Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The man from mars stopped eating bars and now he only eats guitars

yeah I know..what the bleep?
Well Last week I got a Blondie CD in the mail last week.By The Way The Line is from Blondies song "Rapture" its one of the only rap songs I like
Rap started out as fun rhymes to a beat and then anger and political statements invaded it and oh my ya gotchya self this gangster rap.Tales of Gang life,killing cops and taking street girls and ok ok you get where im going so I'll stop here.
Well anyway I've started on a new mix called Rocktober 2010.It will be filled with gems from the past.Not as far back as Bay Head Boogie..but wait there will be good blasts from the past includin' a bit of country,soul and a dash of heavy Rock and a sprinkle of TV themes!
Get Ready for Rocktober 2010!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

one more blast of the AC

Yesterday I woke up with a bad stomach cramp.I stayed in Bed and Called Kris and told her me and my boombox were unable to make an appearance.
I had no motrin so I took 2 aspin.It kicked in about 11:45.
I know by the time I got to the beach the contest would be over.
I remember Knight,KC and Gran Marie were meeting at Rockin Joes so I got dressed and biked over there.I had a blueberry Muffin and coffeeand their Friend Tom Joined us so I treated him to coffeeand had a 2nd cup myself.
After we left I was thinking of making some social calls but I started to feel sick in the belly again so I headed home and took a nap.
3 hours later I woke up. I felt better so I had dinner.
Afterwards I watch some episodes of Adam 12 on DVD.I turned on the Air conditioner because it was hot in the house!
I got a call from my Old friend Kerry.We shared memories and laughs.
Today Im going to charge the cell phone and make a few social calls.I may start work on a new mix tonight!I have a playlist titles Rocktober 2010.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

slight you tube relapse

The other night I had a little relapse with my self proclaimed you tube addiction.I was watching old Adam-12 promo clips,Captain Scarlet and Dr Who.I liked the episodes with the daleks.We are the supreme daleks you must obay or you will be exterminated.
I wonder what a battle btween the Daleks and the Mysterons would be like.
I imagine it would be something like this
This is the voice of the mysterons we know you can hear us Daleks!
They would say we are the daleks we are the supreme beings!
Today in the mail I got a few items from oldies.com.The big one was Adam-12 season 4!I had a Crush on Kent McCord when I was 9 years old.I think I had a crush on both of them.Im older and wiser now but its still nice to watch an old fave.
I also got Blondies Autoamerican CD.I had it on vinyl when I was in high school.
The other one is a compilation of sci fi movies and TV themes.I might make a halloween mix this year!

Monday, September 20, 2010

events to look forward to

This Saturday
The Kenny Tooker Memorial Surf Classic
Karge St Beach
Bay head nj
The local surf community comes together for a great cause and surfin fun!
Ill be there with my boom box and reggae and surf tunes
October 2
Centennial Park Bay Head NJ
The Duck Derby
fun and Music by DJ Trish and The Sherman Brothers!
Yes the dream team is back for YOUR listening Pleasure!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Seafood Fest 2010

My day started at 7am with a shower and then it was off to the drs.
Nancy and I got home about 9:20 and then I went about the business of crankin out a few mixes for people I knew I would see today.
I hit the road by bike at about 10:30 and went to the post office,the Library and then the seafood fest.
I got my usual fish n chips as I have for the past 20 years.One year I broke tradion and tried a burger but it was too well done so I stayed with fishn chips from then on.
around 12:30 it started getting really crowded so I hopped on my bike and went to the Tiki bar.
Dr Cheeko and the guys were great.They did a melody of Micheal Jackson tunes by request.I had 2 beers and went for a walk after the first set and walked down to the inlet.
I wanted to go back for DR cheekos 2nd set but I was tired.
when I got home I took a nap.It was a busy day!
This year My toes were not run over by wheelchairs or baby strollers!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Music news,chatter and random stuff

Its been over a week since school started and Im finally settled in mentally rememberingall my tasks.
Before I forget
October 2nd at the Duck Derby The Sherman Brothers will be playing in addition to DJ Trish.Stayed tuned for more news on that as I get it.
I.vw started on my Christmas mix.But there might be some alterations so I wont post it yet.Bay head boogie 1 & 2 is getting good feedback and I have ideas for my next mix swirling round my little brain.
Good news:My piano Teacher Joans ilation therapy is going well so Piano Lessions will startup again in October.
Have a great week!

