Tuesday, August 30, 2011

back to business

Things returned to normal today at the BHIA.My entranceway escaped intacted with esception to the snowfence.We were red flag until around 3pm when we went yellow.
Hopefully tomorrow will be green.
3 days of produced yet another mix.The other day I went to atomic CDs and bought a few more CDs.I was gathering some items to return to the Library when I came accross I CD I almost forgot I had
The fleet Foxes Latest release Helpless blues.They still maintain the great harmonies That they are known for in their previous release.Truly a Thumbs up from me.
Alright well without further delay here is my newest mix

Greetings from the other side of the bridge

1. Good Day - Tally Hall
2. Indian War whoop - John Hartford
3. Mr Fabulous - Doretha Moore
4. Daylight again - Crosby still & Nash
5. When I fall in love - Tom Jones
6. Like Heaven - Blue Angels
7. Pledging my love - Johnny Ace
8. Greenback Dollar - The Kingston Trio
9. The Cascades - The Fleet Floxes
10. In the highways - The Peasall Sisters
11. Spirits in the night - Manfred Mann's Earth Band
12. A Thousand Stars - The Rivileers
13. For a love that is mine - The Pentagons
14. Lost in the fifties Tonight - Ronnie Milsap
15. On my radio - The selector
16. Monkey Man - The specials
17. Sim Sala Bim - The fleet Foxes
18. Akila - Toure Kunda
19. big rock candy mountain - Harry McClintock
20. Rapture - X-Static
21. Breathe - Telepopmusic
22. Celebrate - Three Dog Night
23. End of the line - The Traveling Wilburys
24. Angel Band - The stanley brothers
25. Europa - Santana

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Post Irene update

Minimal damage was received in my neck of the woods.As far as I can see all there appears to be is branches scattered about.I suspect our Front Garden will see the worst of it.Our Beautiful Flowers that Nancy worked so hard on will be sagging like rag dolls im sure.
I got a call from my supervisor saying the Beach is closed tomorrow.All is time off is giving me a chance to catch up on emails,facebook,making mixes and being plain lazy.My cell was charging when we had a power surge and screwed up the time and date and figuring out how to straighten it out was a pain the the you know what but I finally got it.
Chip Posted pictures of his house on facebook and ol' Bay Head Is in 2 feet of water.Ahh!
Im wondering what the beach looks like and how many of the recently restored platforms held up.Mine was practically rebuilt after the last big storm!
I hope to get out tomorrow by bike or foot to check things out.
The Music and movie night is rescheduled for this Friday at the beach house.

A Mid Summers Groove

Heres a mix I made a few weeks back.So why am I posting it now?I listened to it to see if I liked the way it turned out.Sometimes I throw a mix together and I dont really think about the order of the songs.most of the time they are fine and other times I listen and go hmm needs improvement.Some mixers I know spend a lot of time on the order of the playlist order and flow.
If Im making a special mix for someone I do but most of the time the order and flow take a life of their own and it works well.Well anyway here it is!

1. Wake up Call - David Arkenstone
2. This Joy - Shirley Caesar & Eric Reed
3. Malaguana - Richie Valens
4. Train - Cibelle
5. Chosen - Afro Celt Sound System
6. Gaita Mestra - DJ Tudo & Gente DE Todo Lugar
7. Heres to Life - The Jordan Family
8. Free Me - Joss Stone
9. Lord of The Reedy River - Mary Hopkin
10. Mysterious Island - Mickey Hart
11. Deep Channel - Afro Celt Sound System
12. Hot & Groovy - Militant
13. I Like It Like That - Original Latin All Stars
14. Rockin All Night - Rochie Valens
15. A little Bit Me, A Little Bit You - The Monkees
16. Too Hot - The Specials
17. Albatross - Fleetwood Mac
18. Kokomo - The Beach Boys
19. Lively Up Yourself - Bob Marley & the Wailers

Hey Kids wanna Rock?

