Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thumbs up 2011

1.Reflections of Blue - David Arkenstone
2.Fugue from Prelude & Fugue No 20 in A Minor - Bela Fleck & the Flecktones
3. The times they are a changin' - Bob Dylan
4.Movin - Brass Construction
5.Jingo - Candido
6.Every Little thing - Chaka Khan
7.Streetbeat - David Hewitt
8.Bongo Bop - Charlie Parker
9.The Nightfly - Donald Fagen
10.The Pink Panther theme - Henry Mancini
11.Leaving Here - Eddie Holland
12.Still Water(love) - The four Tops
13.Dance With Me Henry - Georgia Gibbs
14.Soul Music - Curtis Mayfield
15.Oh la la la - Kool & The Gang
16.Matilda - Calypso Eddie
17.One - Keziah Jones
18.Teach the children - Dennis Alcapone
19.Show me your firetruck - Hans Zimmer
20.Anam - Clanned
21.Farewell Duet - Danny Elfman
Part 1 Of my latest mix

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hare Ram Hare Krishna - Dum Maro Dum Mit Jaaye Gum - Asha Bhosle

My Cousin Michael Put this song on a mix for me a few years I thought you might wanna hear a little world music!

oh no not more music websites to check out

hi folks
Here are 2 more music websites to check out - a great site for those wanting to learn more about..duh world music - another site for mix traders.Her Name is Julia and she passionateabout keeping the mix culture alive.Im not active in it but I admire here for taking it to the next level!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Arnold Ave

Last night I put the finishing touches on my newest mix "Thumbs Up"Its a 2CD set and ill Post it soon. I mailed a few copies out to a few friends.
Today I went downtown to Arnold Ave.I bought a 100 pack of CDRs!That should last me a while.I also made a few social rounds.I went to see Debby at the Grind coffee shop and yes I did have a cup of Joe!I also gave here a copy of Thumbs up and she liked the playlist.
My next stop was In the light Photography studio where I chatted with Vinnie the Owner.My last stop was to see another friend Eloise at her antique store "Thoughtful Treasures we chatted for a while.
On the way home I had to take a little detour because there was road work on Bay Ave.
The ride home wasnt as chilly because the wind was at my back.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cafe De Point

This past winter One of the BHRC Thats (Bay Head Reading Center)librarians,Sally told me about a place called Cafe De Point.I almost forgot about it till I passed it on my way to get my bike tuned up.
Today in my travels I did look into it.Its a cozy place.The women that work there are nice.There are a few lounge chairs there.
They are across from O'Brians Florist.I had my usual coffee and Blueberry Muffin.Fresh and Tasty.
There were nice painting displayed throughout the small cafe.
check out for more info

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bay and Ocean December 1994

A mixtape
Creation date-12/20/94-12/23/94
on a Maxell 100 minute cassette
When I found 100 minute cassettes I was thrilled! 10 more minutes of mixing time wohoo!Of course being the tape was longer I had to remember to clean the tapehead at least once a month so they didn't get eaten.
side A
So much in Love - Little Antony & the Imperiels
Hey Jealosy - Gin Blossoms
Eldeberry Wine - Elton John
Everyday People - Sly & the family Stone
Farther up the road -Bobby Blue Bland
Nexus - Dan Fogelberg
Search,Find - the Beegees
Can't go back - Fleetwood Mac
Bluebird is Dead - ELO
Cable TV - Weird Al Yankovic
The Diary of Horace Wimp -ELO
Come on Over - The Beegees
What you see - The Beatles
George of the jungle - Weird Al Yankovic
Aireshire Lament - Dan Fogelberg
Side B
I would find a way - Big Mountaun
Keep a knockin - little Richard
Slime creatures from outer Space - Weird All Yankovic
Little bitty pretty one - Thurston Harris
Budapest by blimp - Thomas Dolby
Here and Now - Letters to Cleo
I wish I had never seen you - Phil Brito
All mixes up - The Cars
Waterfall - Carly Simon
Nine times blue - The Monkees
Midnight creeper - Elton John
Love in song - Paul mcCartney & Wings
Live it up - Blondie

