Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Cool Grooves Mix Exchange update

Formally the Jersey shore Mix club Oh effin MTV!You stole the Jersey Shore title and ruined it.I renamed it "Cool Grooves" after my hotmail account got jacked.
OK well anyway..we are a fun bunch of Music Loving,Mixmakers out to exchange cool music and make new friends!I'M NOT trying to be bigger or better than anyone else,Just doing my part to keep the Mixtape community alive in the age of ipods.
Im not doing it alone though.I have 24 awesome fellow mixmakers helping in keeping it going.
Theres also a neat little newsletter too.You may contribute to it by telling me your start in making mixes and even a album review.
Ive been doing this for almost 3 years now.a few have stayed and many have come and gone but I hope many friendships are made and many cool mixes are exchanged.Good friends and good music.What a combination!
Oh yes there are rules.
1 All mixes must have a tracklist
2 All mixes should be profanity free(So everyone can enjoy)
You may include email or website with your mix so you mix partner can send you a review and make a connection for future trades!
Musically yours

Friday, July 29, 2011

rumble rumble for real

Today my Felt bad .its a woman thing I know.I took 2 Motrin and slept till 2pm.MyPlans for the day were scrapped untill 4ish when I started feeling well again.I went to get Jewel Cases at Rite aid.The sky was looking grey.
On the way home I heard thunder.My plans to stop by Cafe de Point would have to wait for another day.I saw people In the community park and some looked like they were headed out and others were walking ,etc.
I was a block from the house when I thought I saw a flash of lightning and picked up the pace of the pedeling.
As I pulled in the driveway it seemed like the thunder was louder and thanked God for getting me home safe as I pushed my bike in the garage.
When I was eating dinner a big bolt of lighting flash and the sky opened up.
It seemed like the storm lasted an hour.As much as I hot lightining storms we need a good rain to lesson the threat of a drought.
We lost power for five minuted so I had to reset my alarm clock after the storm passed.
I waited till after the lightning stopped till I rebooted the computer.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

drop a dolla in the jukebox

Im almost done sending out mixes to my cousins.I don't know if they appreciate them as much as my fellow mix makers do but Its the thought that counts,right?
I have 2 more member in my mix exchange and a returning member who dropped out for a while.bringing the total to 23 members!
Heres a new site to check out
Its a public radio station that one of my mix exchange member has a show on Tuesday nights called Motion Granted.
While Im on the subject of music my friend DJ Tommy Lynch will be spinning awesome oldies at Point Pleasants Car show On Arnold Ave from 5pm-9pm!He will be infront of Ocean County music and man he is cool.
Also There will be Ed Austin.Another cool guy!
There will be Cool old cars,food,and other cool stuff to check out!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Its hot hot hot

Tomorrow we celebrate my nephew Brendans 11th birthday.Wow where did those years go?
This summer will mark my th year DJing at the clambake.Wow and its my 2nd year DJing the movie nights at the Beach House.
Last night the movie was Tubular swells.Its from 1975 but theres awesome surfing footage and even a cool soundtrack including Fleetwood mac,Santana and Steve Miller!I imagine back then artists were so happy to be asked to use their music in a movie but today Im sure theres legal ragling and stuff.
Last night I played alot of reggae and island music and threw in a dance number or two.A little Dancing and lots of positive feedback.
Cooper,the Rep for Sanuk gave me a set of earphone that I put in front of my player but at the end of the night they were gone.
Someone really wanted sad they had to steal em.Well Like I say Karma has a funny way of turning around and biting folks like that in the butt!
Today I got Brendan a $20.00 gift card for Applebees.I hope he likes it!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer Jams 2011 No. 2

I just remembered I never Posted this.
So Here it is

Summer Jams 20011 #2
1. Blip Blop - Bill Doggett
2. Dum Dum - Brenda Lee
3. Court House Scandal - Calypso Mama
4. Rubber Biscuit - The Chips
5. You Spin Me Round(Like a record) - Dead or Alive
6. Groove is in the heart - Dee-lite
7. Afro Loft Theme - Fred Everything
8. What is Love - Howard Jones
9. Only The Ocean - Jack Johnson
10. Float On - The Floaters
11. Long Hot Summer Days - John Hartford
12. Justice to the people - Lee "Scratch" Perry & the Upsetters
13. Is Love Enough - Michael Franti & Spearhead
14. Sukanyali - Oumou Sangare
15. So it Goes - Nick Lowe
16. A seated night - Moby
17. Come Together - Primal Scream
18. Acupulco Sunrise - Santana
19. Non-Phytagorean Compisition 3 - The Apples in Stereo
20. Coral Blue - William Aura

I sent this to a dozen friends and family members and the feedback it good!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

a double dose of DJ Trish

Not only will I be at the Beach House Thursday night but I will also be groovin' the Scene Friday night at Movie night too.Put on your Dancing shoes and get ready for 2 nights of fun!
Many Thank yous to Eric and the Beach house gang!Im stoked!!
In other music news I mailed out some mixes to many cousin this past week so they don't feel neglected.
I'll bet they read these blog askin' well cuz wheres my Mix?Ah the price of being a mixmaker and DJ!Oh but I love it all I assure you that!

