Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Beleive in Music

being not man visit my cool grooves site I will continue to post my mixes here.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

December music reviews,news and update

Musically December was a decent month for me.
First off I DJayed the Santa breakfast at the firehouse which is always fun. A few little kids danced in front of me which put a smile on my face.
 The Week after that I was at the White Sands resort and spa spinning for a local church's rosary Alter society.
 Ed Austin got me that Gig! Thank you Ed!
He said they said good things about me. I will be joining him at Sacred Heart again for New Years day 2016!

OK so now for the music review

A fellow Youtuber Doug A and I share the love for reggae music. a few weeks ago He showed this album and was talking about Light in The Attic records. Shortly after watching his video I went to LITAs website to see if they had it on CD and to my delight they did! I wasted no time in ordering it.
If you enjoy Reggae and funk music THIS compilation is for you!
 check out to see this and more!

BeeGees 1974-1979

This box set is chock fun of greatness for Bee Gee fans
It contain the albums Mr Natural, Main Course, Children of the world, Spirits Have Flown
and a Bonus disc called the Miami Years.

Last but not Leat is Adel 25
This is here best yet. My picks are Remedy and Water under the Bridge.
This CD also got good reviews my Anthony Fantano the internets busiest music nerd. Yes its that good.

I also Have been work on my end of the year mix called Belive in music which I'll but on my other page cool grooves CD mix exchange!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

whats spinning

Its been a while since I posted a music related blog. Tonight I spun some Blues and some world music and tomorrow I'll spin some soul. When I just sit down and listen to music The wheel of creative thoughts start spinning and a mix is born from it!
I"ll leave that thought for my other blog which I plan to post more stuff on relating to making mixes!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

DJ Trish news and update

I try not to use my cell phone at work unless I need too. I thought I heard it ring today but didn't answer it.
When I got home today I saw there was a voicemail.
It was Ed Austin saying the folks at St Peters Rosary Alter society gave him positive feedback on my gig he referred me to. That made my day.
He also invited DJ again at the Sacred heart New Years Day gathering.
Of course I called him back and excepted his invitation.
After that was done I checked my email and 2 CDs that I ordered last week has been shipped.
 Despite the rainy grey day it was a nice day for me!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

2015 a year in review

Well here it is another year end review
first off
Funerals attended- 0
Wedding attended-0

Nothing really catastrophic really happened this year as far as people I know dying.
My dj gigs went well except for the one mid summer I couldn't get to. I kinda got fired from that one. a first! that stung!
My friend Ed Austin referred me to a gig and that went well.
This summer I did have a mishap with my Sony Cybershop but a week later I got a Nikon Coolpix S9900. a YouTube subscriber gave me instructions on how to set up the Autofocus. it works great.
Our longtime Custodian and my DJ Mentor retired in June.
Construction on the new gym started and should be completed sometime in early 2016!
 My friend Curt is now a civilian after 6 years in the Navy.
I hope he will return to making mixes!
In September I got a new roof for my car.
My education in world music continues.
There will be more music reviews and blogs in 2016 and I also hope to restart my mix exchange group and get a few more gigs in 2016.
A few more subscribers on my youtube channel would be nice too!
to my roadies,Chip,George and Eric thank you so much!
To Ed Austin Thank you for the referral
and to The Lord above thank you for it all!
and yes thank you to my readers too!
May you all have a merry Christmas and a very Happy new year!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

a warm weekend in December

Usually at this time of year I'm in my winter coat  and gloves but this weekend it was in the lover 60s and this week it supposed to continue?
I'm riding around on my bike taking videos and photos in a sweatshirt and jeans loving the weather knowing old man winter is waiting in the wings.
 so here's are photos I took this weekend!

Yeah I know I've said it a dozen times before how I love my Nikon nut its true. I used to look at postcards and pictures in magazines sating I wish I could take photos like that and now I can!

Friday, December 11, 2015

Thursday, December 10, 2015

end of year report coming soon

As the Cards get written and presents are purchases I wrestle with time to squeeze in an end of the year report.
in the meanwhile here's a few shots of the day.

Ah Diversity at the Bay Head reading center representing Christmas and Hanukah! Today was they're holiday tea. It was nice making the rounds and chatting with a few folks even though it is a small room!

Monday, December 7, 2015

HoHo Ho Howe St

So Today was a really nice day for a bikeride.
When I got home from work I got changed and grabbed the basics of the day. Wallet, keys and Camera and crammed them in my hip pack. After I left the house I had a feeling I forgot something.
  That something was my backpack. Hopefully it will be nice again tomorrow so I can get a few things after work.
 My first stop was bay the Pt Pleasant Cannel where there's a small lake where ducks and geese hange out.
I saw these goose just hanging out by a puddle drinking the dirty water( yuck!) and he looked like he was hurt.

He knew I was there. so I didn't dare get any closer. Does it look like he's hurt?
After that I went into Bay Head and got some cool pictures of Christmas Decorations and there were even Christmas decorations at the beach especially Howe St!

Wow now someone Really went to great efforts here! One of the guys on the plat form told me to sign my name on one of the shells with a black sharpie next the shell tree. I did.
 I just hope some punk doesn't come around and destroys this awesomeness! A person with a lot of heart and soul put a lot of effort to do this! I love it!
  With all the craziness going on in the world today this is a breath of fresh air.
Its a reminder that there are decent folks in the world who care and will do great works like this to remind us that that there is still good things happening.
 on the way home I took some photos of a few well decorated houses.

 to top it all off was a beautiful red sky as the sunset!

so you see folks there is beauty in a day. Think Positive. Don't let the mainstream Media's story of gloom and doom keep you down!

Friday, December 4, 2015

by request

So the other day my niece gave me a post it note with 11 songs she wanted on a mix. The next day I got an iTunes card and got gown to business. in downloading the songs I overlooked the fact that one of them had an red E next to it which mean explicit lyrics. so I deleted it.
It would be my luck to have my brother in law or sister hear the song and THIS DJ would catch hell for it! Instead I used artistic freedom and added a few songs I thought they might like
can you guess which ones are my picks?

sorry for the blurriness. I didn't use the flash

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

an old mixtape from 1994

Last night I was lookin for an Christmas mixtape I made in the 90s. My friend Larry aka uncle Orca write in his latest letter how hard it is each year to come up with a new an exciting Christmas playlist.
   I can relate I've been making Christmas mixes since 04 and its getting harder to find new and exciting Christmas songs without the having a song or two that has not been a previous mixes.
  This year I know there are a few returning songs but they are good enough to be repeated.
OK so but search for a Christmas mixtape failed I did find a mix I made in 1994 full of cool songs that will go in my car tomorrow.

Many times I felt I made the perfect mixtape and then I could not for the life of me produce an equally as cool name for it. This is an example ah but its the music that matter right?!
 I've had folks make me mixes with the perfect arty cover, great title and the quality of the music well... Could have been better.
I'm sure I've put out some crappy mixtape in my time but there was this one mixmaker back in the day who bragged his mixes were the best. I never claimed to be the best and never will. I'll leave that to my listeners!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A gem in the archives

I was going through a pile of CD s in the stereo cabinet in the den and sound this!

My dad Loved my mixes and when I upgraded from cassettes to CDs he was one of the first one I made mixes for other than myself.
This reason its hand written is because I didn't have a printer yet.