Friday, April 30, 2010

Deep Thoughts and Idle Chatter

As I pulled in the Driveway ending another busy week I Thanked the Lord for It all simply by Taking a deep breath and saying "ahh Thank you Lord!"
I did my usual Routine .Bring in the Mail and seperate mine from Nancys and Dans.It was all for Nancy and Dan except for the Ocean Star with we share.I let Bayou out and admired the way the sun was reflecting off the bay.Its a beauty of a day!I let Bayou Back in and gave her a biscuit.She sits at once.I pet her on the head when she take it from my fingers then she goes in the den and eats it.crunch crunch crunch!
Then I went and got a glass of coke and read the Ocean Star.The front page has a picture of soldiers carrying a flag draped metal coffin off a plane.He was only 20 years old.20 years old!Its so sad.He probably hadent had his first beer yet and Ill bet had a nice girlfriend and family crying their eyes out.
We gripe and moan about stupid stuff here and there are 20 year old kids dying to protect us from terrorist and get rid of the thugs in a country that doesnt care about theirs.
Got Problems at work?had a fight with your Spouse?Didnt make it home to watch the end of your soap opera?Those arent problems.seeing a metal coffin coming off the plame with your brother or son is!
He didnt die in vein though.He died doing what he beleived in for a country he loved.The USA!He took a bullet for us all!
OK now on a happy note..
I made a new playlist.actually its a 2 parter called A Really Mixed up mix 1 &2.
I'll post them on
and I'll post them here too.
I got a notice saying there will be a meeting with the boss to discuss the situation with my employment.Normally I wouldnt worry but every now and then I get the What if Question rollin round my head.reduction in hours?pay freeze?
I've Been there 24 years.Im not certified in anything nor am I in the onion..oops I mean union.I hope I keep my job.
Im being very Careful not to oversleep and be extra good holding my tongue on my opinions on all the crap thats going on.
I know Give it to the Lord in Prayer, Trish.
Ill keep you posted!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

strong winds didn't stop me

The day was beautiful.
After work I came home and Nancy was home.Brendan had a Doctors appointment and spend the rest of the day at home.I didnt ask questions but just asked how it went.Fine replied Nancy.
The Cherry Blossom tree was shedding its beautiful pink peddles which explaines why I wasnt feeling so good.Allergy Season is back for me!Untill I was 40 I never worried about allergies and then I was caughing,gagging and not sure what the heck was going on.Someone told me it was allergies.
I started with just Claritan and had to upgrade to Claritan D.I think the D stands for Dayam your allergies are bad!
After work I got changed and headed out on my bike.I couldnt fight the wind so it seemed I was peddling at a snails pace.I went to the Bank,the Library and to CVS to get my Claritan D and Finally a trip to the liquire store to get my White Zinfindel!
I like a drink or two on the weekends!
On the ride home the wind was hard again especially heading north!But it didnt stop me.It just slowed me down a few notches!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Music Review #2

Although she was popular befor I was Born theres Something about Peggy Lee that stands the test of time.Her locals are great and she swings.So Cool and so hip!
I used to have a rule not to get a soundtrack without seeing the Movie first but time and musical curiosity killed that.Among my faves on this album are Jimmy Cliff,and Wailing Souls.I like Wailing Souls cover of Talking Heads Wild Wild Life.

Music news Event updates and More Idle Chatter!

Well there are some cool thing going on so get out you calenders and a pen and write this down
May 1 2010
The Sherman Brothers Band will be playing at the Idle hour This Friday at 10pm.bring a friend or take the Love of your life out for a great night of good music and dancing!
June 5th
Davy Jones day
A fun day of Games, food and music.
Also theres will be Ms Hollands treasure table.
Music Will be Provided by DJ Trish who will be celebrating her 10 year DJing at BHS.
Fun Prizes will be tossed out to loyal listeners.Engraved bricks "saying thank you for your support" is a nice Idea but perhaps Lollipos are less eh!
I made up a new playlist called a really mixed up mix #1 and will post it soon meanwhile check it out on IMP and ZeRO.
Oh yeah speaking of ZeRO my mix Out of this world earned mix of the week!how cool is that!
OK I could rant about the school budget being voted down but I wont.All I can say is How can you look into your childs eyes and then go out and vote down a school budget???
OK enough of That.I dont wanna kill the good vibes here!
Back in a few days!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Radioactive Mix

