Saturday, December 31, 2011

Smile for the camera baby!

Now that I have a digital Camera I can post my own pictures and videos. Heres the from of a menu from Longboard grill
This Pictures is of My Beach badge checking post.This Pictures was taken my our head lifeguard Chris Li Standby for more fun pictures

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

treasures of the past

The other night I was going through a box of tapes and found a mixtape I gave dad in 1999.I'm guessing it was a birthday present. Its a bunch of swing and pop hits of the 40s and 50s.I'm guessing The source was CDs.they sound clear.OK so I'll share with you the track listing DAD"99" Side A Rag Mop - The Ames Brothers Wheres The Music - Duke Ellington Walking in the Sunshine - Ella Fitzgerald Nice Work if you can get it - Thelonious Monk Minnie The Moocher - Cab Calloway Bird of Paradise - Charlie Parker Satin Doll - Duke Ellington Cherry Pink & Apple Blossom white - Perez Prado Melodie D'amore - The Ames Brothers Catch a Falling Star - Perry Como Jitterbug Waltz - Vince Guaraldi Java Jive - The Ink Spots Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy - The Andrew sisters Side B Medley:Everybodys Alright/Coma Odar Solar Rolar - The Carribean Steel Orchestra Evenin - Cab Calloway Azure - Duke Ellington Swing High Swing Low - The Ink Spots On Green Dolphin Street - Vince Guaraldi Rum and Coca Cola - The Andrew Sisters Frenesi - Artie Shaw There Are Such Things - Tommy Dorsey You'd Be So Nice To Come Home to - Dinah Shore Be My Love - Mario Lanza Sing Sing Sing(with a swing) - Benny Goodman & His Orchestra Making Dad mixtapes was a fun education for This DJ.It was also fun and got me more into the great Jazz Sound!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Down on Funky Street

Its been some time since I've posted a mix track list.In the hectic days of the pre Christmas rush I some how managed to make a mix! Here's my newest one Down on Funky Street 1. Wake up - Oliver Mtukudzi 2. If Looks Could Kill - Bootsy Collins Feat.Bela Fleck 3. Trouble - Ray Lamontagne 4. Music Moves my Feet - Liam Finn 5. Hello my Darlings - Charlie Drake 6. Dry Bones - Bill Blacks Combo 7. Funky Street - Arthur Conley 8. Come and Get it - Badfinger 9. Soul Shadows - Bill Withers 10. Groovin' - Booker T & The MGs 11. Enie Minie Mo - The Classics 12. The Mountains High - Dick and Dee Dee 13. Gaita Mestra - DJ Tudo & Gente DE Todo Lugar 14. In The Rain - The Dramatics 15. (I wanna) Testify - Parliament 16. My Boomerang Won't come back - Charlie Drake 17. Better to Be - Liam Finn 18. Open the Door to your Heart - Darrell Banks 19. I Wanna (Shall We Dance) - Gizell Dcole & Pilar Montenegro 20. Ohayoo Ohio - Pink Martini 21. Cyberia - Afro Celts
The Picture is of me and Mom at a cousins house around 1990!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Tis the Season to be blogging

Hello everyone Im glad to report my Christmas went well. My niece Amber is happy with the boombox I got her.She Loves the last mix I gave her..oh and How that inspires me to make her more.Oh yeah.DJ Aunt Trish IS IN the house!!!yuuup! I gave Nancy and Dan a Gift certificate to the Forte,a local Restaurant and they were happy and they were happy about that. I gave all the kids a Certificate to The Longboard Grill. On my end i got a digital camera but it didn't come with a memory card and of course the Bank was closed today but later I found $20.00 tucked away in a secret spot.Arr!Tomorrows another day. The Post office was closed today also.Accepting the fact that almost everything was closed I took a ride by Central Market,Hoping for a cup of coffee.wella!they were opened.I got my usual coffee and blueberry Muffin.I also remembered the library was opened so I returned my Christmas CDs!alrighty so the day was not a total loss! Stay tuned folks,I put a few DVDs on hold and will be posting Movie reviews soon!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

flamin' tongue

OK I just couldn't stay away!To much to tell! Yesterday was our staff party at BHS.We had it at monalyssa's. the food was good but theit was hot.I bit into what I thought was a regular green pepper and surprise it was a HOT pepper!My eyes haven't teared that much since Dads funeral.aww dayam!I drank lots of water because my tongue felt like it was on fire.Lesson learned! I was extra careful and avoided the peppers.we laughed a lot and caught up on each others lives. The other day my friend Duke gave me a mix have a few genres on a on!Mine starts out with a few instrumental tunes followed my r&b,world and I finished it off with some country and bluegrass! Track list to be added soon. Frank put me on a CD hunt.Eric Burden and the Animals winds of change.I found it on and ordered it.I myself was on a CD hunt for a song called my boomerang won't come back by Charlie Drake.I found that at with all this hunting and challenges im finding it hard to think of a new mix but will think about that after Christmas. Meanwhile a have a stack of Christmas CDs hear with post it nots on the jewel cases reminding me of which songs I want it my itunes. I'm getting excellent feedback from a few folks who said A Joyful Christmas is my best Christmas mix ever.Next years will be more diverse! I have a few more little gifts to get but being its been a busy crazy couple of days today I'm just Chillin'.I'll do the rewst tomorrow after work. MERRY CHRISTMAS,HAPPY HANUKKAH AND HAPPY KWANZAA AND A HAPPY HEALTHY NEW YEAR EVERYONE. Hows that for political correctness.Eat my dust Newt!

Monday, December 19, 2011

a brief break from blogging?

my friend nikon sniper gave me an idea.after Friday is Christmas break.I might take a short breat from posting blogs 1 so you can get a break from me.Hey how will you miss me if I don't go away? 2 so I can write a more interesting and longer blog when I return. 3 you all can get up to speed on the blogs I've already posted.aha! Oh im a leaving on a blog plane.I don't know when I'll be back again.besides absence make the heart grow fonder. May you All Have a Very Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New year. and when I come back Id love to see you DJ's and mix makers sharing your more of your music adventures! Trish

Sunday, December 18, 2011

The weekend report.

yesterday I cleaned out my bed room closet as much as I could before my lower back said enough.Last night I went to a Christmas party and when I got home I got a happy email from Darryl Asking if I would DJ at his kids Hockey teams Christmas party.Naturally I said yes!He Picked me up.It was a fun night.I started things of with Christmas music and then proceeded with stuff they like.One kid asked me to play some Beatles.How cool is that.I got another request for Bruce Springsteen to be dedicated to a young boys dad!Some kids even got a little conga line going.I also played some 80s and Reggae.It was a fun night,When I got home I had a glass of while and catching up with email and facebook and then a shower and its off to bed. Good night!

Friday, December 16, 2011

beer, pizza and Carey Grant

Tonight my cousin Molly came over for a pizza and beer night.she was showing me her new driod smartphone and we were watching Pink Martini Videos on you tube. Then we watched an old movie called the bishops wife starring Carey Grant. The Beer of the Night was Longtrail IPA. Today the CD player/AM/FM Radio arrived along with the 2 Reggae Christmas CD's I ordered. This weekend plans are more christmas shopping,a Christmas party and getting stamps and mailing out my cards!


during these last of the above freezing days I like to get out on my bike after work but if I do I must do it right after work. Usually when I come home I let the dog out in the backyard and after she comes back in I check email and my facebook page but now that it starts getting dark out at 4:30 I must wait to boot up the computer till after my bike ride. I love my computer but once I get on it I spend at least an hour on it.Guess I gotta do a little time management? in other news I got more Christmas music out of the library and hope to make another Christmas playlist for next year.World music and obscure lesser know stuff will be included.Do you ever go into a music store and realize everyone has a Christmas CD out and they basically all have the same songs on them?Someone write an new Original Christmas song huh?I think the last person who did that was Paul McCartney.Correct me if Im wrong.Oh maybe its because Paul Holds a special place in my heart. The other day I had a small cavity filled and I wasn't scared or nervous at all butt why is it all have a hard grip on the armrest when he's drilling? So today I mailed out the last of my Christmas mixes to be mail.Gee that feels good! I also got Nancy and Dan's gift.I hope to put a serious dent in the Christ shopping his weekend and mail my cards out.Compared to other years im behind schedule this year.Time just flying. My friend Alicia believes the earth is revolving faster!Hmm perhaps shes right.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How many days till Christmas

Holy !@#$ Im usually on top of the Game at this point.Yikes not this year.Tonight I wrote out 30 Christmas cards and hope to do another 20 by weeks end.I had a brief moment of a real crazy thought.I was thinking of playing jingle bells of the new Years eve Party I go to every Year on my friends Piano but Id need to do some serious practice to get up such bravery or a few glasses of white wine in me!Hmm think I'll stick to my percussion.yup!There we go makin' good choices!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

tis the season to be remax

This morning I woke up late.As I was sitting on the edge of my bed mentally planning my day the phone rang.It was Darryl from The Longboard grill asking me If I wanted to spin some tunes tonight at his place.Naturally I said yes! The Remax Realtors had a Christmas party there.Wow what a fun bunch! If you think Realtor are a bunch of yuppies who are full of themselves and don't know how to have a good time,this bunch will prove you wrong. They even want to do it again next year! I also saw my Rockin Joes group today.Wow had a few laughs and coffee too! Thank you to Darryl and the longboard gang for another great night of DJing fun!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Another Christmas mix in the works? I ordered some more ..yes more Christmas music at the library.I'm hoping to make up a Christmas mix or world Christmas and lesser know Christmas songs.I hope I can hold on to the playlist for next years Christmas mix.I mailed out 7 more Mixes for friends and find my cousin Megans address so she and here husband will be getting one! I discovered there is a handful of friends who haven't received this years mix. I didn't put a dent in my Christmas shopping today but I hope to tomorrow.Tonight is DND night.Drinking and!Ill drink a little Put up the tree and drink some more.!Oh yes the Christmas music will be Rockin' Tis the season to be Jolly, Baby!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

remembering the night John Lennon was Killed

It was about 10 or 11pm That night Dec 8 1980. My brother told be John Lennon was shot.I couldn't believe it.I turned on the radio and the DJ on WPLJ was crying anouncing that John Lennon was dead from a gunshot. The man who preaced peace and non violence..Dead?John Lennon wasn't a rapper or a punk rocker.He Loved his Family and music.He didn't carry a gun.Why?Why would anyone want to kill John Lennon?Seems a demented fan killed him. John we will never forget you.Thank you for your music,wisdom and life of peace. All we are saying is Give peace a chance-John Lennon We miss you! Trish