Many of these somgs were inspired by DJing with Frank at School Dances!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Its the end of march and my toes are still cold

This Morning It was in the mid to upper 30s.Yesterday I took a quick bikeride and man it was COLD!The winter coats not getting put away just yet!Old man winter is still hanging around!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

music news,updates and other thoughts

After work today I picked up a few Cd's of the putumayo series I ordered a few nights ago.I got one called Jazz around the world which should be cool.My next mix is going to be called thumbs up 2011.Its going to be a 2 CD mix.Many songs from the Putumayo series will be on it.
If your interested in or curious about exploring world music.The Putumayo series is a perfect series to check out.My favorites are reggae,steel drums and other African music.The rhythm and beats are great to dance to and listen to.
check em out
In other news I just found out In addition to myself,the Sherman Brothers Band will be playing at earth day too!
I mailed out some CD mixes to the rest of my cousins and a few friends and theres a couple I still want to send to but I'll wait till next week.Ill make a list of who I want to send to and get enough envelopes.
I also mailed out an order to
For those of you Vinyl junkies they have records too.LPs,EPs and 45s!
Last week Joan resumed Piano lessons.Im not as rusty as I thought Iwas but I must practice more often.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pinetop Perkins and Friends

We lost a great Piano man today.Thank you for the music Pinetop!

Monday, March 21, 2011


517 main AVE
Bay HEAD NJ 08742
This is Eric's 8Th year doing this.Eric and his staff are knowledgeable on what surf gear is right for you.He can tell you where the best surf spots are.He and his staff also help you with what to buy and how to get the best out of your surfing experience.They teach surfing and know when and where beginners can go to start out.If they don't have something in stock they can order it for you.They have incredible knowledge on the history of surfing and know many well known surfers.
They also have books,movies and magazines on surfing.
for more info
check out
Tell them Trish sent you!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Almost a year on blogger

Last night I went through all my blogs and now that I know how to use spell check on here Ohh there is some correcting to do!There also a way to make a book out oh my blogs.hmm a few folks may night like that idea.Sometimes if folks tell me they wanna smack me I tell them.Don't hit me I'll write a book!That's gets a laugh or two.
Last night there was some beer tasting in the kitchen.One beer I sampled was called banana bread.,there was another called kilt lifter.
I decided I'm not into dark beers.I went back to my miller light after a few tastings.I recently found the headset to my ipod.Now I must untangle the darn thing and if its warm enough I may take a little walk to clear the cobwebs from my head.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

a beautiful Saturday

When I wa awakened by my alarm today at 8am It was really hard to get up because up was up till 3am burning a few more CDs for friends I knew Id see today.My hairdresser Debby got one bause she won't except tips from me so my tips are mixes.I also gave one to the receptionist.
After my haircut I did head on down the street to Rockin Joes and had a coffee and a bagel.
My next stop was the library,where I picked up a CD and Paid my fine on some CDs I returned late.The North wind slowed me down a tad but that's OK.The next stop was the post office.I sent out some mixes to some Cousins.I think I'm covered as far as mailing out mixes but knowing me I think of a few other and go Oh s--t I have mailed one to this person or that person.
my other stops were social.Applegates,Central Market and the Beach house classic board shop.Im not a surfer but if theres a sport I do enjoy watching surfing is it.It takes real skill and Balance.Surfers are NOT motivated by awards or trophies.Getting a good wave is their reward.
My Final stop was CVS where I finally bought some Claritin D!Spring is here.My days start with sneezing fits and a little gagging but hell its better than shoveling!
Now its time for a hour or 2 nap to rest up for a St Patricks Party tonight!

Friday, March 18, 2011

music review hot chip One life stand

I got this CD out of the library.Hot Chip at first I thought was a clubby band but thats not so.Hot chip is a cool band.Fans Of Hot Chip check out One Life Stand.Those who Havent Heard of them,Well I encourage you to check em out!