I was cleaning out my hallway closet today and found a few cassette tapes on the floor.I have 2 sheves of old cassette mixes I made in the late 1980s,-2003.Many People need to have a reason to make a mix like engagements,love songs and break up songs.For me I want the music to lift me up.I have enough stuff to remind me of bad times so I never did a break up mix.Oh sure I made mixes at the time I broke up with boys but that music is what helped heal the heartache so I never made heartache a subject.Oh heck im rambling.
Well anyways heres a mixtape I found that I made in 1986.
Creation Date Jan 27,28 1986
Source:a Maxell XL II 90 minute high Bias cassette

I USED RECORDS,PRERECORDED CASSETTES AND YES MEDIAM SIZED(AT THE TIME) COLLECTION OF CDs.I was starting to discover reggae and world music around this time while staying true to my rock n roll faves and songs I grew up on(happy belafonte and Herb Albert.My editing skills were spot on doing this mixtape.
What was the reason for this mix.
All I need to make a mix is a cool batch of songs!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Music review #1

Here are 2 reviews of CDs I bought at todays yard sales
Peter Gabriel-So
I had this on cassette in the 80s and when I saw it at a yard sale today I bought it.A great Disc that still is What I beleive Peter Gabriels best work
The Clanned-Anam
Some call them new age others call them classical
This is a mellow and relaxing CD without being cheesy.Its a timess classic!

Dunkin Donuts and Yard sales.

I woke up to Maroon 5's "this Love"
I glaces out the window and saw the beatiful blue sky and knew I had to get up.I have my radio /alarm clock set to 93.5 the Point.
Why is it Liz is always getting picked on by Lou?
Those of you who listen to this station know where Im coming from and why does it seem Lou is yelling?
OK so the past 2 years I havent had much luck at garage/yard sales.
Today was going to be differant.
First I stopped at Dunkin Donuts for a Bagel and large coffee!Then the yard sale shopping began!!!!
I picked up a few CDs for a $1.00 a pop!
I also bought a portable hand held cassette tape recorder for $5.00!I may keep it for making notes for my blogs on the road.Ill also use it for listening to music at the beach.
20 some odd years ago I had one and attemped to tape live music from it but it didnt turn out well.I think it was a school concert or something.
I checked out each CD I bought for scratches except for the ones I bought from my Friends Knight & KC.I know they take good care of their music.
I founed out today that KC and I were a year apart in high school and she played flute in the Panther Marching Band!
Upon Learning this I gave her a high five.Yeah yeah i know ..with the swine flew around your really not supposed to be doing high fives but hey ya have a better chance of getting hit by a car around these parts!Besides I know KCs a clean me!
The day was beatiful and many bike riders and walkers were enjoying the day!I found some mad magazines and music related mags in my closet and got a few bucks for them at atomic CDs whiched comtributed to my yard sale purchases!
It may rain momorrow so Serious Spring cleaning is in the game plan.
Reviews of my music Purchases will follow soon.Also a new playlist and mix will follow.
Check back again soon for more cool music news,travels etc etc!
Peace and Love

Friday, April 23, 2010

As I sip my cold Pepsi My head basks in the sun

I arrived home after a busy week at work.Traffice isnt bad i thought Halfway home.Upon Pulling in the driveway I took a deep breath."Thank you Lord!"
My day started at 8am and I hit the ground running,brush my teeth etc,get dressed and out the door at 8:30 and get gas and then off to work.I had 7 minutes for coffee in the Boiler room.
As fridays go it was a roller coaster ride of busyness.When there was nothing in my to be copied box I had to find something to do.Patrol the grounds for trash,dust the handycap railing and make sure all the printers and copiers are filled with paper.
by 2:30 my glass of wine is closer to touching my lips.
I help off on my 1st glass til 4:45.Up till then it was Pepsi which is what I had when I got home from work,got into jeans and a t-shirt and just sat on a chair on the porch and decompressed.the warm sun felt good.
I heard Psychologists say to take 15 minutes for yourself after work to decompress.I beleive this.
Dont anylise the week or day this WILL stress you out.
just have 15 minutes of quiet for yourself and feel the decompression begin!
I had a glass of wine with dinner and 2 after dinner.Than I said OK enough.Lets be able to wake up tomorrow respecting!
If tomorrow is really nice a long bikeride WILL be in order!a few mix CDs WILL be given out and it WILL be a great day!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Out of this world-A mix

Im a member of IMP a great group that trades mixes.a few months back I traded with a guy who was into robots and space So I made a special mix just for him and kept the playlist because I was happy with the way it turned out.

