Monday, March 31, 2014

a beautiful Monday

 I went to see my friend Eloise today at her shop Thoughtful Treasures in Point Pleasant Beach.The shop me rearrange with a wider variety of antiques and collectables.
here a few!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Happy times on a gloomy day

                On gloomy days like todayI look at this Book from Bob Krist and look forward to warm summer days!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring 2014 a 2 CD mix

       This 2 CD mix was inspired by my neice and a fireman friend oh and yes a couple of music lovin folks on youtube.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

what inspired you to make a mix!

Sometimes folks ask me what inspires me to make a mix.
Its mostly songs I hear on the radio, hearing an old mixtapes and conversations about music. Other folks mixes inspire me too!
Once in a while someone will ask me for specific songs and if I don't have it I'll run out to 7-11 and get an iTunes card and go from there.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

BHFC stylin'

                                               now that's a toilet paper holder! Pic of the little girl firefighters room at the BHFC!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

beleive in yourself

I often wonder why people turn to drugs.
Is it lack of self esteem?
Is it slow suicide?
Is it a way to get rid of internal pain physical or and emotional?
I read and hear about an increase of drug use in our area but have not seen it.
The only thing close to drug use I've experience is trying to smoke in my early 20s.I nearly choked to death
I hate needles and  even nasal spray creeps me out.
Why do people do this stuff to themselves?
I used to get drunk once in a while but at my age I ask myself why?stop it!
spending half a morning puking your brains out doesn't appeal to me anymore!
I know people who still are like " Oh man I got so drunk last night and was sick as hell this morning!"
are you cooler or hipper for doing that?
whos life or property did you wreck on the process?
 Sure I'll have 2 or 3 drinks on the weekend but that's it.
Sobriety is the coolest thing ever and millions of livers agree!
I wanna live a long happy life!
to see another sunrise each day
and the birds chirp away!
choose sobriety today!

God doesn't make junk
we each have a gift we were given
believe in life
believe in yourself!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

something from the past

Made in October in 2007 with anitunes gift card.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Celebrities and Drug abuse

Since the death of Phillip Seymore Hoffman it seems everyone is aware of how bad heroin is or perhaps just being reminded of it.
  I never used it.Never will!Heck I cringe getting a blood test.
 Heroin is the fastest drug to get hooked on but the hardest to kick. Its the most addictive too!
   Why does it take someone famous dying or killed to make folks aware of the dangers of drugs?Kurt Cobane ,Jimmi Hendrix and countless others died of drug abuse.
 Liberace  and Freddie Murcury Died of aids and people are still acting like jungle animals screwing each other and we are having the LGBT acceptance shoved in our faces!
whats wrong with this picture?
  We had a few cases in our county recently of Heroin related deaths and the think they found the supplieror someone close to them or him. I hope so.!
I don't want out nice town to be overrun by drug pushers and not be able to safely be out at night.Thats scary.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

where is spring?

last night the wind really was howling.
Today it continued with temps in the 20s.ugh,high arctic winds.I don't like it!
OK now some good news.
I have 300 subscribers on my youtube channel.Yes 300 people like me!!
I posted my contest today after a busy day at worlk
heres the link

join in!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

remembering 2009 and myspace

Last night out of curiosity I looked to see if the website art of the mix was still wasn't but I came across an article of someone remembering when she and her friends would make CD mixes for each other and how now one really does that anymore. it triggered the memories of 2009
  in 2009 there was this social network called myspace. It was more popular then facebook for a spell!
       I found this group called art of the mix. It was for folks like me who loved making  CD mixes and sharing them with others. Then I found IMP the international mixtape project..I joined both. I met many like minded folks who like me were obsessed with making CD mixes. we would exchange addresses and send each other mixes.
  AOM was having problems with viruses and such so we all jumped ship and joined another site called Zenrunning order aka ZeRo. that lasted for 2 years and that admin shut it down because of similar issues that he couldn't keep up with due to work and family issues.
  I stopped using myspace because my Hotmail account got hacked and figured my myspace account did too!
facebook got more user friendly so I signed up there. Luckily I was able to reconnect with some of my myspace friends who they themselves quit myspace and joined facebook.
  I'm still in touch with a handful of ZeRo friends who still have a passion for music and making mixes.
 one of them is Larry aka uncle Orca!We both the mixes through the mail idea even though postage has gone up! He occasionally even makes me mixtapes where he pretended to be a DJ and I told him he should get a job at a radio station. Hes that good!
 most everyone else puts their mixes on mixcloud. Not Larry and me!
many has fallen of the CD mix radar because of what I call real life issues. I say if you have an hour to yourself a day heck have fun and make a mix.
 With the revival of interest in LPs I'm hoping folks will once again be interested in making and trading CD mixes via mail.
 Some folks come into your life for a season and others stick around for more and theres always a reason and a lesson to be learned. Be thankful for ALL your friends and cherish the time you have with them all!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spring is close very close

I was chatting with a neighbor and we both noticed evidence of spring in your garden. Ah! This gladdens my heart, soul and body!
 for the first time in months my poor toes are freezing and I wore a lighter jacket today!
 we may get a little snow tomorrow night or Thursday. I'm hoping it will be just a little bit. heck it is march by the way.
 I finally did some shopping Saturday. Ink cartridges, CD-Rs, and CDs! I saw a few friends in my travels too! I'm cured of my cabin fever. Now m allergies are acting up but Allergies are OK!
  Tonight I got on  the OCL website again and put more CDs on hold. Heavy on the R& B from the 70s and 80s.The next  mix will be funktified!
  So I was talking to Franks substitute about church and that just going to church alone doesn't make you a good Christian.Many folks think this.
OK I'm all for going to church and getting spiritually fed and so on BUT that alone doesn't make you a good Christian.
 Take the lessons you learn in church and live them,apply them to your life! its not always easy and there will be temptation to forget but do your best each day.
If your curse or get angry confess it to God above. When your have a good day thank him! If your having struggles ask him for help. Church is a great renews you and helps you face the week ahead but theres much more to being a Christian then going to church. People will see your Christianity by the way you act outside of church.
A friend once told me "you'll be blessed by your integrity. Wow I never thought of that. doing the right thing pleases God.
OK that's enough for now.
Good night and have a great tomorrow!

Monday, March 10, 2014

assoted pictures

  Humane society keychain I found a while back and if memory serves me right it was on the beach!This has been floating around in my desk drawer for years. I thought it would make for a cool picture.

3 CDs I bought Saturday!
 I neat piece of art that was given to me by a student at work some years back!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

March 2 Random Chatter

Eveyone says we are going to get 3-4 inches of snow tonight.augh! enough already.
Im so looking forward to spring. Green grass, flowers and other plant life blooming and well OK allergies do act up but I can deal with that.
About this time of year I am feeling a winter depression but I had 2 DJ gigs this winter. That's helps keep the winter blues away.
 Today I got a call from a fireman friend who want me to make a mix of songs. He has a list that hes giving me this week. That helps too! being able to make mixes and bring others happiness through music is fun!
The snow and winter vortex won't keep me down. It will provide an opportunity to make mixes. my Creativity has been  on fire this winter oh my gosh.
 I almost have 300 subscribers on my youtube channel. Wow!
my videos will be more interesting when spring arrives! Heck year boy!!
   Things are going well at BHS! Frank and Tony rebuilt the teachers room and we all love it!
Theres a happy vibe in the building. I think its because the post Hurricane Sandy depression is pretty much over with and things are really starting to come back together again.
   Once the spring does arrive I plan on doing some video tours again in shops.I hope to add interviews with merchants too!
OK so adios for now
Have a great week and stay warm!