Sunday, October 30, 2011

questions,wandering and idle chatter

The other night I came across a box of old tapes.There was one I remember making after my fiancee and I broke up.I didnt call it a break up mix but saw the date it was made and know what was going on then.I rembember that pain I felt.Music was the only and best way I knew to get on with life.
So why do people make break up mixes?I can see hook up mixes,yep did that.Im head over heals in love,yep did one of those too but break up mixes?Something to remember the bad s--t?the pain?
I was thinking of a new halloween mix but never got to it.Im calmy awaiting my order to start a November mix.
Progres on my christmas mixes is coming along.Made about 35 so far.
The mixes for our school Bazaar are made and rubber banded together and labeled.
I wanted to get more jewel cases today but my head was killin' me.this darn head cold is hangin' on.I took good old bare aspirin to help and it did.I also took a big nap!
last night I did 2 Jello shots at a friend halloween party and sure that contributed to my slugish feeling today but I blame myself and only myself!
OK so back on the wagon for another week girl!NO MORE Jello shots!..till Christmas!Im kidding!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

check it out!

Hi folks
I have a few member in our follower family.If you like cool fun art please feel free to visit
Josh is a friend of my cousin Steve.He also a talented artist.
Have a great weekend.Stay dry.

Friday, October 28, 2011

sounds from the past inspiration for the future

Im Patiantly waiting for my order to come and don't want to start work on a new mix till I get it.I feel like a dog chained to a tree when I see a cat.I waana go for it but theres something holding me back.Yes Ive started on my christmas mix and its going well.I wanna start another new mix.I was looking in one of my old CD carring cases.I found a mix I made in 2005.I thought you might like to take a peek.
JUNE 2005

1. song for life - The Waterboys
2. The Nile - Santana
3. Mystery Babylon - Peter Tosh
4. Place in this world - Michael W Smith
5. Kings and Queens - Aerosmith
6. The X-Files Theme - The Dust Brothers
7. Pata Pata - Mariam Makeba
8. Boplicity - Miles Davis & his Orchestra
9. Diggy Liggy Lo - Guy & Ralna
10. Traffic Jam - James Tayla
11. Send one your love - Sting
12. The Halllujah Chorus - The Roaches
13. Isrealites - Desmond Dekker
14. Run for the road - Atlantik
15. Good Time - Ziggy Marley
16. Lieberstaum - Spike Jones
17. Doghouse Polka - Babe Wagner
18. The windmills of your mind - Henry Mancini
19. Coo coo u - The Kingston Trio
20. Bosco Stomp - Alli Young,Bessyl Duhun & Rodney Belfa

This mix was made on Musicmatch which got bought by yahoo and I think is now part of yahoo music or something like that
you welcome to correct me if Im wrong!

Baby its kinda chilly outside!

Today I woke up to a very chilly room.
Each year I try to wait till November 1st to turn on the heat.Tonight I had too.I didnt like shivering while I was drinking my wine and listening to good music.I think I turned on the heat on ealier last year.I even turned on the heat in the car today.Goodbye shorts,hello gloves!Old man winter may make another early return this year.Oh frack!
Time to find my gloves and snow boots.doh!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Feel the Groove

Tonight I listened to Tame Impals CD innerspeaker.
They have great Giutar Rock rhythem that will get you dancing.Theres a 60s psychedelic influence in their vocals.The Beatles influence is evident.
A thumbs up from me!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