Out of this World
1 Disco Babes from outerspace - Babe Intinct
2 Flying Saucers Rock N Roll - Billly Riley and his Little Green Men
3 Space Oddity - David Bowie
4 Flying Saucers Attack - the Rezillos
5 Humans From Earth - T Bone Burnett
6 Two Little Men in a Flying Saucer - Ella Fitzgerald
7 Voyage around the Moon - The Saturn 5
8 Walking on The Moon - The Police
9 Planet Claire - The B-52s
10 The Great Gig in the Sky - Pink Floyd
11 X Files Theme - DJ Dado
12 Telstar - Dennis Scott
13 Rocket Ship - Kathy McCarty
14 Mope Itty Mope - Bosstones
15 Fly Me to the Moon - Tony Bennett
OK I think we have a thunder storm comin' on so Im going to sign off now.If you want a copy of this mix let me know.this is only a partial listing!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Random thoughts and Idle chatter #1

I noticed that are cherry blossom tree has bloomed fully.Does that mean an onslaught of allergies will soon follow?Last year I made a cool May Mix but since last may Ive deleted some of the songs which means a slightly differance may mix this year for my new mix makin' friends.Speaking of music I put more music on request at the Library After swearing I wouldn't till I go through and get rid of stale seldom used tunes in my itunes.
I'll never run for an elected office.heck I cant keep my word to myself,how can I be trusted with a word to the!
OK actually I was going to make a special mix for someone at work and now shes doent want one.her loss!I'll still keep the tunes on hold and make a damn good mix anyway.Ha!
The only office I run for is the main office when they call for me over the PA system.Actually I speed walk running is the hall is prohibited unless your being chased by sasquatch,Godzilla or a Bear!
I went for my overdue annual check up and all is well but I need to get bloodword done and a mammogram and my ears cleans out so I walked out with 3 refferals!the wonderful and wonderment of the medical world.paperwork paperwork and more paperwork.Cricky!
oh I shouldnt complain though Im feeling pretty good for my age.not bad for an old girl!
back in a few days!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

They're Back!

I just checked Martells Entertainment Calender just for the heck of it and the Dr Cheeko Island Band is Back!Best know for they're covers of Reggae and calypso Music Dr Cheeko also plays great Rhythm and Blues and Motown.Sit back and have a drink while groovin to the beat or get your booty shakin on the Dancefloor!Havin a rough day?Dr Cheeko and the boys have the cure for what ails you with their groovin' tunes!
They play every Saturday and Sunday starting at 1pm at Martells Tiki Bar on The Boardwalk in good ole Point Pleasant Beach NJ!

A great day of music and enviromental awareness

My day started at 8:15.I wanted to get up earlier but I wake up slowly.I got dressed brust my teeth etc and had a cup of tea.Then I went about the tasK of loading my DJ gear into the car.
When I got there Coey Sherman was unloading his gear off his truck.Amps and speaker were already set up for the band.Tyler and the others arrived shortly after.
After getting Set up Sheryls husband Joe and I realized my extention card would reach the outlet and he got me an extention to the extention.All went well.There were announcements before the Sherman brothers went on.A few high school kids read speeches they wrote on why they care for the enviroment.
The sherman brothers did great and Ed Austin played well too.Afterwards a group of young girls tapdanced and they were really good.
Then they did a hoola hoop cantest and I played Jack Johnsons song reduce reuse recycle and other upbeat songs.
Then a band called Soup sandwhich came on.The did some cool rock and surf instrumentals and did a cool rendition of Soul Finger.
Meantime I headed off for a bite to eat.I had a burger and a coke and then I walked around to check things out.
The DARE car is always impressive.The first aid trucks are too.Lots of work goes into both drug awareness and the first aid squad and sadly enough they are also feeling the economys pinch!We need our Teachers,emergency services and our law enforcement.I tried to stress that on occasion.
Near the end Sheryl and her posse tossed out a bunch of beach balls and I already had celebrate good times cued up so I played it.The kids were having fun.The song wemnt along perfectly.I was so happy.
I stayed till almost everyone was gone and provided good music for those folks packing stuff up and breaking down tents,tables etc.
The last song I played was "so long farewell" from the sound of music.
They had one of the guys with the go carts haul my gear to my car which I was thankful for.Loading up and breaking down is exausting but its a labor of Love so I still happy at the end of the day when those 35 lb speakers go into the closet.
I planned on a nice quet dinner...Then I saw I got a CD in the mail from a fellow mix maker.I had to play it.
Back in a few days with that and other news!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thinking of More Earthday songs