Monday, September 13, 2010

15 artists that impacted me musically

a fellow mixmaker is doing a challenge 15 albums in 15 minutes
I can narrow in that time or exact album but I can tell you artists who have inpacted me musically
1 The Beatles- so cute,so Talented and so creative its a shame they didnt stay together longer.The guys who sang come together couldnt stay together!
2 The Steve Miller Band-When I heard Fly like an eagle on the radio in 8th Grade I taped it every time I heard it.I cranked the volume every time I heard it.
3 Bob Marley and The Wailers-It took me a while to understand this new thing called reggae when I was in high school.I was a rock girl it wasnt till years later I got hooked on it
4 Miles Davis- I wasnt used to 10 minute songs except innagaddadavida but knew so what was one of the cooles jazz songs i heard
5 Herb Albert-My dad got me hooked on this jazz stuff at a young age
6 Peggy Lee-I got my Dad a cassette of hers on sale for his birthday one year and thought wow shes pretty cool.
7 Martin Denny-I think he would be considered an introduction to world music to me when I heard his song quiet Village in the 70s
8 Charlie Daniels-The first country record I bought was Million Mile Reflection.so awsome!
9 Irish Rovers- Like reggae the Irish Celtic bug didnt get me till years later after hearingThe unicorn song!
10 Johnny Cash-I got into Johnny Cash in the 90s.He had such a deep faith.I still cry watching his video of "Hurt"
11 Kraftwerk-I first heard Trans Europe Express in the late 80s.
12 Nina Simone-Someone gave me a record of hers years agoSome says shes blues,others say she jazz
13 Marvin Gaye-Another great man of faith a something important to say in his songs
14 My brother was always playing his albums in high school and by the 90s I was getting Parrot Head fever too!
15 Genesis-In the mid 80s I "Duke one one of my most played albums after a busy day at work!
There my friends are 15 of Mine..NOW please tell me 15 artists that impacted YOU!

Oh Magestic Atlantic Ocean

Its been a week since Ive been to the Beach.
After work I got changed into my usual T shirt and Jeans and took a bike ride.
The First full week back at BHS has started.
After Lunch today one of the teachers informed me that copier was low on paper so I went to get more.
To my Horror there were only 2 packs left.I usually call Bordans when we're down to 4!Alica (Our Administrative assistant)and I agreed a call to bordans was needed so I called.
I HOPE they come first thing in the Morning!
OK so after work I went to the post office and then to Central qnd had a Klondike bar and coffee and sat outside on one of the benches.I saw a girl from 8th grade and she said she was going to the beach.After my little chocolate and Caffein session I thought theres an Idea!
I hopped on my bike and waited for the light.
I got a whiff of the salt air the moment I pulled up on Mount Street.There was Caitlin eating a Pint of Coffee Ice Cream.I stood where the badgecheckers chair would be and took a deep breathe "ahh I love that ocean air!"I exclaimed.
It seemed to be low tide and calm and the water looked clean.
Theres something about the Ocean that magically takes away any stress you may be feeling.Perhaps its the way the golden sun hits the sand.Maybe its the sound and sight and the waves hitting the beach.
Caitlin and I got chatting about what flavor ice creat we prefered.She likes coffee Ice cream but doesnt like coffee.I like coffee but not coffee ice cream.
After the decompression strated I realized I had one more trip to make.The library.
I got there just as they were closing so I just as they were closing so I justed droppedd of the stuff to be returned and headed home.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

missing the point?

Today I woke up and heard Bob Levy On the radio hosting topic A
there were a few listener that complained about the change of the music format.Bob replied to one caller "Well I like it"
Its not about YOU Bob!
A few years ago WCBS fm attempted changing they're format.People Im sure emailed,wrote and voiced they're opinion that THEY didnt like it.They went back to kind of an old format but things changed.
When Radio stations change they're format they risk losing loyal listeners.The loyal listeners are the glue to a great radio station.If you change your format you will get new listeners BUT you will LOSE the LOYAL listeners!
LOYAL listeners are listeners who talk about you,promote you and listen without fail.
While trying hard to stay current many stations forget who truly matters.The listening audience!
Alrighty I got that off my chest!

Friday, September 10, 2010

car show

Today after work the sky looked a bit cloudy but I decided to do what I had planned anyway.I got changed into jeans and a t shirt and headed out and went to see Sheryl at Special T graphics where I bought a small bag of soda and beer can tabs that she collects for a group called happy tabs.The get money for them which helps a local family with children suffering with cancer help pay medical expenses.
Next I went to the Point Pleasant beach car cruise.There are antique car on display.Theres also food and entertainment by Ed Austin and DJ Tommy Lynch.Both nice guys.Tommy and I talked and he showed me his set up.We exchanged contact info.Sometimes Im asked if I do weddings.I havent yet but when asked again Id like to refer someone who I think is good and has experience doing it and Id recomment Tommy Lynch!I think if more musians and DJs helped each other out it would be nice.
I once heard someone say they hated DJs.Where Would Elvis and the Beatles be without the DJ?stuck playing bars!
The cars were nice too.One thing I noticed that some old cars has CD players in them.I think modernizing antique cars take away the originality and value.
The Next car show is Oct 5th from 12noon till 4pm!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

cool stuff to do fab places to go

Friday Sept 10
The Car Cruise on Arnald Ave.Point Pleasant Beach
Entertainment,cars and stuff to buy
Saturday ..or is it Sunday?Board swap!The beach house board swap
Saturday Sept 19 The Point Pleasant Seafood Fest. starting at 12 noon
Saturday Oct 2 The Bay Head Duck Derby in Centenniel Park
Rubber duck race in Scow ditch and music by DJ Trish

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

a Christmas mix in the works already?