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

end of year write up Part 2

OK so I've had some time to reflect on my year in music. Yeah!I think we have yet another new member in the group.If In correct that brings us up to 27 members!Its was a beautiful year for the mix exchange!Thank you to all the members for your love and support especially my biggest fellow blogger,George.He and I are like rubber.We keep bouncing music ideas off each other and poetry too. DJ gigs have seen a good year too.Many kudos to Chip,Frank ,Eric and Darryl for your herculean strength. I had a short term interruption in making mixes when my computer was in the shop but thanks to APV Electronics for fixing my computer and saving the day!No data was lost! I special shout out to my friend Tommy Lynch who is a great DJ who I'm learning a lot from just by observing.I also want to Thank Ocean County music,Bordans and the USPS for their part in my success.Also thanks to my fellow mix makers,Family and friends and yes my listening audience.I love you all! lastly but MOST Important, God and his Son Jesus Christ for each day I'm given and for keeping me faithful and that everything comes together. May it continue in 2012! Peace,Love and Music Trish

Monday, December 5, 2011

the year in review part 1

Yeah I know,its a tad early to do an end of the year write up but Im inspired.
OK health wise it was not the best but not worse.Turning 50 means high blood pressure.Remembering to take Meds.I hate taking pills.
Work - Im grateful to have a winter job and a summer job.My coworkers are cool and the bosses are too.
Friends - 2 thumbs up!Seriously man!I often think about the ones that dissed me and then I think about the ones who are there for me,stand by me and appreciate me.I truly am blessed and thank God for all he has given me.
Family - we are sometimes are crazy wacky bunch but I love them all.
Music - Oh talk about a rockin year?Hello!I'll save the extensive report on that for part 2 of the year end write up!
Stay tuned!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Groovin' the White Sands

Today I spun tunes at the white sands.It was for a christening.The Electric slide,Casper slide and Macarena are still a hit with the kids.The Parents enjoyed my spin of Dads dinner mix I made him a year befor he died.Theres werte a few songs a started feeling misty hearing but snapped myself out of it thinkin.Focus Girl. Focus!
I got the kids dancing and many positive comments from the adults.There arent any more gigs planned in the near future.I suspect my next gigs will be after Christmas!
Special Shout out to the white sands a great food!Trish

Friday, December 2, 2011

Dreams and Themes

Yes folks as promised Im posting my latest mix.
Dreams and Themes

1. Captain Scarlet - Barry Gray Orch.
2. ParkAvenue Beat (Theme From Perry Mason) - Ray Conniff Orch.
3. In my dreams - Crosby Stills & Nash
4. Wide River - The Steve Miller Band
5. Barbie Girl - Aqua
6. Beat Box - Art of Noise
7. Speed of Sound - Coldplay
8. Everything Counts - Depeche Mode
9. Trouble with Dreams - The Eels
10. Ya Mama - Fatboy Slim
11. Zombie Nation - Kernkraft 400
12. 4 Dimentional Transistion - MGMT
13. How to Bongo - Jack Costanza & his Orch.
14. Bongo Man - Jimmy Cliff
15. Harambe - Rita Marley
16. Evanstar - Shane Mcdonnell
17. Holiday for strings - The voices of Walter Schuman
18. Mashed Poatatoes - Steve Alaimo
19. Five Circles - Vangelis
20. Captain Scarlet (the mysterons rap) - F A B

sending this out to some like minded friends!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

DJ Trish Returnes to the Longboard Grill Tonight!

DJ Trish will be returning to the longboard grill tonight at 6:30!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Shop local think global

When you do your shopping this Christmas season please remember to support you local merchants.Not sure what to get someone?Gift cards are a neat Idea.Also remember to give to the needy,Toys for tots,food banks,etc
Here's a new place for you to get gift certificates from
The Longboard Grill
522 Bay Ave
Point Pleasant Beach NJ
Special thanks to Darryl and the folks to made my night of DJing fun!
Yup thats me at my dual CD deck picking out a tune for a little fan.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Not such a manic Monday

Ah Monday after Thankgiving.The alarm goes off and I press the snooze button for an additional five more minutes but some annoying seagulls were sqwauking like crazy and forcing me up.Dang gulls!
The day went well.Were werent hit with the 3 crates of mail that we usually get after a few days off.
I came home and found 3 mixes awaiting me in the mail.Yeah baby,Yeah!!!
I just got done listening to Wynton Marsalis's CD "Swing into the 21st Century"Good stuff man!Theres some 40s influenced swing and New Orleans style spiced jazz too,along with a taste of bebop!Check it out.
A got a mix from my friend Curt Nicholas whos in the Navy and will go deployed on a Sub in January.Not only is the music selection awesome but the cover of the mix was hand drawn by his girlfriend.
its fabulous artwork.
The second mix was from my fellow mixmaker Kathy from Zenrunning order or zero for short.Thankging is the theme but I'll still listen to it.
The thirt is from IMP mixmaker from Ireland.Like me his mixes are very Eclectic.
OK time for Dinner,practing Piano and perhaps weeding out my Bedroom closet.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

a night of Good music and food

Last nights gig at The Longboard Grill went well.A soccer team came to eat there and they were a well behaved group of Id say 10-12 year old girls.I played some Christmas hits,reggae and some upbeat stuff the kids would like and some oldies and jazz.I gave a few shout outs to the Darryl and the crew.Everyone loved it.
Kudos to my supreme Roadie Chip.I got him a 6 pack of Long Trail ale.His Favorite!
Tonight was Shanes 10Th birthday.Its also Matt and Carol 46Th Anniversary.
Tomorrow weather permitting I hope to Deliver a few more Christmas mixes and mail out more this week.
I am sad to report the The Grind coffee house is closing their doors.Debbie was also so nice but business isn't good for her.
Friday is Bay Heads Christmas walk!I plan to go!Last year I had a bad head cold and missed it.
I got 2 awesome mixes in the Mail today.One was a Christmas mix for my friend Robert song from the Zenrunningorder fame and also one non Christmas mix from Al Telstar as he is known as on zenrunning order.
My Creative engines have been running hot lately and I cranked out a few mixes in the past 2 weeks.Track lists to be posted soon.
Have a great week!

Friday, November 25, 2011

tis the season.A Poem

Tis the season
Be of good Cheer
Each person in my life
is so dear
In my heart you are near
I love my music
The beat within
Let the fun begin
The shiney bright things
and Christmas Cheer
makes me happy to be here
So enjoy these days
don't be a grinch
Be happy
its a cinch!
My poetry maybe lame
its from my heart
just the same
Let the festivities begin
and feel the joy of the season within!

Monday, November 21, 2011

DJ Trish Rocks the Longboard Grill Black Friday

AT 4:30PM

Sunday, November 20, 2011

a warm day in November

Yesterday Nancy,Dan and the kids went on a camping trip to Allair Park.My assignment was to take care of Bayou.I fed her,let her out and rubbed her belly.I also fed the fish.Man they were hungry.Thank god they're nor Piranhas!This morning I woke up at 8:15ish and let Bayou out and fed her.According to WOBM it was 50 degrees out.The troops arrived home about 9.I checked my email and posted on facebook that Id be heading to Rockin' Joes around 1pm.
En rout to Rockin' Joes I delivered a few Christmas mixes and nearby friends.I had a large coffee and a bagel with cream cheese and was hoping for Knight and KC to show up.No one!I didnt let it get me down.
I continued on and bought a color cartridge for the printer at Bordans and CD Jewel cases at Ocean County music.They got a Christmas mix too.I stop in at Thoughtful Treasures and convinced eloise to join me at The Longboard Grill for lunch!I had the classic slider with fries and she had an ice tea.We talked to Robert the chef there and he told me to stop in tomarrow and they would know for sure what time my gig was.
After lunch I walked back with here to the store and her husband had a few customers and things got busy so I left.
My last stop was Atomic CDs were Eric,the owner also received a Christmas mix.There was a trio outside the Green Planet coffee Shop.3 guys.2 Were playing accoustic Guitars and the other was on Sax.There were playing some jazz.They played Dave Brubecks Take five.I was impressed.I hung around for a few songs and my VERY last stop was a George and Beth Nicholas's and George and I had a quick beer before he had to leave to help a friend.I chatted with beth 4:30 it starts getting dark so my visit wasnt too long.That was a long but productive and fun day.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Don't stop the presses!

The other dayI read that some music companies will stopputting out CDs!This would be horrible.To only have access to music through downloads?NOOooo!
For me I prefer the physical copy.Theres nothing like reading the history of the artists,how the music was made,etc
Sure downloading is OK for the one special song your looking for but to stop making albums and CDs?
Thats just as bad as not publishing books.Limiting peoples access to media in a certain format will not go well with many lovers of music or readers.
How can this be can we save our music?
Input anybody please!
Tell your music and book company Please DON"T stop the presses!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Eclectic Planet

A few weeks ago I made a mock radio Show mixtape for my fellow mixmaker,Larry White.I had a few guests on it including Barbara Montgomery,The Studio Custodian who jumps in the DJ booth when the DJ is in the Bathroom.MR Jones,her boss that always catches her in the act and a few guest call ins requesting songs.Of course all these folks are made up by me.I named the mix Eclectic planet.I liked the Title so I used it for my long awaited mix.
for the next mock Radio show Ms Montgomery may be Killed off only to be replaced by someone else.My wheels of my imagination will dream that up soon but in the meantime here is my latest CD mix.