In this life

Today there was an assembly about bullying.I didn't attend it but I was packing up the lunch crate and heard some of what the woman was talking about.
Theres are several types of bullying
Theres verbal bullying and physical bullying.
In school I was a victim of verbal bullying.Mostly name calling.
It was mostly kids calling me stuff like reject and retard because they know I was in a Special ed class.
Being in a special Ed class doesn't mean your retarded.It just means you having a harder time learning somethings or your learning process isnt at the same level as the other kids.I think folks should know that.
We tend to base peoples social status on knowledge,income,where they live,race,etc
We should just stop all that BS and treat each other with love and respect.
Instead of putting someone down we should lift each other up.
Today I told asked a young student how he was doing and told him I was proud of him.Sadly some kids don't hear that enough.they get told when they don't do what they should but they don't hear "you did well" or "Im proud of you" enough.
Good old reality TV is no help either Shows Like basketball wives where all they do is argue and fight and The Jersey shore where they party, and sleep with each other is not not a good influence.
Oh but what do I know?I grew up in the 60 and 70s but as far as quality entertainment goes Paul Simon said it best.I was born at the right time!
OK now if you have kids go give them a hug and tell them how much you love them!

Monday, October 24, 2011

why this time of the year is tough for me

This year October was bearable for me.The many cards and gifts and outpouring of love from Family and friends helped me ease into the big 5 0!
There are a few folks I think of this time of year simply because I miss them like crazy.My parents!Oh but I know they are watching from heaven.
My friend Tom Hall!He would take me to the Stone Pony or the Saint for a show.He didnt drink but he didnt mind if I had one.He was so cool that way.In return I didn't complain about his smoking.It didn't bother me.I've been around smokers all my life!
My little Joy!My faithful companion for 13 years.She died in early november right in front of me.Poor Dog had an enlarged heart.oh there are others but those are the ones that immediatly come to mind this time of year.
Sometimes when I see a dark blue pick up truck that looks like his I think Tom?
OK now some lighter stuff.I started reading the book soul surfer.Yes I know Im supposed to read the book and then see the movie but I got the movie from the library for 2 days so I had to watch it asap.My fines were up to $13.00 and I paid up a few bucks so the library mafia wouldn't hunt me!
OK back to cleaning my room!
looking forward to November..I think!

warm days,chilly nights

Today was a typical busy Monday at work.I got it all though.When I came home I went about my usually duty of letting Bayou out.The warm sun was so nice that it was so tempting to just sit back and relax and bag my game plan for the afternoon.the better judgement won over.
arrr, making good choices!
After letting Bayou back in and giving her a biscuit, I check my email ,got changed and headed out.
I went to mail out a few mixes.Wow it feels good doing that again!Then I went to make copies of the cool Grooves newsletter I send out to members of the mix exchange and a few other folks expressing interest in getting a copy.I made 30.I gave one to Ocean County music,One to Atomic CDs and one to The Longboard Grill.
Upon arriving home there was a truck in the had some sort of trailer on it.Theres was Matt,Dans Dad and Tom his best friend unloading firewood from the trailer to the rack.
It brought back memories of a of years ago coming home from a crazy day at work and seeing a pile of firewood the the middle of the driveway on a 20 degree day in Febuary and there was snow on the ground.I remember it also being the day I got my first mix from IMP!
This year I won't be coming home to a giant pile of wood in my driveway.Now I need to make sure I dont back into it on a snowy ice day in febuary!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

suprise pic

Me walking into the faculty roon after my mock review!
Photo by Carrie Meyer

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Memory Lane 1

Well folks here its is..Memory latest oldies mix.


1. Queen of the hop - Bobby Darin
2. it's so easy - Buddy Holly & the Crickets
3. Matchbox - Carl Perkins
4. Humming Bird - The Chordettes
5. Bits and Pieces - The Dave Clark Five
6. Bristol Stomp - The Dovells
7. You,me and the sea - The Flamingoes
8. Quarter to three - Gary U.S Bonds
9. I got Rhythem - The Happenings
10. The Lonely Surfer - Jack Nitsche
11. What time is it - The jive Five
12. Get Rhythem - Johnny Cash
13. Tired of waiting for you - The Kinks
14. California Nights - Lesley Gore
15. Snowbird - Anne Murrey
16. Suavecito - Malo
17. Those were the days - Mary Hopkin
18. The glow worm - The Mills Brothers
19. These boots are made for walkin'- Nancy Sinatra
20. Crazy - Patsy Cline
21. Only You - The Platters
22. Smokey Joes Cafe - The Robins
23. I shall Sing - Art Garfunkel
24. Hey Bulldog - The Beatles