Each year I start earlier on my Christmas mix because each year I love Creating them.Its my Fave Holiday.Being I have a few fellow mixmakers who are overseas Ill send those ones out before thanksgiving.
This years will contain some jazz and rock faves.Last years mix was doused in World Christmas.Some liked it while others found it lacking upbeat grooves for their kids!
I dont require a theme in my mix exchange but I may encourage folks to make a Christmas mix.
No Im NOT going to give into political correctness and call it a Holiday mix!

Monday, September 6, 2010

So Long Summer

As I rode to work today the reality of the end of summer hit me.Im going from Hearing"Bluffs Checker.. Trish" on The radio to Hearing Trish to the Main office"Over our PA system at school.The sound of waves crashing against the beach will be replaced my the hum of the copier,school bells,lockers being opened and closed and yes teachers and students in the hall.Now Im going back to jill and Franks one liners.The smell of salt air will be replaced by freshly mowed grass!
I wont be zig zagging East Ave traffic on my bike ..now Im zig zagging traffic in the hallway.
Oh don't grt me wrong It will be nice seeing everyone again.Teachers and Students!
After Labor day I enjoy things settling down traffic wise.Just as you get used to it though the holiday rush hits us!
After almost 3 months away from each other Jill seems happy to see me again.haha!In June it seems she glad to be rid of me for awhile!
We Have a few new staff members so it will be interesting how the year plays out.So here we gooo.School Year 2010-11!

Friday, September 3, 2010

His name is Earl!

Seeing that it wasnt raining at 8:45 this Morning I headed of to work and made my usual stop to Bay Point Market,
It didnt start raining till I headed off to work.When I got to the shack Liz had informed me we were closed for the day so we but my bike in the shack and she drove me home!
I got out of my wet unifor and hong it on the towel rack in hopesit would be dry by morning.I told Jill Id be in if it rained today so I called the school and headed in.I wore jeans and my Yellow Submarine T shirt.Shes a Beatles fan too so I knew she would approve.
I got in my newly fixed car and she runs good as new.There was a crate of mail to sort but I needed coffee.Luckily Frank had a fresh pot made up!
I sorted the mail and sipped on my coffee.Our New music Teacher came in and Jill asked me to give her a tour so I did.She seems nice.
Wally our Computer Tech was there too.We are getting new Macbooks.A few folks said I sould get one but Im fine with my desktop.I dont want a lap top or an iphone.I spend enough time on my computer and such an upgrade would make me a complete slave to technology which I have no intention of becoming!
After I save the tour I finied up sorting the mail and delivered it to the clasroons and place it on each teachers desk and made sure each door was lock afterwards.
Jill showed me the 2 boxes of mail in the boses office to be shredded that Ill jump on after school starts Being fridays are me long days Ill hope to get on it next friday.
The trip home wasnt as rainy as the trip to school but I was sure more rain was coming by the looks of the sky.
When I got home I had some luch and a soda,checked my email and took a nap.
Earl didnt hit us with the wholloping wind and rain everyone talked about.Im sure the ocean was churned up though and the Beach Cleaners will have they're work cut out for them Tomorrow.
Tonight I went on the library website and ordered a few CDs
I decided on "Bay head Boogie" for the title of my next mix and It might turn out to be a 2 parter.Maybe 3!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Music new and reviews

Yesterday I got a mix from my new mix buddy Joshua.Like me he enjoys oldies and obscure funny stuff.He made me a 2 CD set that has awsome tunes on it.
Today I made a list of songs Id like to include in the new mix.Im not one to preplan mixes but it was a quiet afternoon so I wrote down some Ideas swirling round my head.
Ideas for titles include "Songs from the beach chair"Uh oh lets not forget tears for fears has an album in the 80s called songs from the Big Chair.I only thought of beach chair because thats where I was sitting things of songs for my newest mix and I wasnt attempting to copy Tears for fears.Another Title might be "Bay Head Boogie"I was in Bay Head at Beach Head Beach thinkin' up these songs.
Last week I ordered 3 CDs from oldies.com
Here are the 3 CDs I ordered
Sting-Dream of the Blue Turtles
My Fave CD of his Post Police solo Albums.I remember listening to this over and over on my Sony walkman.
Love Unlimited-The Best Of.Great 70s Soul!
25 All Time Novelty hits-VA.I was inspired to get this after a conversation at a friends house talking about funny songs
The Music industry has lost its sense of humor lately...with exception to Weird Al Yankovich.