1. Threshold - The Steve Miller Band
2. Theres a feeling in Music - Pete Seeger & Tony Trichka
3. Solitude is Bliss - Tame Impala
4. Theme from Rocky & Bullwinkle - Birdsongs of the Mesozoic
5. Save a Prayer - Duran Duran
6. Kon-tiki - The Shadows
7. Immagrant Song - Dread Zeppelin
8. The Note of Hope - Van Dyke Parks
9. Soul - Van Morrison
10. The Look Of Love - Dusty Springfield
11. Turn Your Lights Down Low - Bob Marley
12. Hi'ilawe - John Cruz
13. Earth Crises - Steel Pulse
14. What did you learn in school today - Pete Seger
15. Wild Mountain Honey - The Steve Miller Band
16. Gold - Spandau Ballet
17. Life Itself - Bruce Springsteen
18. Pass it on - Ziggy Marley
19. Apache - The Shadows
20. Orange Blossom Special - Johnny Cash
21. Farewell - Pete Seeger
22. Hawaii Five-0 Main Title Theme - Brian Tyler

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

notes from the past

Tonight I started cleaning out my desk drawers and starting a "to be shredded bag"containing old bank statements and checks.Among things found was a paper with music reviews on may have been from my myspace days but thought Id share it with you anyhow.
Kinky- A band from Mexico.Many of their songs are in spanish.I dont know spanish but the beats are cool
Isalnds - A compilation from the Putamayo world music series.Many songs are song in African but the rhythems and the beats are great.World music Fans will love it.
Abba Gold - Pretty much a greatest hits CD.Its cool!
Asia-Alpha I got turned on to Asia back in the early 80s when WPLJ played classic Rock.I had the album shortly after earning my first Paycheck at Starline Aluminum.
James Dalton - Butterflies and passerbys - Wow you wanna hear from great Harmonica playing and great Blues?This is a CD worth checking out.James or JPat as he's known to many writes and composes the songs himself.

clearing' things up

OK My last blog was in no way saying that those who blog have no life.What I meant was simply Ive been spending lots of time blogging and and not that its a bad thing but There are other things I should be spending more time on like Practicing my piano.Im struggling with chords lately but If I spend more time practicing they would become easier as time went on.I should also organize my room and my closet and get rid of shirts and pants I have worn in 8 years so I can make room for stuff I have now.My CDs were once in an orderly way too.So you see I was only referring to myself as spending to much time blogging when there are other things I should be spending more time on!Being today's a lousy rainy day Im going to take a little nap and get on my room and hallway closet.I hope this clears things up.

Monday, November 14, 2011


It was a good but busy day at work today.I delivers some Christmas mixes to fellow staff members.Many look forward to my Christmas mix each year.Its great to see the new teachers faces light up when they find the CD in their mailbox.Im curious what the reviews will be in the coming weeks.
I arrived home from work to find my order at the front door.Actually my order was duplicated so I got 2!
I emailed to this matter and think they were happy I was honest enough to mention it.Yep my parents instilled honesty and integrity in me.Im going to mail in extra copies back and the money I spend mailing them back will be credited to my card!My friend Beth Nicolas told me I'll be blessed for my integrity.OK I was briefly tempted to keep the extras but the better half of my conscious would not let such a thought slip through.
Alright enough of the damn babble gosh lets git down to business.
Music review!that's what Im talkin' about!
The Shadows best of
If you into cool instrumental and cool surf Guitar the Best of the Shadows are a great band from the 60s.3 guitars and drums.One of their more famous songs they are known for is called Kon Tiki.
Check it out.. a fellow mix maker Matt has a website where he reviews old movies and books in addition to making cool mixes
OK time for a little dinner.
Have a great week!
Peace love and music

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Club 08742

Recently two fellow mix makers sent me a Imagine if I were a club DJ type mixes.My Imagination went into action today and I made one of my own
Club 08742
1. Life - Big Men Feat.Larbi Dabi & U Roy
2. Tiki Tiki - Phinda
3. Brown Derby Jump - Cherry Poppin Daddies
4. Jumpin Jive - Joe Jackson
5. Bandstand Boogie - Les Elgert & his Orchestra
6. C'mon A My House - Dan Hicks & his Hot licks
7. Tango Rhumba Afro Cubana - Mambo All Stars
8. Rock A hula - Elvis Presley
9. Twist Twist Senora - Gary U.S Bonds
10. The Heart of Rock & Roll - Huey Lewis & the News
11. Mirando De Lado - Kinky
13. Can you Feel the Beat - Lisa Lisa & the Cult Jam
14. In My House - The Mary Jane Girls
15. The safety Dance - Men without Hats
16. Let's All Chant - Michael Zegar Band
17. We are all made of Stars - Moby
18. Mr DJ - Mr Disco
19. I like it like that - Latin All Stars
20. Sunshine Day - Osibisa
21. Dance Tonight - Paul McCartney

Of course this might go well wherever I play.What do you think?

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Friday, November 11, 2011

order shipped

My order is on its way!
There was oviously a lack of communication on both sides.
I placed the order with a gift card and they called me saying it was rejected then I told then it was a gift card and that seemed to clear things up.I dont know how the process works but if the moneys in there and the numbers match how hard can it be?
When you place a credit card order it doesnt ask you if its a gift credit card and just gives you the choice of credit cards,visa, master and discovery.
I know folks who make purchases all the time by credit card on line with seldom if any problem and then I have a friend who account was tapped and suddenly he had thousands of dollars on his bill.lucky the cc company called him and got it straightened out but getting it squared away took weeks.
If I had a real credit card Id be knee deep in debt which is why I only deal in cash or check.It keeps me on a tight leash financially.
OK why an I up gabbin about this at 3am!3 cups of tea after 2 cans of beer.a second wind is here but I must go to bed so I can to tomorrow what I didn't do today.I did do a load of laundry though.
OK OK Goodnight!

memories and miller lights

As I was enjoying a Miller light by the fireplace I member Steve Millers Album book of Dreams.It was one of my most played albums of the 70s and 80s.It got played at parties,borrowed by friends and family.When I started making mixtapes there were 2 bands sure to be included in the mix.The Beatles and the Steve Miller Band.Paul McCartney even played on an album or two.When I had to part with my records I made sure Book of dreams went to a happy home.One day Ill get it on CD.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Steve Miller Band CD review

In 1977 I heard a song called Fly Like an Eagle by the Steve Miller Band and Loved it.That summer I got the album and the following year I got Their album with Jungle Love on it.The Album was called Book of Dreams.
The Steve Miller Band has stood the test of time
Young Hearts: Complete Greatest hits is a reminder of that.
If you never really got into their music Young Hearts:Complete Greatest hits is a great CD to check out.Its not super mellow or thrash metal.Hearing this will remind you of greatness of classic Rock.Unified vocals and beautiful Guitar work.
You can dance and sing along with the Steve Miller Band!

Pete Seegar CD review

Pete Seeger was a Folk Singer in the 1960s.He put out a 2 album of a concer he did at Carnegie Hall in 1963
I got the CD from the Library and disc 1 is awsome.till it starts skipping.The CD is scratched.My Fave track is called what did you learn in school today.
There are others dealing civil rights a hot subject at the time,and also anti war songs.Its was the time of civil rights marches and the Vietnam conflict was starting.4 guys from Liverpool were starting to take the world by starm too!
Pete Seeger add humar to his songs too!Its you want to check out folk songs of the 1960s,Pete Seegar is a good artist to check out

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pasta Night 2011

Look what i found!So proud of my coworkers and the kids at Bay Head school!So honored be be among a fabulous posse

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

revisiting old mixes

A mixer Named Frenchy Posted an ideas in the Zen Running order forum about folks posting old mixes.As my luck would have it I found a old mix from 2007 called"Island Groove 2007" and I listened to it last night.
Today my fellow mix maker Texas Hobart posted a reggae mix.That was the spark that ignited the fire.
Another mixmaker Tornado Z emailed me and thanked me for my nice comments on his blog the homoerractic radio show.Im trying to inspire him to trade mixes with me.His collects records and loves old and obscure stuff I think Id like hearing.If he joined my mix exchange Im sure he and Al Telstar would be perfect mix partners.
OK well without further delay here is my gem that I relocated
1. Hamanitarian - Jimmy Cliff
2. Brown Eyed Girl - Jimmy Buffett
3. Mad Mad World - Judy Mowatt
4. I doubt - Khiiomal Nurse;Krosfyah
5. Skaramont - Lester Sterling
6. Free the world - Luciano
7. Abbabajanoi - Sister Carol
8. More Bills - Sparrow
9. Bamboleo - Steelsophical
10. Reggae Fever - Steel Pulse
11. Boom Bam - Calypso Rose
12. Jammin' - Bob Marley & the Wailers
13. Sayamanda - Andre Tanker
14. Darkness - Los Pericos
15. Promised Land - Majek Fashek
16. Baubles,Bangles and Beads - Martin Denny
17. My Boy Lollipop - Millie Small
18. Dance Charlene - Natasha
19. Message to you Rudy - Rico & the Specials
20. I show you how to Reggae - The Soulful Dynamics
21. Tropical Surprise - Steelsophical


The other day A coworker told me about how he told his leftover Holloween candy for a quarter a piece and gave the money to the animal Shelter.The coworkers son is in 2nd grade.How awesome is that?
Tonight I got to thinking.Id like to hold a dance and the admission price is a few canned goods and they could go to the Ocean County Food bank
Who would help me do such a thing?Where would I hold it?
If you watched the video I posted about the homless in lakewood.Its about a halk hour from where I live.
How can this be allowed.Each year folks give thousands to polical causes but there are still homess folks.not so far away!

Monday, November 7, 2011

The word of the week is BLAZING!

Tonight my cousin Cathy and Molly came over for pizza and beer and a little celebration of Molly's Birthday.We wound up watching Dancing with the stars.
The one Judge Named Len used the word blazing and it stuck with us all night.
I swear Len is a relative of Simon Calwell.Hes the mean.Some of the routines should have gotten a higher score.Im glad J.R and his Partner got a good score.
The Beer Pick of the night was Heineken.A little more expensive but Molly's worth it.I made her a custom mix and a Christmas mix and she isn't that keen on jazz but i told her its time to broaden her musical Horizons.Gotta get her out of that punk and alternative music scene,well perhaps just expand beyond it.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

serve em up hot and good

Congrats to the Longboard Grill for winning the cook of at Bar A today!Darrle the owner wants me to DJ the day of the tree lighting!More info on time soon!
Im working on Christmas mixes.Some went out already.The fine folks at the longboard grill got some.I also save a few to my friends at Gerards where I get my wine and Vasuvios where I get a ham and cheese sub once in while.
Winter is here!Wheres my gloves!brr!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Thursday, November 3, 2011


My #1 fave group.Had to share this!

Ouch that needle hurt!