the non political fun blog

Alright.time to take a break from talking about politics and all the other stuff everyone else is talking about.
I woke up with a little head cold but that my own fault.Ive been staying up too late on the computer.Burning playlists and creating a new one.
I got a new mix from my friend George for my birthday and one from my other friend Larry today.
I also got a Visa gift card from my family.I keep trying to convince myself I don't need any more CD but of course inspiration hit me like a ton of bricks one night and I ordered a few CDs from!
Next spring I must go through some CDs and see which ones I REALLY don't want anymore and sell them at a garage sale or something.I dont want to become a music hoarder and end up on A&E reality tv.Ahh!
I made a 2 part mix called memory lane that I'll post soon!
stay tunes and keep the home fires burning!

Friday, October 21, 2011

music news and mix club exchange update

I have resumed work on my Christmas mixes.I hope to get one out to each person that showed interest in previous years and of course family and friends.last year I think made 140 and this year may hit 150 or 160.Ill crank out a few each day.this years mix is kinda jazzy to set the mood for mellowness and hanging by the fire sipping on hot cocoa.mmm!A few Shop owners in town will be graced with them too and of course the holly Jolly coworkers at BHS. Tis the season to be groovin'!
We are up to 26 members!Im stoked about that!
this month there is no set them but November will have a theme.Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate.
All member will be asked to send out holiday mixes to all your fave mixers.Save those Pennies now.
Postage rates going up?Gas prices coming down?
With the elimination of Gaddafi or Qaddafi however ya spell it I read that it may cause gas prices to go down.I also read postage prices may go the many I save on gave I'll use to mail out mixes?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

another evil man gone!

at lunch time I saw the news on the boiler room TV that Moamor Khadafi was killed!Libyans seemed to be cheering in the backround waving the Libyan flag like we were waving our flag when Bin Laden was killed.
2 big fishes,evil fishes killed in one year!The world is a little safer now and hopefully it sents a message to other terrorists to stop their evil ways.
Peace is the better route to go.
The politcal debates are starting and the mud slinging will get heavy real soon and the campain signs are popping up on lawns like Dandilions.
oh sugar honey ice tea here we go!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

a day of rain

Plans for a bikeride were scratched today because it was a day of rain.It rained hard en route to work so a tighter grip on the wheel was warrented because it can get hairy if you stop too fast and skid about.ya never know.
I guess after I did some bikeriding yesterday I guess today im due for a lazy day..after work that is.Today was sorta busy at work and after I type this lil blog its power nap time.
Today I picked up the soundtrack to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at the library.
Does anyone remember that movie from the early 70s?
I rememberseeing it at the Lorrain theater in Bay Head which now is the shopper wharf.It was about a widowed man and his 2 Children.He invented a car that could heck google it man!
I also remember folks would fish and crab behind the lorrain theater but after it became the shopper wharf thay gated it off.I remember catching an eeel but I let it go.One time I remember trying to pick up a little crab and he got a hold of my finger.oh what a grip he had.
alrighty enough idle chatter and memories.its nap time!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What does one do without the computer?

