differant thant Andy williams version that Im used to but I like it. I immediatly put both mixes in my 5 CD changer and listened to Christmas music while writing out cards!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Houston we have a problem

anyone else having this issue with itunes?Is it something I did or is it on they're end?

Sunday, December 2, 2012

December pics Pt 1

the year in review 2012

2012 what a year! I am now a woman of the 21st century.I have a digital camera.Now that I have one why did I hold out so long on getting one? I am also of member youtube.I joined this little group called the vinyl community.OK we are growing.Although i only collect CDs they accepted me and many others like me because its all about the music, man! I've even learned to make slide showed and post them on Youtube. OK so does this make me a geek? 2012 started out to be a nice year but its not ending that way Hurricane Sandy hit us with a serious punch.the flooding destroyed both my car and Nancys van.Luckily she was able to get new wheels a few weeks later after renting one. Atomic CDs is closing shop.Eric says he has been thinking about it for awhile.I bought a few CDs today and stayed under my self imposed $20.00 limit!I celebrated my self control with a coffee and blueberry muffin at the Green Planet Coffee House being Rock N Joe's is also a victim of hurricane Sandy. The business district of Point Pleasant Beach escaped pretty much unharmed from what I've Heard. Another sad note.My uncle Jimm died in Mid October!I will miss you Uncle Jim!OK now to upload a few photos! Lets all hope and pray 2013 is much better!