As Promised My Kids mix
simply titled
Hey Kids
1. Saturday Night - The Bay City Rollers
2. Yellow Submarine - The Beatles
3. Bam Boogie - Bent Fabric
4. Copa Banana - Crazy Frog
5. We Like to Party - Vengaboys
6. Little White Duck - Danny Kaye
7. Rainbow Connection - Kermit the Frog
8. Zip a Dee Do Dah - The Fabulous Thunderbirds
9. I whistle A Happy Tune - Frank Sinatra
10. We Got The Beat - The Go Gos
11. Autumn to May - Peter,Paul & Mary
12. Flowers Are Red - Harry Chapin
13. I got ants in my Pants - James Brown
14. Addams Grooves - MC Hammer
15. Pink Elephants on Parade - The Disney Chorus
16. The Hampster Dance Song - Hampton The Hampster
17. The Cha Cha Slide - Mr C Slide
18. Pump Up The Jam - Technotronic
19. The Ballad of Davy Crockett - The Wellingtons
20. Man Gave Names to All The Animals - Tim O'Brien
21. Puff ,The Magic Dragon - Peter,Paul & Mary

Coming up in my next blog..A Mid Summers Groove

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Get ready for Tropical storm Irene

Irene was a hurrican but is downgraded to a tropical storm.Many folks are evacuating but amny of us aren'nt.
We have 2 days off at the beach and have to call in Monday.
Last nights movie night is rescheduled for next week.Im hoping it wont be as bad as the predicted.While everyones away Govenor Christie is going to break into your house and raid your fridge and your liquire cabinet,then hes going to sit in your recliner and watch your TV.
OK OK time to be serious.I started work on my childrens mix.Its simply titled hey kids.
I also have a playlist called 0874u and plan on making another mix built around purchases I made the other day at Atomic CDs.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

a new mix fan?

My neice Amber and I spent some time together tonight.I think she felt rejected because she wasnt getting time on the wii.Recently a fellow mixmaker sent me a copy of a kids friendly mix she made for her sons 2nd Birthday.I lent it to Amber.She went through some CDs I had on top of the Downstairs stereo.She said she liked jazz so I lent her a CD I made my dad shortly before he died.She showed me some of her gymnastic moves.Of to be young and skinny again!My biggest athletic acheivement as a little girly was climbing trees and fences.I was no Nadia Comaneech(Spelling??)She asked me to make another Kids mix.OK there kiddo get ready for a mix from Aunt DJ Trish!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Movie and music Night August 26th

Join The Beach House for music and a great Surf Movie This Friday.
At Press Time Eric and his staff were in a super secret closed door meeting trying to make a decision on what surf movie to show.
The Fun starts at 7pm at the Beach House 517 Main Ave In Bay Head.
Bring a beach chair and get ready for a great Night.
Trish will be Raffling off a copy of her highly acclaimed 2 mix set called Island Party mix.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Clambake 2011

Everyone said the weather was going to be lousy today but they were wrong.The weather was awesome.I met up with alumni and old friends at the clambake and received many positive comments.There were no fights or unrulyness that I observed.I beleive that to be because of Police presence by the beertruck.THAT was chief Chips idea!
The Sherman Brothers Band were awesome too!Joyce said there wasnt any dancing but I saw a small group dancing to my right.That always puts a smile on my face and a glow in my heart.I guess thats whats its about.seeing your audience have fun!
Special Shout outs to George and Beth for roadie work afterwords and to Tom Migut for fetching beer for me and watching my gear during bathroom breaks.Also to Joyce and Chip and for everyone at the BHFC for the love and support.Thank you for folks from the BHIA who were able to attend.
It was truly an awesome day!

Friday, August 19, 2011

peddle peddle go go

At Arpund 4:15 today the head lifeguard announce over the radio for the rest of the lifeguards to pack a few things up in case the storm hits.
Storm what storm?all I see are blue skies.The wind started to pick up.then I turned and looked to the west.grey skies.When we got called in a wasted no time and pedeled homeward only stopping for red lights,people crossing and street and beer.
My cell rang and it was Chip.We made a time for pick up of the gear.When I arrived home I called hime and he arrived in 10 minutes.After the gear was packed he did have time to enjoy a beer and chat.
He enjoys the down time especially since the day before clamback is always busy as hell.
We both agreed how around this time of year we look forward to life getting back to normal after labor day.
I will miss being able to just getting in my beach uniform.What i have to dress in normal paraproffesional garb now?Ahhh!dress shoes,knee hights clean shirt..ahhhh!
OK breathe breathe.
Focus!Clambake!Live in the moment girl live in the moment!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