OK so you may askyourself what does one do without the computer?OK those who know me know I love to make mixes.
For a mixmaker like me its was like being stuck in traffic during rush hour.
Playlists were in my head but there was no way to let em loose creatively.
Lately I've been listening to a classic rock station called the hawk.It wakes me up in the morning and I often hear a song and think Dang I wanna put that on my next mix.
I listened to some one my earlier mixes and come across of few made for me by others.
Before Zero and IMP I was in a mix club called Procrastination Dance Party
I made a mix for everyone in the group and mail them to the leader of was bi monthly and I wasn'nt in it to long before it desolved.I made a few friends but they either got a new email or moved and we never reconnected
I cought up on some sleep.There were nights when theres was not much good on TV,no wine in the house so what the heck,go to bed.
I did watch a good DVD though
and heres a review
SOUL SURFER(movie review)
A young Female Surfer Bethany Hamilton was becoming known in surfing compitions at the tener age of 14.One day she was out surfing with her friends when she was attacked by a tiger shark.
Months later she was back in the water sufing in a compitition and was badly beaton.
Thinking she had lost her edge she gave it up until she was helping encourage a little boy go in the water while she was with here church mission group.The little boys courage helped her regain her courage to give surfing another try.
With the help and love of family and friends Bethany got physically in shape and returned to surfing.She also made friends with a rival surfer.
This is a great movie to the whole family to see.
2 thumbs up!

the week without internet

Last Monday..or was it Sunday the Phantom returned and with a vengeance.I got around to getting the tower to the shop on Wednesday after the computer totally froze Monday night.I tried everything but the cursor didn't move
A little voice in my head told me to take it in and so I did.
Thursday I was all ready to shoot out and email and walked into my room and reminded it was in the shop when I saw the tower missing.
Thursday night I watched The movie Soul Surfer.Its the story of Bethany Hamilton.A young up and coming surfer who lost her arm to a shark attack.a full review to follow in the days to come.stay tuned!
Friday was an early and busy day at work.
I come to work at 9am on Fridays.I hit the ground running.Copies to be made,notices to be counted,etc etc.Oh i'm not complaining,just stating the facts.
At around 10:30 Jill gave me a note saying see Mr Therien at 11:20.Hmm a special assignment or something else?I didn't dwell on it but was curious.
at 11:15 I entered the office.Jill told me it was a review.Huh?I thought!
the yellow flag in my mind went up.
When I wal;ked in Mr T was sitting at his desk.we started talking about paper usage and why we are using as much as we are.He asked me where its being used the most.I had no clue.He then took at post it note and wrote
"Wheres the paper going?"the Boss
OK now take this down to the teachers room and have then read it.OK I responded obediently.
Walking down to the teachers room I ad libbed a Peggy Lee song in my head
is that all there is to a review?
The teachers room door was closed and when I opened it they were all gather around on one side of the room.SURPRISE!Yep got me!I surprise birthday lunch.You Guys!A big sub and soda and yes of course cake.
10 minutes later The Man came in.I wagged my finger at him Ohh you got me boss,You REALLY got me.That the only time I will get away with wagging my finger at the boss i'm sure..oh it was in pointer NOT in 3rd finger I assure you!My third finger in reserved for folks who deserve it.
After lunch it was back to business.
upon returning home I got a message say the computer was ready but I was pooped,so I called back to say I'd pick it up Monday.
Saturday I DJ-ed at a cocktail Party at the Johnson brothers Boat Museum for a cocktail party for BHS Parents.
Mr Curtis was the bartender.I played all mellow tunes and as the evening was drawing to a close I picked up the pace a tad.Frank and Cathy were my roadies.
I received positive feedback from many and hope to DJ the gala again next year.
A special shout out to Mr O'Brien who runs the museum.That's a beautiful place.
Sunday we had Family over for a belated birthday party.My cousin Cathy reminded me it was a work night and to go easy on the wine.I listened.
so here I am back in action.

Im baaaack!

Thanks to God for his Love and giving me patience over a week without internet.
Also a big Thanks to APV electronics in Point Pleasant for their fast and friendly service!
My computer was infected with a few viruses and Malware that got through the Defenses of AVG.
Last week I celebrated the big 50!Family and friends showered me with phone calls and happy Birthday via facebook.
I even got a call from my brother.All the love and bday greetings reminbded me off all the fine folks im surrounded with and helped me put the lack of internet blues on the back burner.
theres so much to catch up on.I have 2 reviews to post but now to catch up on a dozen emails and reply to facebook greeting.
I'll be back..