Monday, July 18, 2011

DJ Trish Update July 2011

This Thurday July 21 I'll be spinning tunes at The Beach House from &pm Till 9 or later if the fans want more!
DJ Trish and The Sherman Brother will once again be entertaining the crowd at the Bay Head Fire Company Clambake AUGUST 20TH FROM 12 NOON TILL 5PM!

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Ive probably blogged about this before and if I did please excuse the rehash.
I've heard folks say no one makes mixtapes anymore.OK well its true and its not.Huh?
People still make mixtapes but now they are actually CDs but some still call them mixtapes.
Im told folks made mixtapes as far back as the 1960s but it really took off in the 1980s with the advent of the dual Cassette player.
There are even groups of us who still enjoy it.Young and not so young.
Want proof
here are 2 sites that will put your doubts to rest
there are more but these are the top of my list.
To find more just google mix tape exchange or mix CD exchange
Its fun!

Friday, July 15, 2011

remembering myspace

Every now and them I wonder what my lost contacts on myspace are doing.There were pluses and minusses to myspace and Id never thought I would say this but Im like facebook better now.Everyone on facebook is someone I actually know.If I hit like on a band or event I dont get advertisements or prototions and no responces to a blog I posted.
There were some cool folks though and I have reconnected with a handful of lost contacts who,like me love making mixes and we still trade.
There were some wierdos too!
I had Moby as a friend and there was this women who wrote him Poetry that was something an eighth grade girl would write.She was truly obsessed with him but swore it was pure love.
I also had a DJ from London as a friend and we corresponded.
Then there was this club from Seaside that would send me advertisements every day ,even after I asked them not too!
I discovered The international mixtrade project through myspace.
My friens Al and Aimmee who I found on myspace still trade with me.
I dont know what got me reminiscing about my myspace days.
From what I hear Myspace isnt as popular as it was was.
Everyone and their mother is on facebook now.

back to power walking

The other day I went back to the Doctor to have my blood pressure checked again.Its still the same.He said to cut back on the salt and excercise more and yes if it doesnt inprove next month I'll need to go on meds to lower it.
Yesterday after work I showered,had dinner and went for a walk.
Same thing tonight except I charged up my ipod.I forget how much music motivates me to walk faster.even the melodic world music keeps me going.
Towards the end of my walk came a upbeat Santana song that made me want to keep going but the sun was setting and In not really a fan of walking at night.Especially in the summer when traffic is unpredictable.
Yesterday I really felt how out of shape I was when the back of my legs were hurting as if to say "Damn girl you are out of shape"
Today it wasnt so bad..well maybe it was but perhaps the music helped me keep on going.
Perhaps a walking mix is in order soon.I still have a discman that works!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

more cool websites to check out

Hey folks
If your a music duh all of you are heres a few cool websites to check out.DJs and mixtapers will enjoy it too

I think That covers it.Remember patronize your local music shops and support your local economy.check out your local Bands and DJs!
ALWAYS download LEGALLY!!DO NOT support Illegal sites.Your will get a fine and also a Virus or trogan, most likely!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

motion Granted

Tonight I listened to a radio show online called Motion Granted by a man named Martin.He's a new member of my mix exchange group.Before his show there was also a show featuring reggae. is an education for your ears and a treat to your feet
Check it out!

We all have the Power

God Above gave us all a talent
Use yours
to make this world a
better place
put a smile on someones face
Change the world for the better
put thoughts of war and violance in the shredder
Help make gangs a things of the past
Work for peace and make it last!

Monday, July 11, 2011

new frig!