Spring is here

Today it was a beautiful 60 degrees!I was bad and didnt take a walk or bikeride after work.I did a small Load of Laundry and took a nap.Ive been staying up way to damn late catching up with mixes.A few more smiles put on friends at work.One teacher whos son is not long for this world I think was especially happy to get one.Just when I wonder if folks truly care about my mixes someone comes along and tell me how much they enjoy them.Hey hard drive you hear this?lol!
Our Little Rocking Joes group is going to take a break this week so I might check out a new Bakery a few blocks from here.
Im also going to get a haircut.Its gettin out of control.
Irecently watched a dvd about the Beatles called the Beatles Songbook 1957-1963.There were a few folks bacicly talking about the songwriting styles of John lennon and Paul was interesting but not mind blowing.
I went Into Ocean County Music Wedesdaay afternoon.All there CDs are 25% off.I was good and didnt get anything but uhoh I may swing by there again this weekend.Before adding anymore music to my itunes library I must dump about about dozen songs.
OK time for a late dinner and a 12 oz curl..Beer!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

out of the mouths of babes

At School we have this big metal cage on wheels for playgroud equiptment.Every day after lunch one of my jobs is to bring it in.Often 3 third grade girls roll this big thing in.Bless their hearts.
The other day I told them they deserve gold stars.The next day they informed me their teacher didnt give gold stars.OK how about a homework pass.A night without homework.He doesnt do that either.
One of them said "Thats OK either if we don't get a prize we do it anyway"wow Thats awsome.THATS school spirit.One day I will get them a little something though steering that cart is no easy job.Perhaps a pack of sugerfree gum or something like that.I hope they carry that good attitude the rest of their lives and they will do well in life.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

another beauty of a day for bike riding..and walking

Before leaving work today our Computer Tech Wally informed me it was warm and nice and a perfect day for a bike ride.
I did.I took my bike to Pt Pleasant Bicycles to be tuned up and then I took a walk to Sheryl's new shop.Its across the street from Colonial Market.Ive only been in there one but they're nice.Of course Bay Point Market is Tops in my book but Ill consider them If Im not in the mood for riding over the bridge.
The New Special T graphics is bigger and cleaner.Dave,Sheryl's Husband says the landlord is nice and let him do some Painting and other alterations in there.That's something most landlords frown upon.
After I saw Sheryl walked to rite aid and bought a 50 pack of CD rs.They didn't have jewel cases so Ill get some from Ocean County music.
That Parking lot is always full.Super Stop N shop is mostly the reason why.I remember when Jamesway was there.There was also a cute ice cream shop there too!It seamed like traffic was heavier then I expected so I was extra careful.
the bike is like new now.

Monday, March 14, 2011

DJ Trish News

Hi folks
I just Got official word today that I willl once again be spinning tunes at Earthday.This year it will be at the River Front Park(former site of Pt Pleasant Hospital)
I met Susan Roche,Bay Heads New Photographer in Town.She wants me to Spin at the grand opening April 29.from 7-9.More detail to follow
check back again soon for these and other exciting blogs.
In other music News Im almost caught up with mailing out mixes to family and friends Ive been meaning to send mixes to for some time now.I have a few more family members to send to.I made a few to fellow staffers at BHS and gave them out today.A few loose ends there too.Oh the life of a DJ!Im enjoying it.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

An Island Vacation

After that last super serious blog I think its time for something fun.I just had to get that off my chest.I hope I didnt scare you.
Heres a playlist of a recent mix I made.

1 Kalefa fm "Gumbay Dance" - Abdel Kebirr & The Soto Koto Band
2 Khululuma - African Rhythm Travellers
3 Women of Samaria - Adams,Naomi
4 Positive Vibration - Bob Marley & The Wailers
5 Jah is real - Burning Shear
6 Far Side of of the world - Jimmy Buffett
7 say hey(I love you) - Michael Franti & Spearhead
8 Obinkabimame - Osibisa
9 Live it up - Predator Dub Assasins
10 Aqua Marine - Santana
11 Jah Mercy - Sierra Leone's Refugee All-Stars
12 Eastern Standard Time - The Skatalites
13 The Girl From Ipanema - Steelasophical
14 Time Tough - Toots & The Maytals
15 Love you want - the Wailing Souls
16 Cantata Rhimba - The West India Regiment Steel Band
17 Keep on dreaming - Ziggy Marley
18 Soca Me nice - Mongo Santamaria
19 Give peace a chance - Toots & the maytals
20 We all are one - Jimmy Cliff

I have given copies of this to family & Friends and received good feedback!