So what am I doing at the computer on a Beautiful day?Going throught a few songs for earthday and thinking of More
Mercy Mercy me by Marvin Gayes in a great song,Eyes of the world by the greatful dead is too.
Yesterday as I was walking by bike up the Lovelandtown Bridge I saw a Broken bottle.I swept it aside with my foor.It angers me when I see stuff like that.Not only do folks on bikes us that bridge but also women with strollers and folks walking they're dogs.If you see folks tossing trash out the window of they're car get their Licence plate number if you can and report it to the police.Littereing is a crime and is worth a $200.00 fine is many places!
We are all Responsible for keeping our world clean!So as the old saying goes.Give a hoot don't Pollute!
Now for a little dinner and a walk with my ipod!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

DJ Trish's mission Statement

Hello Readers
By now you are ware that I love music,correct?

Since I was young Music has brought be joy and happiness.
When I helped DJ school Dances in the 90's I saw how much fun the kids were having and for a few hours I helped provide that fun and happinesss.I felt so happy to help provide a few hours were the kids can come and cut loose and forget the troubles of the world for a few hours.
Shortly After getting my own DJ gear I DJayed a 40th birthday Party!I played many Of the songs Frank Played and folks responded.The happiness and joy bounced from the dancefloor right back to me.They loved the eclecticless,they love the variety.
I have a eclectic Selection of Rock,Reggae,Jazz and Oldies.
I will gladly donate my time for your fundraising event!
I started DJing in 2000 at Bay Head Schools Fair
Ive also DJayed at the Bay Head Fire company Clam Bake,The Bay Head Schools Shark Run,and the Bay Head Home and Schools Duck Derby and also a 40th Birthday Party!I have over 10 years experiance DJing.
SAY IT AND I'LL PLAY IT.If you want me to play a song and its in my collection i Will play it.
Dont worry though I dont any gangsta rap so theres no need to worry about Eminem or Ozzy Osbourn be played!
Musicly your
DJ Trish
Providing a fun time for over 10 years!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Must read books for audiophiles #1

Alrighty bookworms your day is here
here are some books to check out at your local Libray
These are books off the top of my Head but there will be more to come.
Here in the Good ole Garden state we also have AV meterial to check out too!Oh but be warned NOT everyone takes Good care of the CDs and DVDs!
One day I got a severly scratched CD and I returned it back and told the librarian it was scratched as hell.No one else was there just the two of us but her jaw almost hit the floor.
Seeing the condition of the CD she told me that severly is a better phrase but she knew I wasn't kidding!We had a good laugh after that but she asked me to be carely not to drop the H bomb unles it was followed by eck.
Apart from the strict language and grammer rules shes pretty cool!
Sometimes she'll refer to me as a V.I.P very Important Patron and smiling I'll replyNeed a new Jazz mix?
They enjoy my mixes as long as its jazz or light rock.No Heavy stuff!
The other Librarian add the remark and no How much is that Doggie in the Window.
11pm ahh where the heck did that evening go?
Time to shut it down and hit the hay,or is it hey?I can Almost hear my dad saying it 11 oclock go to bed for God sakes!
Back in a day or two

OK so Im a blogaholic.

I enjoy blogging,yes my Name is Trish and Im a blogaholic.Theres so much swirling in my little head so I must let it out and share it with you.
I do hope to see a few familiar faces this saturday at the boros Earthday celebration.Im thinking of getting there at 10am and getting arsses movin' to the beat and gettin em pumped up and psyched for the day!
I was hoping for a bikeride today but there are dark clouds to the west and That usually means more rain.
There was something I was going to mention here was was it..Oh yeah there Will be music reviews in this here blog in the not too distant future.Ill also do music and book reviews too.Now thats I have almost all the music I wnat in my itunes Im going to start taking more book and DVDs out of the library.Some folks like books on tape but Im old fashioned.I like to read book and listen to music.If I listen to someone readingits like story time to me.gak!I can listen to a comedian telling a joke or the news or an instruction tape or CD but thats my limit.
Gosh Im rambling aren't I?
OK Ill be back with another blog when I have something interesting to say!
G'day mates!

