Thursday, April 28, 2016

Santana IV

 when I listened to a few of these tracks on Amazon I thought oh heck yeah I.m getting this CD!
 I was also lucky to peel the hyp sticker off the shrink wrap and put it on the CD cover.
 this will please the ears of longtime Santana fans.
 Filled to infectious Dance grooves and positives lyrics and an instrumental or two it will grab your heart and your soul.
A+ for sure

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Camera is fixed!

Thursday I finally got my camera back!
Yesterday I went on a shooting and filming spree!

I shot some gardens and flowers.

I even got a nice close up of a goose that i think was just waking up from a nap!

I experimented with the Macro option and got a nice shop of this seagull
Having my camera back feels so great!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

1 win one fail

last night and this afternoon I tried to creat a podcast and failed. not to give up but realizing its too time consuming and technologically difficult. if its that dayam hard screw it.
In other news I got a call saying my camera is fixed.
I wont be a podcast DJ but I will be good youtuber and continue to make mixes for friends and family and also a mobile DJ and photographer.
The wins outweigh the losses! Yeah boy!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Mid April Update and random chatter

Well I'm going on week 4 without my camera. I feel my creativity has suffered a bit and my motivation in making mixes has even suffered  but I has ideas rolling in my head.
As far as DJing things are going well.
This past Saturday I had an early morning gig at Bricks little league opening day. It was chilly but fun. next week is Point Pleasant annual earthday celebration!
 I think last weeks gig at Martells may open a few doors for me as far as DJ gigs go. I received many nice compliments. Perhaps this spring and summer will be a good year in the DJ biz for me.
   I'm also thinking of starting a podcast on podbean. If I can learn how to use audacity I'm in like Flynn but if not its OK!
I'm happy to have my blogs and youtube Vlogs!
 I also will have a summer job so I'm grateful for that too!
For now I must look forward to getting my camera back and doing a 500+ subs contest.
Stay Tuned.....

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Beleive in yourself

Today at work a student expressed self doubt to a coworker. I told the student Believe in yourself.
Like many kids that age I have self doubt too.
I don't really remember getting told to believe in myself and think positive till high school. I was swimming in the sea of self doubt by then but occasionally washed to shore when I aced a test or a quiz.
I think kids these days but too much pressure of themselves to ace every test or quiz in order to stay on their team, club or just to keep with their peers. Many want to please their parents too and many feel that a B is not good enough.
 When I got an A or a B I felt good. If I saw a red penned A+ on any paper it made my day!
   I often here kids talking about college before they even set foot in high school. Long range planning or high hopes?

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

I'd like to be YOUR DJ

 Attention Point Pleasant and Bay Head friends.
Looking for a fun and friendly DJ?
Please consider DJ Trish
I have been DJing since 2000 and got my start in a little place called Bay Head school!
My Mentor was DJ Frank
I have a wide variety of Rock, Reggae Jazz, Oldies and some country music too.
I Have DJayed at Firehouses, school and local restaurant in the area including the Bay Head Yacht club,Bay Head School, The Bay Head Fire House, Martell in Point Pleasant, The White Sands and The VFW and Pioneer Hose fire Co in Brick NJ.
you may email me at for more info!
I look forward to hearing from you!

Friday, April 1, 2016

returning the Favor

there are many people who do things for us and many don't realize or appreciate the good people in their lives.
My parents taught me to always try to return the kindness of others no matter how small a gesture it may be.
  For example my friends Chip and Joyce do many nice things for me,and there's no way I can repay them in full. but I do little thing like buy them drinks ,coffee or a gift card to a local bar or Restaurant for Christmas and as Little as it may seem to me it might be more appreciated by them then I think .
  A while back I opened the door for someone and it turned out they had a cane and as little as I thought that act of kindness was they really did appreciate it and it meant they didn't have to stop and struggle to open the door. Little things do mean a lot.


Ok so little bit of politics here.
Today I did this little rant on my facebook page about how we are letting Syrians in. like 10,000 of them ok.
I'm all for helpings folks out if they are fleeing a dangerous place.
However Syria is probably one of the biggest host of terrorist out there. There are folks who will disguised as innocent folks but are really aiming to do us harm that can slip through background checks.
  2nd We have folks here in this country who are homeless due to Tornadoes and Hurricanes who are STILL without help.
We Have Veterans who have trouble getting help. Shouldn't we have our own first.
Heck perhaps I'm wrong.
OK that's it from me!