45 minutes each side

I don't use it much anymore but once in a while I check out to see whats going on at Art of the mix.
Someone posted a blog about the old days of the mixed tape..yes cassette.They rememmber it the way I do.Locking themselves in their room and in from of them was a turntable and a tapedeck.
How did we do without iphones and ipods?Come back with me in time zwoop zwoop zwoop!
If you had to make a call you went to a phonebooth and searched frantically for the correct change.The receiver was often covered my greazy oily handcream of perfume.Other folks numbers were written on the sides or other gross graffiti johnny is a c--k sucker or Brenda like Joeys big fat d--k.
You had your yellow Sony Walkman and if you had a 90 minute mix each side was a mere 45 minute.If you didn't clean the tape heads all the magnetism would build up and the tape would get eaten.If you stopped the tape in time it could be saved but if not that tape was history.If things were really messed it you had to figure out how to get all of the tape out of the mechanism without breaking the machine.
The rest I told you about in an earlier blog about the hardship but creative adventures of the recording process itself.
Oh and home phones?I remember being on the phone and someone picking up the other end announcing they were expecting a call or had to make one.
Oh and it you dare walk too far away and stretch that 10 foot cord beyond its limits and get it tangled up.
Coughing into the receiving was also frowned upon.I was of ten blamed for spreading a cold around after coughing in the receiver.Ma bell probably got the flu because of me coughing into the phone.
If you had a white phone your hands better be Ivory clean baby.If not who do you think got blame for the dirty fingerprints on the phone?If the smelled like motor oil it was my brother.
The advancement of technology isn't so bad after all huh?
OK time to come back to current time zwoop zwoop zwoop..ding!Time to go to bed.Its a work night.

Monday, August 15, 2011

What is Marriage?

Last night I saw an episode of VH1 about Ricky Martin and his coming out.Dayam he is so cute and I'd bet make a great husband for a woman and now he's gay?
What is it about gay folks thats thay think marriage is a right?
OK If your gay your gay ,I get that.BUT
Marriage is an istiftution made by GOD FOR a MAN and a WOMAN to join together TILL DEATH DO THY PART.
Folks are so freaked out by the end times these days and its predictions.
Congress and the Sanate are trying to change Gods law and suite special interests groups like gays,transy,bi's etc but gosh folks GODS law is GODS law.
Perhaps we need to examine the 10 commandments again?
Don't get me wrong I respect all walks of life but does that mean my beleifs and principles get compromised?
Go to Russia and talk about gay marriage
Go to China and talk about gay marriage
go to Germany and talk about gay marriage
Sadly Christianty is a harder subject to accept these days.
The Moral Majority is now the Moral minority.
When I was in youth group I often hears about Christian Bible studies happening in school.Sadly today bringing a bible to school is frowned on.
We dont even have a rabbi or a minister at graduations anymore.
Gosh folks why are out youth turning to drugs and gang Violance?

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Movies music and other things

Friday Night I spun some tunes at the beach house for movie night.I did a reggae and beach related set to get folks in the mood for the movie.Bob Marley,Jimmy Buffett,The Beach Boys,The Skatalites and other beach tunes worked .By request I picked up the pace to get the kids dancing.
The Movies of the night was stoked and Broke and afterwords there was a raffle.T shirts were raffled off.The night was sponsored by an enviromentally friendly company called Hippytree.
Yesterday everyone said we beach employees would have a day off because it was going to rain and sure enough they were right!
Today Im finishes up sending out mix assignments for the mix exchange,and burning a few CDs.
next week is the big event of the summer.The clam bake!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