OK well today the saga of blood pressure check ups continue and today it was high so The dr wants me to go on meds to regulate it.
I also got a flu shot and although I didnt feel it at first an hour later my arm did hurt.Am I going to be one of these 50 plus people who sit around talking about doctors and health issues all the time.I don't plan on being that way.
I started a new playlist called Eclectic Planet.My first big batch of christmas mixes went out the other day and another will go out tomorrow.
Next week when we have a few days off for the teachers Convention I'll start some Christmas shopping.I have Ideas already and plan on doing an updated version of where to shop blog this year.This year Perhaps it will more like places to eat while you shop.aha!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

my creative engines are revvin' again

Out of curiosity I went on the library website and searched new music.I didnt expect to find much,oh but thats like a wino walking into a bar not thinking he'll get a drink.frackin hello!I found some and requested them after swearintg to myself I have enough music.
One is music from the new Hawaii Five O series which I only saw half of the first episode.That soundtrack has some goodies on it.
Another was the first issue of the now series.Frank and I spun the heck out of that CD back in he days when we did the dances at the school.The biggest requests were flagpole sita and Barbie girl and of course the spice girls.
One year some of the chaperones cooked up some chicken wings and the smoke from the oven set off the fire alarm but a few folks joked it was franks fog machine.nope it was the chicken wings!
Frank used to raffle off stuff including old keys he said were to the cabinet holding answer booklets to math tests!
oh the memories.
at Valentines Dances he would bring an old half full bottle of aftershave and told the boys it they wore it they girls would dance with then.That gym reaked for a week of it after those dances!
those were the days.
I also ordered a copy of the new Coldplay CD.I saw them play Paradise on some talkshow and liked it.I wont have that one for awhile though im 66th in line for it!
Im sure I'll be posting a music review soon.
Stay tuned and keep the rockin'
Peace Love and music

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

another shout out

a man of many talents Texas Hobart is a mixmaker,poet and Photographer.
Tex and I have been trading mixes for over a year.He has inspired to to explore Bluegrass and early American music and I've been sending him world music and Rock N roll.Now Im a little more country and he's a little more Rock N Roll.Hes on my follower list.
While Im on the subject of shout outs also check out my friend Breas site
They have an open mic night on Sundays from 6pm till 10pm with music and poetry.The coffee and food is great.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

questions,wandering and idle chatter

The other night I came across a box of old tapes.There was one I remember making after my fiancee and I broke up.I didnt call it a break up mix but saw the date it was made and know what was going on then.I rembember that pain I felt.Music was the only and best way I knew to get on with life.
So why do people make break up mixes?I can see hook up mixes,yep did that.Im head over heals in love,yep did one of those too but break up mixes?Something to remember the bad s--t?the pain?
I was thinking of a new halloween mix but never got to it.Im calmy awaiting my order to start a November mix.
Progres on my christmas mixes is coming along.Made about 35 so far.
The mixes for our school Bazaar are made and rubber banded together and labeled.
I wanted to get more jewel cases today but my head was killin' me.this darn head cold is hangin' on.I took good old bare aspirin to help and it did.I also took a big nap!
last night I did 2 Jello shots at a friend halloween party and sure that contributed to my slugish feeling today but I blame myself and only myself!
OK so back on the wagon for another week girl!NO MORE Jello shots!..till Christmas!Im kidding!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

check it out!

Hi folks
I have a few member in our follower family.If you like cool fun art please feel free to visit
Josh is a friend of my cousin Steve.He also a talented artist.
Have a great weekend.Stay dry.

Friday, October 28, 2011

sounds from the past inspiration for the future

Im Patiantly waiting for my order to come and don't want to start work on a new mix till I get it.I feel like a dog chained to a tree when I see a cat.I waana go for it but theres something holding me back.Yes Ive started on my christmas mix and its going well.I wanna start another new mix.I was looking in one of my old CD carring cases.I found a mix I made in 2005.I thought you might like to take a peek.
JUNE 2005

1. song for life - The Waterboys
2. The Nile - Santana
3. Mystery Babylon - Peter Tosh
4. Place in this world - Michael W Smith
5. Kings and Queens - Aerosmith
6. The X-Files Theme - The Dust Brothers
7. Pata Pata - Mariam Makeba
8. Boplicity - Miles Davis & his Orchestra
9. Diggy Liggy Lo - Guy & Ralna
10. Traffic Jam - James Tayla
11. Send one your love - Sting
12. The Halllujah Chorus - The Roaches
13. Isrealites - Desmond Dekker
14. Run for the road - Atlantik
15. Good Time - Ziggy Marley
16. Lieberstaum - Spike Jones
17. Doghouse Polka - Babe Wagner
18. The windmills of your mind - Henry Mancini
19. Coo coo u - The Kingston Trio
20. Bosco Stomp - Alli Young,Bessyl Duhun & Rodney Belfa

This mix was made on Musicmatch which got bought by yahoo and I think is now part of yahoo music or something like that
you welcome to correct me if Im wrong!

Baby its kinda chilly outside!

Today I woke up to a very chilly room.
Each year I try to wait till November 1st to turn on the heat.Tonight I had too.I didnt like shivering while I was drinking my wine and listening to good music.I think I turned on the heat on ealier last year.I even turned on the heat in the car today.Goodbye shorts,hello gloves!Old man winter may make another early return this year.Oh frack!
Time to find my gloves and snow boots.doh!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Feel the Groove

Tonight I listened to Tame Impals CD innerspeaker.
They have great Giutar Rock rhythem that will get you dancing.Theres a 60s psychedelic influence in their vocals.The Beatles influence is evident.
A thumbs up from me!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

In this life

Today there was an assembly about bullying.I didn't attend it but I was packing up the lunch crate and heard some of what the woman was talking about.
Theres are several types of bullying
Theres verbal bullying and physical bullying.
In school I was a victim of verbal bullying.Mostly name calling.
It was mostly kids calling me stuff like reject and retard because they know I was in a Special ed class.
Being in a special Ed class doesn't mean your retarded.It just means you having a harder time learning somethings or your learning process isnt at the same level as the other kids.I think folks should know that.
We tend to base peoples social status on knowledge,income,where they live,race,etc
We should just stop all that BS and treat each other with love and respect.
Instead of putting someone down we should lift each other up.
Today I told asked a young student how he was doing and told him I was proud of him.Sadly some kids don't hear that enough.they get told when they don't do what they should but they don't hear "you did well" or "Im proud of you" enough.
Good old reality TV is no help either Shows Like basketball wives where all they do is argue and fight and The Jersey shore where they party, and sleep with each other is not not a good influence.
Oh but what do I know?I grew up in the 60 and 70s but as far as quality entertainment goes Paul Simon said it best.I was born at the right time!
OK now if you have kids go give them a hug and tell them how much you love them!

Monday, October 24, 2011

why this time of the year is tough for me

This year October was bearable for me.The many cards and gifts and outpouring of love from Family and friends helped me ease into the big 5 0!
There are a few folks I think of this time of year simply because I miss them like crazy.My parents!Oh but I know they are watching from heaven.
My friend Tom Hall!He would take me to the Stone Pony or the Saint for a show.He didnt drink but he didnt mind if I had one.He was so cool that way.In return I didn't complain about his smoking.It didn't bother me.I've been around smokers all my life!
My little Joy!My faithful companion for 13 years.She died in early november right in front of me.Poor Dog had an enlarged heart.oh there are others but those are the ones that immediatly come to mind this time of year.
Sometimes when I see a dark blue pick up truck that looks like his I think Tom?
OK now some lighter stuff.I started reading the book soul surfer.Yes I know Im supposed to read the book and then see the movie but I got the movie from the library for 2 days so I had to watch it asap.My fines were up to $13.00 and I paid up a few bucks so the library mafia wouldn't hunt me!
OK back to cleaning my room!
looking forward to November..I think!

warm days,chilly nights

Today was a typical busy Monday at work.I got it all though.When I came home I went about my usually duty of letting Bayou out.The warm sun was so nice that it was so tempting to just sit back and relax and bag my game plan for the afternoon.the better judgement won over.
arrr, making good choices!
After letting Bayou back in and giving her a biscuit, I check my email ,got changed and headed out.
I went to mail out a few mixes.Wow it feels good doing that again!Then I went to make copies of the cool Grooves newsletter I send out to members of the mix exchange and a few other folks expressing interest in getting a copy.I made 30.I gave one to Ocean County music,One to Atomic CDs and one to The Longboard Grill.
Upon arriving home there was a truck in the had some sort of trailer on it.Theres was Matt,Dans Dad and Tom his best friend unloading firewood from the trailer to the rack.
It brought back memories of a of years ago coming home from a crazy day at work and seeing a pile of firewood the the middle of the driveway on a 20 degree day in Febuary and there was snow on the ground.I remember it also being the day I got my first mix from IMP!
This year I won't be coming home to a giant pile of wood in my driveway.Now I need to make sure I dont back into it on a snowy ice day in febuary!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

suprise pic

Me walking into the faculty roon after my mock review!
Photo by Carrie Meyer

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Memory Lane 1

Well folks here its is..Memory latest oldies mix.


1. Queen of the hop - Bobby Darin
2. it's so easy - Buddy Holly & the Crickets
3. Matchbox - Carl Perkins
4. Humming Bird - The Chordettes
5. Bits and Pieces - The Dave Clark Five
6. Bristol Stomp - The Dovells
7. You,me and the sea - The Flamingoes
8. Quarter to three - Gary U.S Bonds
9. I got Rhythem - The Happenings
10. The Lonely Surfer - Jack Nitsche
11. What time is it - The jive Five
12. Get Rhythem - Johnny Cash
13. Tired of waiting for you - The Kinks
14. California Nights - Lesley Gore
15. Snowbird - Anne Murrey
16. Suavecito - Malo
17. Those were the days - Mary Hopkin
18. The glow worm - The Mills Brothers
19. These boots are made for walkin'- Nancy Sinatra
20. Crazy - Patsy Cline
21. Only You - The Platters
22. Smokey Joes Cafe - The Robins
23. I shall Sing - Art Garfunkel
24. Hey Bulldog - The Beatles

the non political fun blog

Alright.time to take a break from talking about politics and all the other stuff everyone else is talking about.
I woke up with a little head cold but that my own fault.Ive been staying up too late on the computer.Burning playlists and creating a new one.
I got a new mix from my friend George for my birthday and one from my other friend Larry today.
I also got a Visa gift card from my family.I keep trying to convince myself I don't need any more CD but of course inspiration hit me like a ton of bricks one night and I ordered a few CDs from!
Next spring I must go through some CDs and see which ones I REALLY don't want anymore and sell them at a garage sale or something.I dont want to become a music hoarder and end up on A&E reality tv.Ahh!
I made a 2 part mix called memory lane that I'll post soon!
stay tunes and keep the home fires burning!