The day started out hot and humid with a west wind.My cold bottled water would be luke warm by afternoon.The thought I having a freezer that worked again brightened my spirits and right before lunch the wind shifted giving us a delightfull breeze from the ocean
I survived the day and kept hydrated.My kidneys would charge me overtime if they could.
On the way home I wondered what would await me.If the frig wasnt there yet I planned on pizza or a sub.
As I rounded the bend on Southeast,there in my driveway was a deliver truck.I bald heavy man walked out of my house.He looked like a guy you wouldn't dare piss off in a bar or on the street.I said hello to him and he seemed nice.
There in the back of the truck was my old frig.Goodbye old friend.In the kitchen was another man installing the new frig.
Its a black whirlpool.Im used to white but hey If it works who careds about the color!I'll get used to it!
After the men left I went about the business of cleaning up and fulling up the ice trays and putting them in the freezer.
Then I went upstairs and took a shower.Nancy was waiting all day for the deliver so there was nothing in my frig because she didnt get to the store.
I got a ham and cheese sub and turned on some tunes.A glass of wine was surely in order.
The other night I put a few CDs on hold including Tame Impala,Afro Celt Sound System,a Brazillian music comp and the new Paul Simon CD.
I deleted a few songs I havent used in a while the other night so a have some room in my itunes for a few new songs!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

A beauty of a day

Today a woke up at 8:30.The sky was clear blue.After answering natures call the hankering for pancakes hit me.
There was no time to lose.I got dressed, brushed my teeth and headed for Klotzes Kitchen(Formally Kellys Kitchen)The staff is still nice and they're pancakes are still awesome.
Afterwords I went to Butlers Pharmacy and bought some Claritan D.My allergies were driving me nuts.
I came home and dilly dallied on the computer and then pulled my DJ gear out of the closet into the hallway ready for pick up.
Chip arrived right on time and we arrived a little early but there was a little confusion about where I was going to be located but when We finally figured it out all went well.Chip picked me up at 5:30 and Joyce came along for the ride and Im glad she did because I remembered to give her a very late christmas present.It was a DVD of Kimba the White Lion,A cartoon we both loved as kids.
After they left I had a stuffed chicken and hopped yet again on my bike to See a surf art Display run by Curry Wagner at the beach house.
Actually The company Curry works for sponsored it and He was the represetative.
I headed home before dark because I didt have the light on my bike yet.
Im getting a new refrigaror/freezer because mine is dead.
Last year it was the air condionioner this year the frig.Never a dull moment!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Rumble rumble..false alarm!

My day off and my game plan went well..kinda!
My first stop on my list was Cafe De Paont.A large coffee and a blueberry muffin.Deee-lish!Brea and her partner are so nice.a Gentleman went up to order a spot of cofee and did and english accent.I ask him if he was getting a shubbery too.He laughed.He started talking about Monty Pythons holy grail.
The next stop was Special T Graphics where a long overdue visit took place.I gave her a small bag of can tabs for the happy tabs can!
My visit was short due to the darkening sky.
As I was leaving Nancy called.I told her where I was and that I was heading home.My plan to go for pizza was cancelled and I pedeled as fast as I could.
I got home and nothing came of the storm.False Alarm!I pedelled pretty fast too, dammit!
When I check my email my fellow mixmaker Larry sent me an email saying his snail mail got stolen while he was away.The theives most likely took the envelope of mixes I sent him too.
Pardon my french but the theiving rat bastards most likely have the mixes I sent him and are rockin' out damn them!
he gave me a P.O box to send new ones to.I hope the theives get cought.I hope they spend many years in jail and get whats coming to them.scuse the rant but it makes me made when stuff like that happens.Whats with some people?

Monday, July 4, 2011

great gatherings

This weekend my Cousin Donna visited with her 2 children Keith and Sara.It was awesome.Keith was so great with his new cousins.He was like the big brother.His calm and Patience amazed me.Sara and Amber took to each other too!Any water that got splashed out of the pool Saturday was replaced Sunday by Rain!
The first Beach Sunday at Joyce and Chips went well despite the rain.Seeing and talking to folks I haven't seens in months was great and I got a chance to give out 9 copies of American Pride 2011.
TonightMy friend Pat from across the lagoon came over and invited me for drinks at her place.We also saw some cool fireworks.
The weather was not perfect but it still turned out to be a great weekend in other ways.
I saw lots a great friends at the beach and spend a fine time with my great family!

Friday, July 1, 2011


This is my opinion and just that my opinion
Last year All we heard on the news is how broke New Jersey was.We had to cut Teachers,State workers and even out emergency services.
During the swine flew crises though there was some money to make 8X10 glossy posters with a doctors picture on the front instructing you how to lessen or prevent the risk of getting the swine flu.Hundreds of these were posted in school hallways,restaurants and other public places.
Where did the money for that come from?
we Moan and groan about the state of the state,or country or world but are our Priorities messed up?If you want your kids to have a good education shouldn't they have good teachers?
If you want a safe town,city and state shouldn't you have good dedicated police officers?
Our Public workers are vital too!they are the guys who plow out roads at 11pm at night after a day of snow,etc
OK I feel better now!