good news and observations

Well I went to the Dr for a follow up to my follow up!
I lost 3 pounds but my BP is still high.At first my dr said I needed to go on blod press meds and get blood work and see him again in a month.
As I was walking out of the examining room a light came on ..in my brain.Would the blood pressure meds and claritain D be OK together.
Upon this revolation the dr said to go off the claritan D and just use regular claritan.Claritan D contain antihistamines(Spelling?)which higher you blood pressure.
Later Nancy called his office wondering if I could just use the regular claritan and hold off on the BP meds and see if that works.Yes!
Power walks will continue and so will avoiding large amounts of chips and pretzels.
In other news after Piano lessions I went to Monalyssa's for a slice and pizza and they were closed.there were orange notices all over the windows stating they had failed to pay they're taxes and were shut down.Damn.I like that place.Hopefully the owner straightens things out and reopens!
Still in the mood for pizza I went to Fredaricos in the beach being I was going in that direction anyway.
Sometimes they have sician pizza and I get a slice if they do but I noticed there wasn't any so I just got a plain slice.
I went to see Eric at Atomic CDs and stopped in at a few other spots but didnt hang out much.Eloise of Thoughtful Treasures fame took the day off and the grind coffee house was closed so home I went but on the way home I realized I still had to go to the bank and cash my check.I put some in my account though.
I noticed at few cars at the firehouse including the cheifs car.I poked my head in the say hello.Chip and another firefighter were putting some equiptent back in a truck that just came back from service.
Chip and I had a diet coke in the kitchen and chatted.
Now Im going to have a glass of wine and something for dinner while I rock out to my ipod.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Christina Aguilara cool?

Today the weather was rainy and yucky for a few hours.
As I was booting up the computer I heard thunder so I shut it down.
As I waiting for the storm to come and go I made myself a cup of tea and turned on the tv.VH1 was on and they were showing an episode of Behind the music.They featured artists was Christina Aguilara(Spelling?)She got into singing as a way to cope with here abusive father.She also suffered bullying in school and music was a positive outlet for that too!Her music influences are folks like Billy Holiday and Aretha Franklin.She really can sing too!I never really paid music attention to here singing but perhaps now I will!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

useless pointless crap

The summer after my Dad passed away I made it a point to stay away from politics during the summer.
I've made a vow to stay away from politics in the summer so I can enjoy the summer.There used to be a show called topic A on WOBM.People would call in yelling about various Politics and Politicians.How is it changing things?
The other night I was watching "Basketball wives" on VH1.All they do on the show is argue about who said what about whatever.Perhaps reality shows should have their own network so MTV and VH1 can return to their Original mission.Music Videos.
Reality show are useles pointless crap anyway!OK with the exception of Nature and rahab shows.
Reality shows I DO like
1 Dog the Bounty Hunter
2 Celebrity rehab with Dr Drew
3 Storage Wars
4 Billy The exterminator

These shows are educational and entertaining at the same time.The rest of em?Forgettabout it!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Music and Movie Night next friday

Today Eric Beyer of Beach House Fame asked me if I wanted to DJ at next weeks movie night.Naturally I said yes.
More detail will follow!
Stay tuned in and be cool.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

so Cool!

Yesterday I went to the car cruise.DJ Tommy Lynch was there and so was Ed Austin.There were also some modern Dance troupe there and the name escapes me.There was another Small trio by the Sunshine daydream shop.
Tommy and Ed both gave me hellos over the mic.Sweet.Ed and Tommy were Talking at one point.Im guessing they know each other from over the years.
Roxy of Roxys Bay Head blog Gave both me and the Sherman brother band shout outs on her blog.
I put in for a day off on the 20th.
so set sail for fun and musical adventure August 20th from 12 noon till 5pmat the Bay head fire companys annual clambake.Im so happy to be giving my time to a worthy cause.There will be a 50/50 too!
Each year I know im getting older when I see more and more BHS alumni drinking beer,married and bearing children.oh my!yep 10 years till retirement.How fast they grow up!Most of them make me proud though,I must say!
No matter how much your tix cost remember its a VERY worth while cost.Keep our firefighters well trained and equipted!Think your family van takes alot of gas?ask what it cast to fuel a firetruck!
OK so back to the car show.There were quite a few antique cars no modernized with new stereo systems or interior bling!that was cool for me.
It was a nice turnout.
Soo August has arrived and with it comes a semi return to school duties.Yesterday I filled 3 garbage bags will shredded documents.Our recourse room teacher Diane informed me she has MORE for me.I promised her Id do that upon my next day im there.
Our Secretary and principal were both out.If they think im a slacker perhaps the amount of shredding I did in 2 hours time will remind them I'm NOT!
Im not asking for praise or whatever.just a little R E S P E C T!
OK that is the news and I am outta here!