A Hand to Help

Today a told someone I know my idea of Volunteering my DJ services to help the People of the Tsunami.They kind of laughed and said we didn't respond so quick to the folks in Hurricane Katrina but we will jump at the chance to help the people of Japan.
Heres my thought
1 Japan AND California were both caught off guard.neither saw it coming.
2 God wants us as Christians to do what we can for anyone in need regardless of race,religion or location!
3 I'm not offering my services for money or a gain in my name but simply to do what I can to help folks in need.

This week was Spirit week as BHS.Those who participated got prizes.Each day was a different dress code
one day was hat day ,another day was team shirt day and so one etc.
To me spirit is much more.Respecting each other,being kind,respect and supporting school events and property etc.
Oh Im all for fun and spirit but giving our kids the massage the you'll get a prize for good things you do?hmm
can't they just be good for goodness sake?Not that they don't deserve it but some might get the message to be good just to get a reward.
I remember coming home from a class trip in NYC several years ago and folks passing by a homeless person.Perhaps he was an drugged out or alcoholic bum but he was also a human!these folks in their $300.00 Armani suits ignored him like a piece of trash.
Have you ever seen a guy playing a guitar or a trumpet playing a great peace of music and simply drop a dollar in his cup.Next time buy that guy a bagel and coffee!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Celtic Thunder

When many young folks think of Today Irish Music U2 and the Dropkick Murphys come to mind but for tradition Irish music Celtic Thunder is a great Band.They Have a New CD called Heritage.
Other Bands to Celebrate St Patricks day by are the Irish Rovers and Tommy Maken.
May the Luck of the Irish be with you today and Always!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

day good afternoon of shopping

Upon arriving home after a busy but productive day at work I felt the warmth of the sun and knew it was a bike riding day.
I took in the mail,sorted it and brought Nancy and Dans mail over to their side.There was Bayou waiting for me.Her tail was going and when I went to pet her she gave my hand a lick.aww!I kissed her on the head and let her out and she too was enjoying the sun.
After she came back in I petted her some more and rubbed her behind the ears.she loved that.I think most dogs do!She stood in the kitchen like eh hem are you forgetting something?Ah yes the biscuit!I like the sound when she chews on the milk bone.crrunch! crrunch!
Then I ran upstairs ,booted up the computer ,got changed into my civvies and off on my bike I went.I mailed out a few mixes and headed to Bordans for ink cartridges and gave them a mix.I stopped at Ocean County music and gave them a mix and my last stop was Atomic CDs.The owner Eric was on the phone so I looked around.There was some cool artwork on the wall.Including paintings by a local artist named skullboy who does paintings of Skulls.Hes Talented and a nice guy.I wonder if he would ever branch out and do other stuff.
I noticed that the CD section has shrunk and the vinyl section has grown.So is he going to change the store name to atomic records?hmm
Most of the albums are $6-10.00 and the real good ones are a tad pricier.Many albums I've been can be bought for new on CD for the same price.
Well I do hope the CDs that are gone are in a happy home and I wish his albums equal the sucess!Good music should not just sit on a shelves not being appreciated.
OK well while Im sittin' here pluggin Atomic CDs I'll also Mention they Have books,Clothes,Stickers and Jewelry.They are on Arnold Ave in Point Pleasant beach 2 doors down from The Green Planet Coffee Shop.
Remember to Please support your Local stores and shops and keep the local economy going!

