Friday, May 30, 2014

Cool June Events

Hi folks
looking for cool things to do this june
Its starts off with
The Beach House board swap Sunday at 9am. Even if your not a surfer go check it out and stock  up on beach supplies.chirs,cloths,etc etc!
Eric and the Beach house crew are a nice bunch! Ill be there with my camera hoping to get some interviews!
 On Tuesday June 3rd there will be a classic car show on Arnold ave in Point Pleasant Beach with Entertainment from Ed Austin and DJ Tommy Lynch! It Goes from 5pm to 9pm!
 Saturday is Bay Head Schools Annual Davy Jones day at BHS!
There will be games, firetruck rides, food, and Music by DJ Trish!
That runs from 11am till 2pm!
 we're off the a fun summer at the Jersey shore.Yay!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial day weekend 2014

Memorial day weekend started out kinda rainy and dismal but I didn't let that get me down. Heck no,I made a new mix!

Yesterday ( Sunday was much better.I took this photos of our garden that Nancy does great work on!

 not everyone is sitting at the tiki bar listening is bands play and drinkin,Here Frank and Cathy Alechko are dedicating a few hours  too playground game art for the kids. SWEET!

 The weekend came to a close with this beautiful sunset I was lucky enough to capture!
  summer is here folks!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A great day for me and my camera

When I go out on my afternoon bike rides I bring my camera to take pictures if there's something cool to take a picture of.
 Well yesterday I was taking a ride down Bay Ave in Point Pleasant and what did I see? It was a guy on a horse! I'd say he was in his 60s and on a beautiful brown horse. He was right outside a real estate agency and on his horse chatting with two young woman. I tried to contain the excited photographer in me as I pulled out my camera! I took two shots.

I didn't hang out long because Borden's stationary was closing in a half hour so I kept it moving!
  So When I got to Borden's I got a back of CD jewel cases and spoted this T Rex blow up figure and on the saw out spotted a pot of beautiful flowers.

OK this doesn't top the man on a horsing sighting but all in all it was a very good day of photography!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

more may Pics

  Yesterday I saw these ducks sleeping on someone's front lawn. I triend to get off my bike very qietly and take a picture but they woke up. They didn't fly away and I spoke softly and told them I wasn't going to hurt them. I slowly pulled out my camera and took some pictures. Mllards are beautiful ducks!

 Not only were the ducks a beautiful sight but last nights sunset was wonderful too!
Here a shot I took of a flower my sister recently planted!
Heres a picture of a nest full of baby Rins my friends George took!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Cool stuff in June

Hi Folks
with summer arriving we can finally shake off the winter blues and get out and have some fun!
June 1st the Beach house will be having their annual spring board swap!

June 7th Bay Head School will be having their annual Davy Jones day with water slides, food, fire truck rides and music by DJ Trish!
come Dance, eat and have a great day of fun!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

new additions to the collection

today it was a busy and beautiful day at BHS.
Upon arriving home I got a happy Package in the mail. I don't get many packages in the mail these days but that's OK. When I do Its brings a smiles to my face, especially if I'm not expecting it.
 I guess that's why I enjoy sending folks mixes. I know ..or hope it will brighten their day and its fun!
 Well here's from I received today from a fellow music lover on youtube!

I listened to the Bongo Land CD and love it.Reviews on Samite will come soon!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Oh what a Beautiful day

 Tonight As I was sitting at my computer I saw the glow of the sunset. My sure when the neighbors see the sunsets I bet the wonder" I wonders if Trish is going to take a shot of this." I'm sure they're answer comes as they see me charging out the door with camera in hand!

one of my new additions to my music collection was inspired my a fellow music enthusiast on youtube!
Lindsay aka The Blank Paiges  dropped the needle on this in a video and I love it.
This originally came out in the early 70s. The band is made up of former gang members who qgave up the gang life and turned to music. They play Latin Rock and this is a awesome CD. Thank you Lindsay!
2 thumbs up!

Ianother awesome blast from the past! This is a great collection of hits of there year and there are a few I have not heard in years. There are even a few tracks that I never heard!
@ thumbs way up!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

feeling the Love

This past weekend I lost a few subscribers on YouTube. Was it because I was putting up too many videos? I did a state of the channel video saying I was stepping away for a while. I got a fair amount of responses telling me to keep on doing what I'm doing! My stepping away lasted 24 hours lol. Ill still slow down on the posting though.
   My creative side did churn out a new mix though. I wanted to go for a summer fun vibe! The result was " Everybody Loves The Sunshine" its the title of a Roy Ayers song too!

As The sun was about to set tonight I ran out with my camera and got 2 nice photos!

Heres are other pics I did today too!

the ;ast one is an unplanned selfie that's why its a bad shot!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

more cool music pick ups and reviews!

Last week I bought two CDs
This Reggae and Ska CD is awesome. Its a great 3 CD compilation full of great artists like Bob Marley ,UB 40, The Specials, Madness, Culture and Peter Tosh just to name a few.
2 thumbs up baby!

OK so if you are still in the world music vibe heres another great compilation.
Brazillian Jazz from Verve you just can't go wrong!

so where did I get these you ask?

there are a great source for online CD purchases of any music or DVD purchase.
2 thums up from me!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

another fun day of photography

   Wow! there are days qhen I think this picture is OK but it could have been better but today it was spot on baby!

Friday, May 2, 2014

first car show of 2014!

Today I went to my forst car show of the year!Im not a huge car buff but theres so much cool history bwhind them and this one was small so the people were nice!
theres a 2 part video on my youtube page
I welcome you to check it out!