Friday, October 21, 2011

music news and mix club exchange update

I have resumed work on my Christmas mixes.I hope to get one out to each person that showed interest in previous years and of course family and friends.last year I think made 140 and this year may hit 150 or 160.Ill crank out a few each day.this years mix is kinda jazzy to set the mood for mellowness and hanging by the fire sipping on hot cocoa.mmm!A few Shop owners in town will be graced with them too and of course the holly Jolly coworkers at BHS. Tis the season to be groovin'!
We are up to 26 members!Im stoked about that!
this month there is no set them but November will have a theme.Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate.
All member will be asked to send out holiday mixes to all your fave mixers.Save those Pennies now.
Postage rates going up?Gas prices coming down?
With the elimination of Gaddafi or Qaddafi however ya spell it I read that it may cause gas prices to go down.I also read postage prices may go the many I save on gave I'll use to mail out mixes?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

another evil man gone!

at lunch time I saw the news on the boiler room TV that Moamor Khadafi was killed!Libyans seemed to be cheering in the backround waving the Libyan flag like we were waving our flag when Bin Laden was killed.
2 big fishes,evil fishes killed in one year!The world is a little safer now and hopefully it sents a message to other terrorists to stop their evil ways.
Peace is the better route to go.
The politcal debates are starting and the mud slinging will get heavy real soon and the campain signs are popping up on lawns like Dandilions.
oh sugar honey ice tea here we go!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

a day of rain

Plans for a bikeride were scratched today because it was a day of rain.It rained hard en route to work so a tighter grip on the wheel was warrented because it can get hairy if you stop too fast and skid about.ya never know.
I guess after I did some bikeriding yesterday I guess today im due for a lazy day..after work that is.Today was sorta busy at work and after I type this lil blog its power nap time.
Today I picked up the soundtrack to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at the library.
Does anyone remember that movie from the early 70s?
I rememberseeing it at the Lorrain theater in Bay Head which now is the shopper wharf.It was about a widowed man and his 2 Children.He invented a car that could heck google it man!
I also remember folks would fish and crab behind the lorrain theater but after it became the shopper wharf thay gated it off.I remember catching an eeel but I let it go.One time I remember trying to pick up a little crab and he got a hold of my finger.oh what a grip he had.
alrighty enough idle chatter and memories.its nap time!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What does one do without the computer?

OK so you may askyourself what does one do without the computer?OK those who know me know I love to make mixes.
For a mixmaker like me its was like being stuck in traffic during rush hour.
Playlists were in my head but there was no way to let em loose creatively.
Lately I've been listening to a classic rock station called the hawk.It wakes me up in the morning and I often hear a song and think Dang I wanna put that on my next mix.
I listened to some one my earlier mixes and come across of few made for me by others.
Before Zero and IMP I was in a mix club called Procrastination Dance Party
I made a mix for everyone in the group and mail them to the leader of was bi monthly and I wasn'nt in it to long before it desolved.I made a few friends but they either got a new email or moved and we never reconnected
I cought up on some sleep.There were nights when theres was not much good on TV,no wine in the house so what the heck,go to bed.
I did watch a good DVD though
and heres a review
SOUL SURFER(movie review)
A young Female Surfer Bethany Hamilton was becoming known in surfing compitions at the tener age of 14.One day she was out surfing with her friends when she was attacked by a tiger shark.
Months later she was back in the water sufing in a compitition and was badly beaton.
Thinking she had lost her edge she gave it up until she was helping encourage a little boy go in the water while she was with here church mission group.The little boys courage helped her regain her courage to give surfing another try.
With the help and love of family and friends Bethany got physically in shape and returned to surfing.She also made friends with a rival surfer.
This is a great movie to the whole family to see.
2 thumbs up!

the week without internet

Last Monday..or was it Sunday the Phantom returned and with a vengeance.I got around to getting the tower to the shop on Wednesday after the computer totally froze Monday night.I tried everything but the cursor didn't move
A little voice in my head told me to take it in and so I did.
Thursday I was all ready to shoot out and email and walked into my room and reminded it was in the shop when I saw the tower missing.
Thursday night I watched The movie Soul Surfer.Its the story of Bethany Hamilton.A young up and coming surfer who lost her arm to a shark attack.a full review to follow in the days to come.stay tuned!
Friday was an early and busy day at work.
I come to work at 9am on Fridays.I hit the ground running.Copies to be made,notices to be counted,etc etc.Oh i'm not complaining,just stating the facts.
At around 10:30 Jill gave me a note saying see Mr Therien at 11:20.Hmm a special assignment or something else?I didn't dwell on it but was curious.
at 11:15 I entered the office.Jill told me it was a review.Huh?I thought!
the yellow flag in my mind went up.
When I wal;ked in Mr T was sitting at his desk.we started talking about paper usage and why we are using as much as we are.He asked me where its being used the most.I had no clue.He then took at post it note and wrote
"Wheres the paper going?"the Boss
OK now take this down to the teachers room and have then read it.OK I responded obediently.
Walking down to the teachers room I ad libbed a Peggy Lee song in my head
is that all there is to a review?
The teachers room door was closed and when I opened it they were all gather around on one side of the room.SURPRISE!Yep got me!I surprise birthday lunch.You Guys!A big sub and soda and yes of course cake.
10 minutes later The Man came in.I wagged my finger at him Ohh you got me boss,You REALLY got me.That the only time I will get away with wagging my finger at the boss i'm sure..oh it was in pointer NOT in 3rd finger I assure you!My third finger in reserved for folks who deserve it.
After lunch it was back to business.
upon returning home I got a message say the computer was ready but I was pooped,so I called back to say I'd pick it up Monday.
Saturday I DJ-ed at a cocktail Party at the Johnson brothers Boat Museum for a cocktail party for BHS Parents.
Mr Curtis was the bartender.I played all mellow tunes and as the evening was drawing to a close I picked up the pace a tad.Frank and Cathy were my roadies.
I received positive feedback from many and hope to DJ the gala again next year.
A special shout out to Mr O'Brien who runs the museum.That's a beautiful place.
Sunday we had Family over for a belated birthday party.My cousin Cathy reminded me it was a work night and to go easy on the wine.I listened.
so here I am back in action.

Im baaaack!

Thanks to God for his Love and giving me patience over a week without internet.
Also a big Thanks to APV electronics in Point Pleasant for their fast and friendly service!
My computer was infected with a few viruses and Malware that got through the Defenses of AVG.
Last week I celebrated the big 50!Family and friends showered me with phone calls and happy Birthday via facebook.
I even got a call from my brother.All the love and bday greetings reminbded me off all the fine folks im surrounded with and helped me put the lack of internet blues on the back burner.
theres so much to catch up on.I have 2 reviews to post but now to catch up on a dozen emails and reply to facebook greeting.
I'll be back..

Thursday, October 13, 2011

the ghost returns

The phamtom of the computer returned.I brought the computer to the shop.I hope to have it back next week at the latest.
More on this story and more on my next blog!Please pardon the political pant of my previous blog.I was possessed by Richard Nixon that night...or was it Ronald Reagan?

Saturday, October 8, 2011

whos really at fault

I hear people blaming Obama for the nations problems.He may be the president but hes not Harry Potter.
Lets start off with health
OK we are being forced to beleive that homosexuality and gay Marriage is OK and normal and should be accepted as such.
Aids is still out there!HIV and other STDs are still rampid.Teenage pregnancy is still around!Premarantal and extramarital sex is still happening.Obama can't stop it it.Congress can't stop it.Not even the armed forces can stop it.
Many folks are living beyond their means and then they want the Banks and the government to come bail them out so they can start all over again.
WE the people are our own enemy.we screw around,sleep around ,get high,etc and blame it on the world when we are the ones to blame.
Before we go fixing the problems of the rest of the world we gotta as Nat King Cole would say Straighten and fly right ourselves.
I remember years ago hearing about addicts getting clean needles to prevent aids.If you give an addict a clean needle he will keep using drugs.
the money that was used to make those needles could go towards getting addicts off drugs and into a rehab.
Heres another idea.Instead of taking hard working people out of a job to do jury duty they should have folks who are NOT working IN jury duty.
More money should go toward vo-tech schools where Kids do go to learn a skill and find out what they want to do with they're life and find an honest job.
OK just a few ideas running threw my head and a few opinions.

Friday, October 7, 2011

I got da box

OK so I got the box on the downstairs TV and Thought it was connected to the upstars TV some how.WRONG!
So If I have any taping to do it will be on the downstairs TV and then I'll find someone to put it on dvd for me.
Omnday marks the big 50!yeeep!
perhaps if i know someone very dependable to do some DVD recording for me I can give them a few bucks for their efforts or maybe a bottle of wine or a 12 pack of beer.
its the wild factor Baby!yeeeep!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

No upper Channels grr

Last night I had a burger at Marlins with my friends Sally and Pat from the library.Being it was a work night I was a good girl and had a soda.Its a good thing Soda was my drink of choice because someone else from work saw me there so of course I had to tell my story and when it came time to tell his story he clammed up. I rarely go out on weeknights anymore but when I do get a chance I jump on it.This was a rare occasion indeed.
If there are rumors flying about the school I can
set it straight in a jiffy.
Upon arriving home I find out shortly after that our Dryer is on the blink.Tonight I find out the 2 channels I watch the most are gone and I need the box.I wonder if its that way with the downstairs TV too.
Wednes nights won't be the same without hearing Dave Hessner of Storage wars saying yeeep!
I may have a brief relapse in my you tube addiction.Yeeep!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

One song

It Takes one song
To calm your Soul
To Move your feet
Rock & Roll
It takes one song
My dear
To produce a smile
Ear To Ear
Let the music
left you from your seat
to your feet
Dance away dance away
all the worries of the day
The one song
Takes all the bad feelings of the day
Listen to the one song today
Original Poem by DJ Trish

Monday, October 3, 2011

after sunset

I was going to rebuilt a jazz playlist but this latest jazz mix took on a life of its own.What is about October that gets me in a jazzy mood?I geuss its the time of year where everyone takes time to relax after a busy crazy summer and we try to relax before the next wave of busyness starts.
OK so heres a mixto entertain guests with at cocktail hour,listen to after a busy day at works or guys this is a nice little soundtrack to get your girlfriend or wife in a romantic mood.
1. More - Bobby Darin
2. Soul Sauce - Cal Tjader
3. Shine on, Harvest Moon - Count Basie
4. Montevideo - Dick Haymes with Harry James & His Orch.
5. Question Mark - Esquivel
6. Baubles, Bangles and Beads - Frank Sinatra
7. Moon River - Henry Mancini
8. Fascination - Jane Morgan
9. Stardust - The Les Paul Trio
10. The mystics dream - Loreena McKennett
11. Boplicity - Miles Davis
12. Is that all there is - Peggy Lee
13. Calcadao de Copacabana - Richard Bona
14. Shulie Bop - Sarah Vaughn
15. So Many Stars - Sergio Mendes & Brasill 66
16. Zabadoobeedi (yabadoobeeda) - Stanley Clark
17. Subtle Rebuttle - Thad Jones
18. Autumn Leaves - Zoroli Winterstein Ensemble
19. Bali Ha'i - Tak Shindo
20. La Valse d Amelie - Yann Tierson
21. Dark Eyes (Ojos Negros) - Xavier Cugat
22. Turn of the tide - Yanni

