Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The music buying relapse

My last music purchase was 2 weeks ago and I told myself no more music till after Christmas.
  I went into Andi's and saw James Daltons new CD and bam!Relapse!
Hey its worth it though.He does a fantastic job and the harmonica and mandolin.truly a gifted dude!
 After that I was cruising around  point Beach and got curious about what new Putumayo CDs Sunshine daydream had.OK if I was going to have a relapse it was going to go the distance.
  I decided on Runba mumbo cha cha cha.I like them both.
Jpats got that's bluesy folky tip perfect for getting mellow and laid back and Rumba mambo cha cha cha makes you wanna do a little dirty Dancing woh mama!
Later that evening I did some online buying too!

Remembering Hurricane Sandy Part 3. The comeback

Christmas in Bay head was not the same. There was a big tent next to the firehouse set up for folks to gather with food and beverages. On of the stores were open.I did see many folks I was worried about. most folks tried to be upbeat and say we will be back. It wont be easy but they were determined to get back on track
one of the first shops to open in Bay head was The Beach House shortly before Christmas. That was encouraging!
other shops opened in the spring and the Post office reopened in early April as I recall.
 The biggest event was when Mueller's Bakery reopened memorial day weekend!
     St Paul's Church is still helping local folks in need. Last week they had a Festival of hope.It was filled with music and food.The church band played.
  Sadly The shoppers Warf was too damaged to reopen. It will be torn down.  We are not sure what will happen to The Bay Head Borough Hall and the Jolly Tar hasn't reopened yet. Reconstruction of the Beach Platlforms is just starting.
 Almost everyone I know lost their car but got a new one.
 Chip prodicts it will be about 2 years for our area to fully recover.So onward we go!

Jersey Strong Baby!Jersey Strong!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Remembering Hurricane Sandy Part 2

So I clean out what I could of my care but couldn't get in the trunk because the electronics were shot i'm sure but whatever was in there was no good anymore anyway.
  My next step was cleaning out the fridge. Hours after being emptied and cleaned Nancy has the straight to go out to the store and restock it. In appreciation I got here a bottle of wine.
 We didn't have phones or internet until 6pm on election day. Slowly but surely I got up to speed on the news and how my friends were doing.
 that week my old Volvo got towed away.I felt sad.
  A week before Thanksgiving BHS reopened. The night before I went back to work I told Nancy We were reopening and she said she would go car shopping for me. After 3 weeks of not working I was so happy to be returning to work I almost forgot I had no wheels except for my bike!
 I went home right after work figuring I should be home when Nancy got home just in case she wanted me to go with here car shopping.
 when I come home Nancy was already home and working on Christmas decorations. There also A red convertible in the driveway. I figured she had company so when I gave here the mail I asked who's here? No on she replied. Immediately I figured it out the red convertible was MY new car!
 I replied so that's ..Merry Christmas she said smiling.
Holy sh-t no way!
she got the keys and showed me where everything was etc.I gave her a big hug!She and I weren't big huggers but this was an exception. I drove it around a little just to get the feel for it.
I wasted no time taking a picture of it and posting it on facebook!
  for the most part my post Sandy depression was over but I did get little waves of depression seeing many houses with furniture and appliances on the curb.
 The nation Guard troops that were at every entrance in town were gone.It seemed thing were starting to get back on track!
End of Part 2

Friday, October 25, 2013

rembering Hurricane Sandy one year later Part 1

Heres mine

Canoes tied up to trees,all Patio furnature accupied the guest room and some of my living room.
 Every thing else that could go in the garage did go in the garage.
 The day Sandy hit it was evedent this was not the false alarm Irene  was this was a real hurricane.
The winds picked up,the rain got intense,sparks flew from surrounding power boxes and then poof the lights went out!
 I sat there if my green chair watching the tree branches whipping about.
     I thought to myself "heck if that tree comes down I'm right here and whatever comes throught THAT window will hit ME!!
        I decided all the worrying was useless and figured on just getting some sleep,so I heading to bed.
Sllep?yeah rights If having a tree falling on me wasn't a worry having a Live  electric line was. The electric cable outside my bedroom window was swaying around like crazy.
the winds eventually calmed down and I got some sleep.

I woke up at about 11am and looked out my bedroom Window. All I saw was water .I ran to the starwll to see if it was in the house. Thankfully nothing!When I went downstars and   looked out the from door I saw my car in water. You could barely see the tires. I was a victim of hurricane Sandy!
 no power, no heat. not even a cell phone connection.
 By Thurseday it was apparent there would be no school for the rest of the week.
 Nancy,the kids and I went to Baltimore to meet my cousin Donna and here daughter to get away from it all.
We stayed in a beautiful hotel.Donna ran in with her   ipad tell me to get on facebook and tell folks I was OK!
That night I saw the news and how The Jersey shore was effected. I left messages on all my firefighter buddies phones wondering who was OK and if Bay Head was badly damaged.
 We arrived home on a Sunday. streets were lined with black garbage bages and appliances and furniture. It was shocking. Really shocking!
 Nancy informed me that I must empty out the refrigerator and my car.
$100.00 worth of food or close to that had to be thrown out.
 on top of that I had a 3 week unplanned vacation because all the students and staff were transferring to Antrim..except for me.
 I tried to think of ways to keep occupied.  I did a few hours of comity service at St Pauls in Bay Head.I tried to stop by to see if I could help Frank if some way.
Frank didn't even let me in the school.it was that bad.
End of Part 1!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sunday, October 20, 2013

a beautiful sunsets on a beautiful weekend

This weekend was awesome
Yesterday I Deejayed at a benefit called Eakfest. A Halloween themed benefit to raise money For the cure of CF (Cystic Fibroses)
My friend Alicia's Daughter Jackie has it but is doing well in college dispute the challenges she has.
My Friends Sheryl and Jack Burk were my roadies on the trip to the pioneer Hose Fire House where it was held.
When I got there a band was setting up. Originally we were going to take turns playing but then they were moved outside.I had the inside all to myself. I kind of felt sorry for them a little because they were just set up and them they had to move everything.
 I played my eclectic set. when it seemed a lot of folks were eating I played the mellow set. jazz, soft rock and some standards.
 Of course the kids wants the gangdam style, the Casper slide and the like.
 the evening ended about 9:30 and I played God bless the USA. Folks seem to like that as the last song and it seems fitting especially in a firehouse! The  firemen like it.
 My friend  George Nicholas picked me up and helped me carry stuff.
 I received positive feedback and one woman said it was hard for her to leave the room because she loved the music I was playing so much.
A few folks from the school came by to which I thought was real cool!
Special Thanks to Alicia Applegate for giving me a chance to DJ a much worthy cause.
Thank you to the Pioneer hose fire company for all they do
to find out more about eakfest and CF go to

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Bay Head Fire company celebrates 100 years

The Bay Head Fire company celebrates 100 Years Saturday and I was honored to have been a part of it being their DJ!
Not only are they Heroes to me but also I am proud to know they are my friends!
This beer mug will always be a memory of that wonderful day full of friends and music. When I feel down in the dumbs this mug will serve as a reminder of how good I have it with great friend as those in the Bay Head Fire company!
Happy Birthday Station 14!
I love you all!