Monday, April 12, 2010

My weekend and idle chatter

This weekend was beautiful!
Saturday I rode my bike and make a few stops at shops and stores in Downtown Point Pleasant Beach.I made a Jazzy swingingy mix and Gave a copy to Vinnie at In the Light studio.Hes a local Photographer who does Portraits of Wedding Parties Family Gathering,etc
I also made a mix for my Friends at Ocean County Music.
Later that after noon or I should say early Evening I went to see My friend JPat Dalton Play at Rock n Joes Cafe.It was him a Guitar,Harmonica and a guy on Percussion.His Name was Andy if my memory serves me right.
I also Saw Knight Berman and his lady KC there.She made me a mix.No Playlist but I knew many songs on there.The Beach Boys "Be True to your School" is on there so I may do a Shout out to The Boro high school during my gig Saturday.
Sunday I hung home and was lazy.I did some domestic chores,Put out recycling and Trash and cleaned the room up a bit.
Tonight work on the room will continue.
OK now to call knight and see if he wants to and has time to transfer an album to CD for me.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

cool music Sites!

Hi Folks
OK that last post was heavy wasn't it?I hope it inspred you anyway.
Now back to fun stuff!Phew!
Heres are cool music related sites
Great site for fans who are looking for oldies and hard find Music and DVDs too!
A club dedicated to mixmakers who want to find like minded music lovers & keeping the mixtape culture going!
A nice place to post mixes.This isnt a trade group but you may find folks are are interested in a mix trade.
Music and Movies
A great search engine for music buffs Looking for Albums ,artist and names of songs!

So there you are!
Hope these are helpful to you!
Groove on!

How to overcome low self esteem

Being In a special Ed class is Hard.I didn't Think Id Do much in life.This mindset followed me for many years.Betwwen my Sophmore and Junior year on hight school I was told something that changed my life. "Trish Your NOT retarded"
I took an aptitude test and although i was a slow learner It didnt mean i was retarded but Up till till That Point I thought I was!
Typing this brings tears to my eyes.OK Im Pulling myself ]together..breathe breathe..
In the spring of 1983 another Life Changing event occured.I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my savior.It was like a Cement block being lifted off my shoulders.Jesus Loves me and I must now put my faith and trust in Him!
Though the years i've learned just because someone says they are a Christian Doesn't make them perfect.When i heard someone say they were a beleiver I was shocked when i saw faults in them.The Only one who is perfect is Jesus!!!!I repeat THE ONLY ONE WHO IS PERFECT IS JESUS!
OK so here are my tips for gaining a good self esteem
1 Beleive in yourself
2 Beleive in a higher Power
3 You have a gift (mine is humor Music and a positive attitude)
4 Do the best you can each day
5 God loves you (remember that!)
6 We all have the gift to make the world a better Place!
7 God doesn't make Junk(so you are beautiful in his eyes!!!)

God Cares about your Heart.Some folks beleive fashion ,style are material things are the most impotant.You can be dressed to the nines and still be nasty.Look at hollywood for example.all those stars have fame and fortunes but are they all happy?

Read your bible and take what you read and live it.I know christians who say they are christians but the way they behave makes me wonder.
Dont Judge!
Listening to secular music doesnt make you a bad christian!
Where in the 10 commandmants does it say dont listen to secular music or Don't dance??
Those who Point fingers better look in the Mirror first!
Your too blessed to be stressed..oh but people will try to press your buttons.
When folks try to ruin your day give it up to God in prayer.My Mom gave me this advice often but even for her it wasn't easy.
How did I get this far?
Good Family
yup.Those 3 elements are the key to my sanity
and Faith!
I hope these words have been a sorce of inspiration for YOU!
Peace and Love to ALL Readers