Monday, March 7, 2011

back at the 88s again

Tonight I called 2 folks who have been on my mind lately.
My friend Ellen Parker who Ive known for over 20 years.perhaps 25.
Her Daughter is in college and her son is in high school.Its amazing how time goes by.
The second Friend is Joan Sherman who is on the mend after having a stent put in a heart valve.Shes also my piano teacher.
She is feeling well enough to teach piano again which is good to hear.Time to do a self review and cram to catch up.I was doing well but this winter I got lazy especially after that chest cold I had.
Last night both ink cartridges ran out.At least I got some mixes for friends at work finished.
Today the wind was whipping so I took the opportunity to take a nap after work.Tomorrow I hope its nice enough for a bike ride.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Saturday at Rockin' Joes

I woke up a tad later then I had planned but that's my own fault for staying up till 2am.I did get up in time to go to the bank and meet Knight,Kate,Gran Marie and whoever else happened by at Rockin' Joes.I made Knight and Kathy a Mix and Knight and I often discuss who is on it and why,etc.Its like a DJs psychiatric session.A good one at that.
I had a large coffee and a bagel with cream cheese.Knight had a burger.I think Kate also had a bagel and Gran had some danish roll.Other folks swung by but names escape my memory at press!
After our 2 hour lunch I stopped at George and Beth's and saw Curt who had a weekend leave.He Looked good and he too got a mix.
I visited with curt for 15 minutes and then he took off with some friends.I sat and Chatted with George and Beth for another 20 minuted and my last stop was CVS to get a 50 pack of CD rs for $19.00!Ill get the jewel cases at Ocean County Music another day.
The night consisted of dinner and 3 glasses of white Zinfandel and burning a few mixes and off to bed.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

God Has my Back Part 2

The Other day I went down to the hearing aid place on Princeton Ave.Its a LOONG stretch of road and Im always afraid Im going to miss it.But All I need to remember is its on the left after the third traffic light.I try to time it so I miss all that getting out of school traffic.I did.I even got there early and got back early.
I remembered to thank God when I got home.
When we have a great day we must remember who gave it to us.My answer..God!Now don't get me wrong just because im a Christian doesn't mean I dont have days that are trying.I do.
When I accepted the Lord as my savior in 1983,I thought OK things will go better now that I have the Lord.right..wrong.Thats when satan tries hard when things are going wrong to say OK wheres jesus now huh?
Learn from the mistakes and thanks God for it all!
Today I was making something for one of our teachers and for some reason I put aside a copy for an oringinal and thank God i did because she needed a few more.I love when I do things right however its not on my own power but its God who helps me.
The other day I read where the supreme court said its OK for protesters to be at military funerals.WHAT?In the picture there was someone who was holding a sign that said God hates you.WHAT??
God is a God of LOVE!God is NOT a hater!
Satan is of hate.
God is forgiving loving and compassion.He Loves us and Gave his son to die for our sins.Id like to know what church is preaching god and hatred in the same sentence!Whoever it is better bead their bible again!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

ideas and music

While I was downloading songs with the first gift card my cousin sent me I realized it was easier to type in the name of the artist rather than the title of the song.
This lesson learned I made a list of artists for my second venture into itunes downloads.
Speaking of music I found my headphones that go to my ipod,of course while I was searching for something else.
Im going to do some walking when it warms up again.It was in the 40s today but of course the wind picked up.doh!
according to blogger I've made 48 blog entries thus far.Once spring comes my blogs will be fewer and more interesting.go ahead tell me to get a life.Oh I have a life and Im sharing it with YOU!I do need to improve my proofreading skills.I can't toally rely on spellcheck.some rainy day I will go through ALL my blogs and make corrections.That will be a LONG day!
Until next time
adios amigos!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Stop polution

When Im taking a bikeride or walking and see people leaving trash all over the place it makes me angry.Many don't care about our enviroment or are just to damn lazy to put their trash in the garbage.I recently saw a cool video of the ocean and it reminds me how Beautiful our Ocean is but it wont be much longer if we keep dumping sludge and trash in it.
The same with the land.The only way we can save this planet for future generations is if we take care of it.
and remember to recycle too!