Photography by George Waldrop
Used by Permission

Sunday, October 2, 2011

shimmy and shake

What a weekend.
It started yesterday at 7am.I got up.very slowly I might add.I sat on the edge of the bed for what seemed like 15 minute and all of the sudden it was 7:20.I got dressed and wore my blue BHS t shirt.Being I pull my gear out in the hall all I had to do was haul it out to the car.The bag with the cables and the console went first and I put in in the front seat,Patrick and Ed came out and before I knew it my speakers were in the back seat.I hauled out CD case.I then Closed the doors,locked up the house and off I went.
Traffic wasn't bad.When I pull in the parking lot was pretty full but I did find a close by parking spot.
It was a little chilly so I put on my BHIA staff jacket.I saw many familiar folks including my boss and his wife and then I went to Mueller's Bakery for a large coffee and Blueberry Muffin.I even got an empty seat!
Mr and Mrs Dalton came in for their round of coffee i'm sure.Andi's flowers and gifts is now where Mark Fore & Strike was for 30 + years.Im glad she bought it.It looks great inside.
At about 9am I went out the Business of setting up my gear.Brian Potter help.Thank you Brian!Folks didn't stick around like they usually do but I got lots of good feedback.I played till about 11:15 and then was told to shut it off.I guess they wanted to wrap things up.Many folks were there till 6:30 so I was told.
When I got home Patrick emerged ready to help!He did a good job!
I took a little breather when everything was squared away and then headed out on my bike.Central Market was having a cooking contest so I went over to see what was going on.That too was wrapping up.Mr Curtis was the winner.
They were making burgers so i bought a burger and Pepsi and it was pretty good.I also made a quick stop at The Beach House.There was a dodge ball tournament a few days earlier and they won it.
My next stop was The Nicholas's but George had work to do so He could chat but told be to come back around 4 and join him in a beer.
I went to Borden's and bought a 25 pack of CDrs and then walked around Arnold Ave for a bit.
On the way back to Georges I stopped at A&P liquors and bought a 6pack of Coors.Beth's mom was there for the weekend so I invited her to join us.She did and we say and had a nice chat.
George still had things he wanted to get done before Beth came home so off I went.
The days events suddenly crept up on me so I took a little nap!
Later I had dinner and chatted with Laurie and Ed and had a few beers with them.Then I check my email and went to bed.
Today I slept in.I went to meet the Rockin Joes group and had a large coffee and a Bagel with creme cheese.The stomach wasn't feeling 100%.Hmm perhaps a little effects from the drinking I thought.
From there I went to the car cruise and hung out with my friend DJ Tommy Lynch!That's always fun.
Afterwards I went to see Eloise at thoughtful treasure but they were closing up so I dint get in.
My stomach was still iffy so I went home for yes,another nap!
All in all It was a pretty good weekend.A little Chilly but still good!
Special Shout outs to my guest roadies Ed and Brian and a my junior Roadie Patrick!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Load your weekend with fun!

Alrighty folks
Heres the update on how to load your weekend full of fun here at the real Jersey Shore.
Tomorrow theres the Duck Derby Starting at 9:30 AM at Centenniel Park in Bay Head behind Boro Hall.
Sunday is the last car cruise till next summer on Arnold Ave Point Pleasant Beach.Ed Austin and DJ Tommmy Lynch will be providing fun tunes from the past.That starts at 12 noon till 4pm
Sunday Night Cafe De Point will Have an Open mic starting around 6pm.Swing by for coffee,awesome food and music.

DJs Maranda

You Have the right to boogie
If you give up the right to boogie
you will miss out on a lot of fun!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Flashback attack

Today a few teachers asked me if we had paper.Alica put in the order 2 days ago and it wasn't there yet we used to order it from Bordens but now order it from Staples for savings.
Our basic skills teacher Diane and I have been there the longest.I said to her remember when we used to get 20 cases and they would last all year?Yep she said.
Back in the late 80s when I started in the office We ordered our supplies from a company called Hammett
We would Order Paper for the whole year.20 cases of Paper went into the bioler room and it pretty much lasted all year.
Shortly after working in the office Jill got an Apple IIe computer.It came with floppy discs.She still used her Big Corona Selectric typewriter too that was about 50 pounds.
Her Monitor of the apple IIe was about 13 inches.One day when our boss was out and things were slow she opened up a blank page and told me to write someone a letter.I didnt know anything about computers."What if I hit the wrong button and delete everything".I asked her.Nope it wont happen go just type a letter.She relplied.Reluctantly I did.I think I typed my aunt Joan a letter.When she came back from lunch she told me how to correct type ohs.This was before we got hooked up to the internet.that happened 10 years later.
Our paper order came right after lunch,right as I snuck into the boiler room for a quick cup of coffee.I filled the printers,fax Machine and copier much my fellow staff members delight.
Today after work I delivered 5 Christmas mixes to All saints Church.A little contribution to their Christmas bizzare.The garage door wouldnt open all the way so instead of risking breaking the garage and MY BACK I decided to walk.Sheila was sitting in the newly renovated office.She showed me around.Its looks great.The pastors office has a view of scow ditch.
She said last years the christmas mixes were a hit.A few days ago I reworked the playlist and renamed it a joyful Christmas.I think they'll like a swingy Jazzy Christmas though.
After Sheila got done with some paper work and a phone call she drove me home.She gave me a few brownies saying that I already walked off the calories so enjoy.
Now its time for a brownie and a cup of Tea!Mmm.Chocolate!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

A nice Sunday

Our rockin Joes Group didnt meet up today but I didnt check my email this morning before I left so I went anyway.I ran into Caroline Tell and a friend.I had a large coffee and a bagel and hung out on the couch Gran,Kate and I usually Occupy and listened to the music while eating.I'd love to supply some Jazz and oldies on the weekend but the owner isn't much for DJs.I think customers would welcome mellow music on the weekend.Especially Sundays!Oh well.
From there I wrnt to the Surf swap and there were surfboards everywhere.I would like to provide a little musical backround there too but was declined due to lack of space.
Many people are drawn to music and often inspired to shop by it.Music provides a happier atmospere and sets the tone to upbeat happy enjoyment.
I guess many round these parts fear police callin'blue meanies proventing them from really cutting loose and enjoying life as it should be lived.
OK during the swap I did go to Cental Market and hap a great Tuna Fish Sandwhich.I returned to the swap for a while more and then went home to check my email.
I went to Cafe De Point for the open mic.There was a poet and then a guitarist and Sax Dou were was nice.I wanted to stay later but Didnt have my bikelight and was getting tired.
OK time to sign off.Thetoothpicks holdding my eyelids open just broke.time for bed!Good night!

coming up events

Time 6pm
Open Mic at Cafe De Point.Theres nothing like Good like music on a sunday to help get your week started off to a good vibe!
Saturday October 1st
DJ Trish will be spinning tunes from the past and present at the Bay Head School Foundations Duck derby from9:30am till 11am ..or longer if the fans demand so.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

wow, thank you!

Sometimes I forget to give shout outs to my loyal readers and thank you all for being here.Thank you.YOU are AWESOME!
Pardon the recent rant about my faith.sometimes I need to vent but I hope I don't offend anyone.I don't want to sound like Bill O Reilly.egad!
Thank you all forbeing here.I hope you enjoy your stay.I welcome your feedback and can take constructive criticism.Hey I might even learn from it.I value YOUR opinion.
OK I'll be more careful in the future about my rants.
Peace,Love and Music

Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Friday!

it was a muggy rainy day but that didnt stop me from being upbeat.My back was a little stiff.That didnt stop me from moving about..oh but it did slow me down a tad.
Lat night I went about the task of rebuilding my playlist.Super Bad Jams surely was on the rebuild list.
Im not sure if I'll build them all exactly as they were though.There may be a few alterations.Sometimes when I make a playlist and play it backI go Oh I wanted to put that Miles Davis song in too or I think I should have had a few fore slow songs or more rock songs etc.
One friend wanted to know if I knew how to increase or decrease the volume in mix but I dont.some of the older songs were recorded at a lower volume level.I dont know why!Maybe its an anolog to digital thing.
Tonight I went through my CDs in my DJ case and found rubber duckie and Little white duck which I plan to plan next week after the start of the first race or heat as the call it.Being I'll be playing at 9:30 in the morning I'll keep the music mellow like oldies and jazzy.I'll be behind a church too so no ozzy Osborne or!Oh cmon you don't actually think I like those bands you?No way!
Anyway Im all ready.
After getting the music squared away I say listening to the stereo and relaxed.It was pouring.I thought OK mother nature please get it out of your system now so This weekend can be nice.
So far only 2 people gave me a maybe attending on my events page for the Saturday walkers.Maybe more will attend as time goes on.I figure the weather will be permitting untill the end of November and then we can pick up again in April.If I get a dozen committed folks I'll have Sheryl make T Shirts.Oh I know im just rambling on and such but just a few thoughts ya know.
OK well i'll burn Erics playlists and go to bed.
more later gator!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

ghost in the machine

for a few days but curser has been moving aboutwithout me touching it.It was like it was possesed.I kid you not.Ive been running virus scans and spybot checks and nothing came up.Along with this Ive been cleaning out duplicates out of my itunes.all this leave little time for mixmaking.Sugar Honey ice Tea.I was told to unplug my power from the tower for a few hours.So far tonight the ghost is not here.I also set my virus scan to high priority.
If all else this fails my friend told me of a nearby computer place that is reasonable and honest.I went to talk to a man today there and will bring it in Monday if the ghost returns.Maybe Alah got ticked off when I talked up the Lord.
Alright enough about that.
Today I got an unofficial day off.A tranformer fire left Most of Bay Head without electricity.
After learning I had a day off I mailed a mix to a new fan and then from there I went to Cafe De point to have a Large coffee and blueberry muffin
They Have Open mike nights on Saturdays and Sundays at 6PM.Brea has a nice little sound system with Bose Speakers.I hope to check it out this weekend.
Sunday is the board Swap at the Beach House.Im not a surfer but I''ll go check it out just to see what its all about.
I also went to see Sheryl at Special T Graphics today.After that I went to the computer shop to talk to them about my issue.
After that I got a hankering for pizza and I went to Joe Spannos Pizza and got the best slice of Sicillian pizza I've had.
Alright well its getting late and its a school night.
G'night my friends