Friday, April 9, 2010

DJ Dates and other stuff

While Im on the subject of music Here are 2 dates for you
Satueday April 17
I'll be spinnin' Tunes at Point Pleasant Boros Earthday celebration.Other Music Acts Include the Sherman brothers Band and ED Austin!
Saturday June 6th at Bay head School.this year marks my 10 year NJs our School fair.Im thinking of prizes or something to give loyal fans.Candy or something cool!
OK while Im thinking of it Im mentally thinking of other stuff I'll blog about.
How my raised my self esteen.Yeah I touched on this on my last blog but will blog in full about it in the near future!
Im new here please excuse any screw ups..spelling etc.
I'll do my best to focus on music and happy stuff here
I'll do my best to stay away from politics.My family and friends are valuable to me.I'd like to keep them from hating me.
Shop Talk and Cool stuff goin' on.Yes ill give you tips on where cool places are to shop in NJ and cool events.swing by often!
Thank you

My Music History

When I was young I wasnt exactly the fastest Learner.I was Placed in a special Ed class.I didnt have many friends because I felt like an outcast.I had the Chicken pox at 8 or 9 My dad lent me his Zenith Transister radio to help me fall asleep and it worked.I remember falling asleep to Neil Youngs After the gold rush.For my birthday I got my own transistor radio.I loved it and fell asleep to it every night.
Soon after I got a portable tape recorder.I used to tape songs off the radio.
AM radio in the late 60s and upto mid 70s was cool.One yeah I got a AM/FM radio for Christmas.FM changed my world.
Still without many friends the radio was my friend.When I came home from a hard day at school I looked forward to playing back my radio mixtapes.
When I entered high school things got better socially.A teacher Gave a friend of mine some 45s.The one she didnt want she gave to me.and if I wanted to borrow some she let me.I got the idea to tape them onto cassette so I could get here back the records.Backround noise was an issue with external mics.The song order was good but sound quality stunk.
Technology advanced to my delight in the 80s and so did I .
I got a job shortly after graduating high school,saved up money and bought my first decent stereo with a dual cassette deck,am/fm Stereo and a turntable.When I made mixes there was no backround noise.
fast forward the mid 80s.
I was at my Godmothers wedding and at the reception my Cousin Steve put on these awsome wedding mixtapes he made.He introduced me to other genres I liked.World music and reggae.
That summer I got an idea to make my dad a mixtape for his birthday.I covertly borrowed his records while he was at world and return them and did my best to put them back in the Same order.Ollie North would have been!
Dad Loved the mix and asked where I got the music.I fessed up but told him I got turned onto Louise Armstrong and Ella.
I started making mixes for Other Family and friends and got positive feedback.
In the early 90s I helped our School Custodian DJ Dances .Id put on Head phones and cued up tapes to requested songs.Tapes gave way to CDs but I still hung with him and made announcements,and fetched soda and food for him.
One time he was sick I I was asked to DJ.He can in to hook thing up but didnt DJ.I did.I had fun and the kids liked what I played.
frank called me the next day to tell me he heard I did a great Job.
Around 2000 I stated Deejaying the school fairs using his set up!
In 2008 I saved up anough to buy my own gear.
My first official gig was a 40th Birthday Party for a friend.Seeing so many folks on the dancefloor gave me a natural high.Frank tough me and I learned well.
I contunie to DJ Fundraisers and the school fair to this day.

Its Friday!

Fridays here
Im in the mood for Chinese or a sub.Dang Im undecided.A bikeride is called for.It stopped raining and I must mail a package for work.I should have dropped it off before coming home but remembered Its a late day and Poor Bayou needs to go out.Bayou's my sister and brother in laws dog.I live in a mother/Daughter house with them.Its kind of like a 2 family house.I let Bayou out Everyday after work and give her a biscuit.
My next blog with me more of where I left off last night or early this morning shall I say.
I have yet to learn how to add Pictures ,Images etc but Ill do that at some point this weekend.Right now I must take a bikeride while the weather permits.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hello from Trish

After weeks of debating whether to do this I decided to go for it.
Well what can I say?Small town girl who loves Family, Friends,music and living life each day to the fullest.I enjoy good clean fun and a good laugh.Im a all American red blooded Christian who beleives in Honesty,Integrity and forgiveness...and also LOVE!
Im an office assistant at a local school during sept-June then Im a Badge Checker in the summer!
I enjoy spending time with family and friends,a good sunset,reading,bikerides, walks,live music making mixes for family and friends and yes Deejaying parties and fundraisers.
More later its time to say G'night
8am comes fast.