Thursday, October 13, 2011

the ghost returns

The phamtom of the computer returned.I brought the computer to the shop.I hope to have it back next week at the latest.
More on this story and more on my next blog!Please pardon the political pant of my previous blog.I was possessed by Richard Nixon that night...or was it Ronald Reagan?

Saturday, October 8, 2011

whos really at fault

I hear people blaming Obama for the nations problems.He may be the president but hes not Harry Potter.
Lets start off with health
OK we are being forced to beleive that homosexuality and gay Marriage is OK and normal and should be accepted as such.
Aids is still out there!HIV and other STDs are still rampid.Teenage pregnancy is still around!Premarantal and extramarital sex is still happening.Obama can't stop it it.Congress can't stop it.Not even the armed forces can stop it.
Many folks are living beyond their means and then they want the Banks and the government to come bail them out so they can start all over again.
WE the people are our own enemy.we screw around,sleep around ,get high,etc and blame it on the world when we are the ones to blame.
Before we go fixing the problems of the rest of the world we gotta as Nat King Cole would say Straighten and fly right ourselves.
I remember years ago hearing about addicts getting clean needles to prevent aids.If you give an addict a clean needle he will keep using drugs.
the money that was used to make those needles could go towards getting addicts off drugs and into a rehab.
Heres another idea.Instead of taking hard working people out of a job to do jury duty they should have folks who are NOT working IN jury duty.
More money should go toward vo-tech schools where Kids do go to learn a skill and find out what they want to do with they're life and find an honest job.
OK just a few ideas running threw my head and a few opinions.

Friday, October 7, 2011

I got da box

OK so I got the box on the downstairs TV and Thought it was connected to the upstars TV some how.WRONG!
So If I have any taping to do it will be on the downstairs TV and then I'll find someone to put it on dvd for me.
Omnday marks the big 50!yeeep!
perhaps if i know someone very dependable to do some DVD recording for me I can give them a few bucks for their efforts or maybe a bottle of wine or a 12 pack of beer.
its the wild factor Baby!yeeeep!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

No upper Channels grr

Last night I had a burger at Marlins with my friends Sally and Pat from the library.Being it was a work night I was a good girl and had a soda.Its a good thing Soda was my drink of choice because someone else from work saw me there so of course I had to tell my story and when it came time to tell his story he clammed up. I rarely go out on weeknights anymore but when I do get a chance I jump on it.This was a rare occasion indeed.
If there are rumors flying about the school I can
set it straight in a jiffy.
Upon arriving home I find out shortly after that our Dryer is on the blink.Tonight I find out the 2 channels I watch the most are gone and I need the box.I wonder if its that way with the downstairs TV too.
Wednes nights won't be the same without hearing Dave Hessner of Storage wars saying yeeep!
I may have a brief relapse in my you tube addiction.Yeeep!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

One song

It Takes one song
To calm your Soul
To Move your feet
Rock & Roll
It takes one song
My dear
To produce a smile
Ear To Ear
Let the music
left you from your seat
to your feet
Dance away dance away
all the worries of the day
The one song
Takes all the bad feelings of the day
Listen to the one song today
Original Poem by DJ Trish