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Only ONE God

Last week I was channel surfing and saw an advertisement for a book called Chrislam.Its predicts that the christian and islamic religion will be as one?what?
There is only one book of God for me and that is the HOLY BIBLE!
The Muslums hate the christians.anyone knows that.
The Bible tells us there is only one God!All else claiming to be so are frauds.
Don't fall into this chrislam stuff.Beleive in the only one true God.The God our father who created heaven and earth.The Father of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who died on the cross for our sins and rose on the third I get an Amen.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Murphy strikes again

Tonight While trying to load up itunes I got a weird message saying something about an error.When I uploaded it later there was no music in it.I had to reload my music but oh sugar honey ice Tea..ALL my playlist are frekking gone.whaaat?OK OK do not panic.I have the playlist on my blog..HA!Murphy you punk I will rebuilt them!
The second hit If that wasnt enough.Im channel surfing tonight and some channels have a message I need a box to watch them.I thought once we were cable ready and digital the boxes would go away..forever.
oh just leave me with my A & E tv VH1 and MTV.
Pardon my venting.Hopefully I can still watch DVDs and VHS videos with the box.Hopefully they wont tatally stop making CDs and go totally back to 33rpms.
if thats the case..oh wait I have all the CDs I desire.yay!
whats next are we going back to rotary dial phones?
wait a minute I got it.If we go back to anolog is it so the aliens wont find us?
OK adding a bit of humor helps.Alain please pardon my venting

Good eats and beats

I went to the 34th Annual Seafood Festival Yesterday.Ive been going to it for about 20 years.
I park my bike behind Corona Plaza to a secure post and fetch some fishn chips.I found a empty table but there was n't any chairs but I didn't mind standing.An acoustic Duo was playing.I kind gentleman walked up to me with a folded chair in hand.I smiled and thanked him.I don't know if he was a worked or a co participant but that was kind of him.
my next stop was the tiki bar where I had a beer and listened to Dr cheeko for a set.They are always fun to listen to.I think I've been going to see them for about 20 years too.perhaps a tad less!
About 2:30 I them headed back to the festival to catch the Sherman Brothers band play.They had a guest singer Alaina Maione join them.Good voice!Before they came on though there was a great jazz band playing.Theres nothing like a live big band and they did an awsome job of "In the Mood".
After the Sherman brother got finished I headed home but first I stopped at the beach house.Eric was assisting a customer and Derek was putting new shirts on hangers.I chatted with Derek andin glancing around I eyeballed his business card.After eric got finished with the customer we chatted.
Next week is the Surfboard swap and they want me to make some mixes for it.Tonight I will start on that special assgnment.Derek give me permission to use go on his website and use his pictures as long as I give him credits.I'm on it!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

super size me a film review

I saw a pic a Michael More argueing with the women on the view and I remembered the film "super size me."
OK it brings up good point about eating junk food but come on we all learned about good eating habits in 8th grade health class right?..and oh really Michael Moore looks like he's the perfect spokes person for good health.NOT!
it should have been directed by Dr Oz or someone who can you can beleive knows what good nutrition is.
Super size me is a film for those who were absent during the good nutrition lesson of health class.
Perhaps he will have Michael Lohan star in a film about anger managememnt.

my walking group and DJ gig dates

Hi Folks
I know a few folks who signed up for the saturday walkers group on my events page on facebook.If the group grows to 10 or 20 perhaps I'll get t Shirts made.Just a thought.
OK so heres what I plan so far
Sept 24
10am in front of the stage
we meet do intros and walk 3 laps then go for coffee
ipods and walkmen are is an awesome motivator.

OK now DJ news
October 1 about 9:30 am at Centennial Park in Bay Head for the Duck Derby.
Planning on featuring cool oldies and classic Rock and yes there will be seafaring tunes and reggae too!I'll be the Eclectic DJ everyone knows me for being.As always dancing is permitted and encouraged.Music is fun and fun is music!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

BP and mixes in the mail I see

Monday night i got a call from nancy at work the my Appointment for Dr Boyan was the next day.
Yesterday I rescheduled my piano lesson for Thursday.
Yesterday I received a mix from my friend Kate or KC as she was refeered to me back in the bookbin days.
When I got home I took a shower and listened to her mix.
I only got halfway through it before heading over to the Drs with Nancy.
My weight is about the same and the BP is was the claritan D was was the reason My BP was high.
he wants to see me again in a month.
with that good news I wanted to go out and get a bottle of wine but Opted for a nap instead.
I got another mix today from my longest running mix pal Al.
I gave a copy of "Hey Kids" to our kindergarden teacher and one to Nancy.
Frank Love the "Super Bad Jams mix"
Im finally in full BHS mode as far as membering all the things I have to do.
life is good.

Monday, September 12, 2011


Sure enough after I logged off last night we did indeed get a little thunder lightning and rain.It was getting late anyway so I called it quits on the computer and went to bed.
Today went well for a Monday.busy but well!
After work I took an hour Power nap and then headed out for a bikeride.My first stop was the post office.I mailed out 10 envelopes fulled with copies of super bad Jams to friends and a few family members.I reserved to copies for the girls at Cafe De Point which I delived and had a large coffee while Chatting with Brea,the owner.
my next stop was Rite aid where I bought some ink cartridges.The colors are starting to fade.
Im sure another refill will happen before Christmas.Being I was in that area I might as well get it while time and finances permit.
Traffic was calmer then it was the the summer but folks still barely look at you when they are rolling their carts into the street so extra caution is taken..YOU must slow down for them because THEY won't slow down for you.
On the way home I got the urge for half a sub so I went to Vasuvios and got half of a ham and chees sub and ate it at home while the ipod played. As I type this there is a nice sunset.hmm perhaps a nice cup of tea on the porch is in order.Then it time on the Piano,cleaning the roon and perhaps a few emails,then a shower and that order!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

back at Rockin' Joes

Today I slept in a little but did return the our small lunch gethering at Rockin Joes.I had a bagel with cream cheese and a large coffee.
My next stop was Ocean County Music were I picked up a jazz if I need more!I better be careful or I'll be come a music Horder.Ahh!Oh crap I hear thunder gotta go!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

remembering 9 11 2001

Sept 11 2001 started out like any other.The alarm woke me up.The anouncer on the radio said that one of the twin tower had been hit by a plane.
As I was getting ready for work I turned on the TV.
The news reporter speculated that perhaps the pilot had a heart attack or a stroke.Then I saw a second plane hit the other tower.THIS was no coincidence we were under attack.I was feeling fear as I left for work.On the way to work they said a plane crashed near the white house and another in Pennsyvania.
When I went into work I started to say to Jill did you hear about..she put here finger to her lips shushing me and telling me we can't say anything about it.Our Country was under attack and we had to go about like all was fine.
For days and weeks afterwards I was glued to the TV in my spare time.My mixmaking efforts were put aside.
Being glued to the TV and the news wasn't doing anything to help anyone or anything so eventually I got back to my normal self.
The only good thing that did come out of it is that our police,fire, EMS and Military personal were given new respect and were looked upon as heroes.People were nicer to each other and didnt take things for granted.Many stopped complaining about petty stuff and folks started going to church more and folks flew they're American flags with pride.
Today thanks to our Military evil men like Saddam Hussain and Osama Bin Laden are gone.
Remember those braven men and women who risk their live for us each day and when you see a hero walking down the street thank them for all they do because they do it for me and you!

A beautiful September day

My alarm woke me up at 7am today and I listened to the radio for a bit them drifted back to sleep.
The phone rang at about 9:30.It was hairizons saying my friend and hairdresser was booked for this week so Im getting a cut next week.
I drifted back to sleep for a hour longer then I got up and checked my email.
I got dressed and headed for a bikeride to The Longboard grill on Bay Ave
I had a slider which are 2 mini burgers,fries and a coke.
Then I went to Bordens,Ocean County music and then I went to the green planet and had a coffee and a Blueberry Muffin.I was lucky enough to get my favorite window seat where I sipped my coffee,are my muffin and watched the world outside.
I called a frew friends to see if they wanted to meet for cocktails but all were busy so I'll spend another night on the porch alone watching the sunset and a few glasses of wine.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Oh he knows

It was a bust week
I did alot but didnt ask for praise or glory..hmm do I eveh?I was acused of talking to much today.Once during a fire drill hmm really?I heard another teach talking and I got singled out.All I did was say that I was in the bathroom during the firedrill to our secretary.I wonder whos saying all this stuff about me.
Much as Id like to bet down to the bottom of it I think its best just to do my best and pray that it bless and let the Lord take care of the rest.
I am acused of stuff I think im wrongly acused of and yet I keep my mouth shut knowing I wont get far but know the good Lord knows where my heart is.
En route home I vent verbally and get it all out and the Lord know Im releasing emotional pain.Tonight I sat out on the porch with a glass of whine or 2 and watched the sun set.It calmed my spirits and reminded me whos watching over me.
So the weekend is here.Time for fun in the sun.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Super Bad Jams

Last night Inspiration hit me like a bomb.For a while I've been wantingto make a soul and funk mix and saw a playlist ofsoul and thought Yeah OK.
Years ago I had a compilation called "Super Bad" if my memory serves me right it was a K-tel compilation.It featured Motown and Stax recordings.
If you were around in the 1970s and 80s Im sure you have seen the commersial with the anounces saying K-tel presents...
OK I confess I had a few compilations on records.I mostly got em for a few dollars at a local 5 & 10 or Kmart!Admit it you did too..right?C'mon fess up!
Im sure when you were going though records to sell at a yard sale you saw a few saying "Ah gawd I hope folks don't find out I had these albums"
OK well here is my version of Super Bad called..
Super Bad Jams

Cool Grooves CD creations presents Super Bad Jams.Yes folks get the hottest 24 track CD mix brought to you by DJ Trish!
Super Bad Jams

1. Ain't it funky now - James Brown
2. Inner City Blues - Marvin Gaye
3. (your my)Soul and inspiration - The Righteous Brothers
4. Life - Sly & the Family Stone
5. Lets put it all together - The stylistics
6. Together lets find Love - The 5th Dimention
7. Funky Broadway - Wilson Picket
8. Ball of Confusion - The Temptations
9. Where did our love go - The Supremes
10. Maybe tonight - The Shirelles
11. Be Easy - Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings
12. Shout Bamalama - Otis Redding
13. Soul Investigators theme - Nicole Willis & the Soul Investigators
14. Chicken Shack Boogie - Amos Milburn
15. Happy music - The Backbyrds
16. Flash light - Parliament
17. Diddy wah Diddy - Bo Diddley
18. Somethin' Deep - Chaka Khan
19. Stax Jams - Galactic
20. Express Yourself - Chatles Wright & the Watts 103rd Rhthem Band
21. Scorpio - Dennis Coffey & the Detroit Guitar Band
22. Day Dreaming - Aretha Franklin
23. Gimme Some(good soul music) - The Dramatics
24. Sea & Sky - The fifth Dimention

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hitting the ground running

Wow..What a day.
Last night I had a relaxing night and only had 2 beers and although I could have had more I didn't and im glad I didnt go into end of the summer party mode.Today was busy.
I wasnt sorting mail most of the day and when I got done I delivered it to the classrooms.trying to remember all the little extra things was hard so I looked at my "Duties" list.
Just then a teacher came up wanting copies so I did them and them something happened.the green button was flashing but nothing was happening.Then I saw the screen flashing "add Paper" so I opened the paper tray and both sides were empty,so off for 2 packs of paper I went.Problem solved.
After things calmed down I checked the hallway printer, and the principals Printer and fax machine to see if that machines need paper.
On the way home I rembered I forgot to ask the Board office how they were in the paper supply department.Tomorrows another day and an early one too.
When I got home I checked the mail and sat down in the green chair.2 hours later I woke up.Woh now THAT was a nap!
OK time to add a little show polish to the work shoes,just in the shower and perhaps crank out a few mixes before bed.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Goodbye summer

The Book closes on another summer.Gone are the crazy bennies and the insane traffic,Folks can bring dogs,food and drinks on the beach free of badge checkers and lifeguards.Summer 2011 is now a memory.I hope your memories of this summer are good.Mine are for the most part.
The beach uniform is in the hamper ready to be washed and hung up for next year.The pants and shirts and knee high will return Wednesday morning.
leaning back in my beach chair will be faded out my sitting up straight full on strictly business office mode!
It will be good to see the teachers and kids.Gosh I hope I still bemember how to work the time to go.I must get my copier button finger back in shape.OK and bend 1,2 press 1,2..Phew what a work out!

Friday, September 2, 2011

End of Summer report Part 1

Wow just a few more days till summmer.It was a good one.Movie and music nights at the beach House,The Clam Bake & The Mankoloking Yacht club were the Hightlights musically.I couldn't do it without the help of the Following"Chip and Joyce,George Nicholas,my friends at the Beach House and Kay Tell!Thank you for your love and support.
Thankfully all my patrons at the beach were back this year safe and Sound.I am sad this summer is ending but I look forward to next summer.
My coworkers at the BHIA.Awesome.truly awesome.The wind killed 3 of my umbrellas this year.Doh!My platform escaped serious damage from Irene.Phew.
Sundays at Joyces and Chips were excellant.
I discovered 2 new places to eat and I missed Going to Rockin Joes but more frequent visits there will resume soon.
A new fridge was another adventure.
My Mix exchange group has a few new members and my love of making mixes is still alive.Friends and family continue to turn me on to new bands and I finally beleive I have all the music I want in my itunes player including christmas tunes.speaking of which this years theme will be "A swingy jazzy Christmas "Dont worry I'll wait at least till Novenber to post the playlist.
OK its a work night.Time for bed.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

back to business

Things returned to normal today at the BHIA.My entranceway escaped intacted with esception to the snowfence.We were red flag until around 3pm when we went yellow.
Hopefully tomorrow will be green.
3 days of produced yet another mix.The other day I went to atomic CDs and bought a few more CDs.I was gathering some items to return to the Library when I came accross I CD I almost forgot I had
The fleet Foxes Latest release Helpless blues.They still maintain the great harmonies That they are known for in their previous release.Truly a Thumbs up from me.
Alright well without further delay here is my newest mix

Greetings from the other side of the bridge

1. Good Day - Tally Hall
2. Indian War whoop - John Hartford
3. Mr Fabulous - Doretha Moore
4. Daylight again - Crosby still & Nash
5. When I fall in love - Tom Jones
6. Like Heaven - Blue Angels
7. Pledging my love - Johnny Ace
8. Greenback Dollar - The Kingston Trio
9. The Cascades - The Fleet Floxes
10. In the highways - The Peasall Sisters
11. Spirits in the night - Manfred Mann's Earth Band
12. A Thousand Stars - The Rivileers
13. For a love that is mine - The Pentagons
14. Lost in the fifties Tonight - Ronnie Milsap
15. On my radio - The selector
16. Monkey Man - The specials
17. Sim Sala Bim - The fleet Foxes
18. Akila - Toure Kunda
19. big rock candy mountain - Harry McClintock
20. Rapture - X-Static
21. Breathe - Telepopmusic
22. Celebrate - Three Dog Night
23. End of the line - The Traveling Wilburys
24. Angel Band - The stanley brothers
25. Europa - Santana

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Post Irene update

Minimal damage was received in my neck of the woods.As far as I can see all there appears to be is branches scattered about.I suspect our Front Garden will see the worst of it.Our Beautiful Flowers that Nancy worked so hard on will be sagging like rag dolls im sure.
I got a call from my supervisor saying the Beach is closed tomorrow.All is time off is giving me a chance to catch up on emails,facebook,making mixes and being plain lazy.My cell was charging when we had a power surge and screwed up the time and date and figuring out how to straighten it out was a pain the the you know what but I finally got it.
Chip Posted pictures of his house on facebook and ol' Bay Head Is in 2 feet of water.Ahh!
Im wondering what the beach looks like and how many of the recently restored platforms held up.Mine was practically rebuilt after the last big storm!
I hope to get out tomorrow by bike or foot to check things out.
The Music and movie night is rescheduled for this Friday at the beach house.

A Mid Summers Groove

Heres a mix I made a few weeks back.So why am I posting it now?I listened to it to see if I liked the way it turned out.Sometimes I throw a mix together and I dont really think about the order of the songs.most of the time they are fine and other times I listen and go hmm needs improvement.Some mixers I know spend a lot of time on the order of the playlist order and flow.
If Im making a special mix for someone I do but most of the time the order and flow take a life of their own and it works well.Well anyway here it is!

1. Wake up Call - David Arkenstone
2. This Joy - Shirley Caesar & Eric Reed
3. Malaguana - Richie Valens
4. Train - Cibelle
5. Chosen - Afro Celt Sound System
6. Gaita Mestra - DJ Tudo & Gente DE Todo Lugar
7. Heres to Life - The Jordan Family
8. Free Me - Joss Stone
9. Lord of The Reedy River - Mary Hopkin
10. Mysterious Island - Mickey Hart
11. Deep Channel - Afro Celt Sound System
12. Hot & Groovy - Militant
13. I Like It Like That - Original Latin All Stars
14. Rockin All Night - Rochie Valens
15. A little Bit Me, A Little Bit You - The Monkees
16. Too Hot - The Specials
17. Albatross - Fleetwood Mac
18. Kokomo - The Beach Boys
19. Lively Up Yourself - Bob Marley & the Wailers

Hey Kids wanna Rock?

As Promised My Kids mix
simply titled
Hey Kids
1. Saturday Night - The Bay City Rollers
2. Yellow Submarine - The Beatles
3. Bam Boogie - Bent Fabric
4. Copa Banana - Crazy Frog
5. We Like to Party - Vengaboys
6. Little White Duck - Danny Kaye
7. Rainbow Connection - Kermit the Frog
8. Zip a Dee Do Dah - The Fabulous Thunderbirds
9. I whistle A Happy Tune - Frank Sinatra
10. We Got The Beat - The Go Gos
11. Autumn to May - Peter,Paul & Mary
12. Flowers Are Red - Harry Chapin
13. I got ants in my Pants - James Brown
14. Addams Grooves - MC Hammer
15. Pink Elephants on Parade - The Disney Chorus
16. The Hampster Dance Song - Hampton The Hampster
17. The Cha Cha Slide - Mr C Slide
18. Pump Up The Jam - Technotronic
19. The Ballad of Davy Crockett - The Wellingtons
20. Man Gave Names to All The Animals - Tim O'Brien
21. Puff ,The Magic Dragon - Peter,Paul & Mary

Coming up in my next blog..A Mid Summers Groove

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Get ready for Tropical storm Irene

Irene was a hurrican but is downgraded to a tropical storm.Many folks are evacuating but amny of us aren'nt.
We have 2 days off at the beach and have to call in Monday.
Last nights movie night is rescheduled for next week.Im hoping it wont be as bad as the predicted.While everyones away Govenor Christie is going to break into your house and raid your fridge and your liquire cabinet,then hes going to sit in your recliner and watch your TV.
OK OK time to be serious.I started work on my childrens mix.Its simply titled hey kids.
I also have a playlist called 0874u and plan on making another mix built around purchases I made the other day at Atomic CDs.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

a new mix fan?

My neice Amber and I spent some time together tonight.I think she felt rejected because she wasnt getting time on the wii.Recently a fellow mixmaker sent me a copy of a kids friendly mix she made for her sons 2nd Birthday.I lent it to Amber.She went through some CDs I had on top of the Downstairs stereo.She said she liked jazz so I lent her a CD I made my dad shortly before he died.She showed me some of her gymnastic moves.Of to be young and skinny again!My biggest athletic acheivement as a little girly was climbing trees and fences.I was no Nadia Comaneech(Spelling??)She asked me to make another Kids mix.OK there kiddo get ready for a mix from Aunt DJ Trish!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Movie and music Night August 26th

Join The Beach House for music and a great Surf Movie This Friday.
At Press Time Eric and his staff were in a super secret closed door meeting trying to make a decision on what surf movie to show.
The Fun starts at 7pm at the Beach House 517 Main Ave In Bay Head.
Bring a beach chair and get ready for a great Night.
Trish will be Raffling off a copy of her highly acclaimed 2 mix set called Island Party mix.