Monday, October 3, 2011

after sunset

I was going to rebuilt a jazz playlist but this latest jazz mix took on a life of its own.What is about October that gets me in a jazzy mood?I geuss its the time of year where everyone takes time to relax after a busy crazy summer and we try to relax before the next wave of busyness starts.
OK so heres a mixto entertain guests with at cocktail hour,listen to after a busy day at works or guys this is a nice little soundtrack to get your girlfriend or wife in a romantic mood.
1. More - Bobby Darin
2. Soul Sauce - Cal Tjader
3. Shine on, Harvest Moon - Count Basie
4. Montevideo - Dick Haymes with Harry James & His Orch.
5. Question Mark - Esquivel
6. Baubles, Bangles and Beads - Frank Sinatra
7. Moon River - Henry Mancini
8. Fascination - Jane Morgan
9. Stardust - The Les Paul Trio
10. The mystics dream - Loreena McKennett
11. Boplicity - Miles Davis
12. Is that all there is - Peggy Lee
13. Calcadao de Copacabana - Richard Bona
14. Shulie Bop - Sarah Vaughn
15. So Many Stars - Sergio Mendes & Brasill 66
16. Zabadoobeedi (yabadoobeeda) - Stanley Clark
17. Subtle Rebuttle - Thad Jones
18. Autumn Leaves - Zoroli Winterstein Ensemble
19. Bali Ha'i - Tak Shindo
20. La Valse d Amelie - Yann Tierson
21. Dark Eyes (Ojos Negros) - Xavier Cugat
22. Turn of the tide - Yanni

Photography by George Waldrop
Used by Permission

Sunday, October 2, 2011

shimmy and shake

What a weekend.
It started yesterday at 7am.I got up.very slowly I might add.I sat on the edge of the bed for what seemed like 15 minute and all of the sudden it was 7:20.I got dressed and wore my blue BHS t shirt.Being I pull my gear out in the hall all I had to do was haul it out to the car.The bag with the cables and the console went first and I put in in the front seat,Patrick and Ed came out and before I knew it my speakers were in the back seat.I hauled out CD case.I then Closed the doors,locked up the house and off I went.
Traffic wasn't bad.When I pull in the parking lot was pretty full but I did find a close by parking spot.
It was a little chilly so I put on my BHIA staff jacket.I saw many familiar folks including my boss and his wife and then I went to Mueller's Bakery for a large coffee and Blueberry Muffin.I even got an empty seat!
Mr and Mrs Dalton came in for their round of coffee i'm sure.Andi's flowers and gifts is now where Mark Fore & Strike was for 30 + years.Im glad she bought it.It looks great inside.
At about 9am I went out the Business of setting up my gear.Brian Potter help.Thank you Brian!Folks didn't stick around like they usually do but I got lots of good feedback.I played till about 11:15 and then was told to shut it off.I guess they wanted to wrap things up.Many folks were there till 6:30 so I was told.
When I got home Patrick emerged ready to help!He did a good job!
I took a little breather when everything was squared away and then headed out on my bike.Central Market was having a cooking contest so I went over to see what was going on.That too was wrapping up.Mr Curtis was the winner.
They were making burgers so i bought a burger and Pepsi and it was pretty good.I also made a quick stop at The Beach House.There was a dodge ball tournament a few days earlier and they won it.
My next stop was The Nicholas's but George had work to do so He could chat but told be to come back around 4 and join him in a beer.
I went to Borden's and bought a 25 pack of CDrs and then walked around Arnold Ave for a bit.
On the way back to Georges I stopped at A&P liquors and bought a 6pack of Coors.Beth's mom was there for the weekend so I invited her to join us.She did and we say and had a nice chat.
George still had things he wanted to get done before Beth came home so off I went.
The days events suddenly crept up on me so I took a little nap!
Later I had dinner and chatted with Laurie and Ed and had a few beers with them.Then I check my email and went to bed.
Today I slept in.I went to meet the Rockin Joes group and had a large coffee and a Bagel with creme cheese.The stomach wasn't feeling 100%.Hmm perhaps a little effects from the drinking I thought.
From there I went to the car cruise and hung out with my friend DJ Tommy Lynch!That's always fun.
Afterwards I went to see Eloise at thoughtful treasure but they were closing up so I dint get in.
My stomach was still iffy so I went home for yes,another nap!
All in all It was a pretty good weekend.A little Chilly but still good!
Special Shout outs to my guest roadies Ed and Brian and a my junior Roadie Patrick!