Wednesday, November 30, 2011

DJ Trish Returnes to the Longboard Grill Tonight!

DJ Trish will be returning to the longboard grill tonight at 6:30!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Shop local think global

When you do your shopping this Christmas season please remember to support you local merchants.Not sure what to get someone?Gift cards are a neat Idea.Also remember to give to the needy,Toys for tots,food banks,etc
Here's a new place for you to get gift certificates from
The Longboard Grill
522 Bay Ave
Point Pleasant Beach NJ
Special thanks to Darryl and the folks to made my night of DJing fun!
Yup thats me at my dual CD deck picking out a tune for a little fan.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Not such a manic Monday

Ah Monday after Thankgiving.The alarm goes off and I press the snooze button for an additional five more minutes but some annoying seagulls were sqwauking like crazy and forcing me up.Dang gulls!
The day went well.Were werent hit with the 3 crates of mail that we usually get after a few days off.
I came home and found 3 mixes awaiting me in the mail.Yeah baby,Yeah!!!
I just got done listening to Wynton Marsalis's CD "Swing into the 21st Century"Good stuff man!Theres some 40s influenced swing and New Orleans style spiced jazz too,along with a taste of bebop!Check it out.
A got a mix from my friend Curt Nicholas whos in the Navy and will go deployed on a Sub in January.Not only is the music selection awesome but the cover of the mix was hand drawn by his girlfriend.
its fabulous artwork.
The second mix was from my fellow mixmaker Kathy from Zenrunning order or zero for short.Thankging is the theme but I'll still listen to it.
The thirt is from IMP mixmaker from Ireland.Like me his mixes are very Eclectic.
OK time for Dinner,practing Piano and perhaps weeding out my Bedroom closet.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

a night of Good music and food

Last nights gig at The Longboard Grill went well.A soccer team came to eat there and they were a well behaved group of Id say 10-12 year old girls.I played some Christmas hits,reggae and some upbeat stuff the kids would like and some oldies and jazz.I gave a few shout outs to the Darryl and the crew.Everyone loved it.
Kudos to my supreme Roadie Chip.I got him a 6 pack of Long Trail ale.His Favorite!
Tonight was Shanes 10Th birthday.Its also Matt and Carol 46Th Anniversary.
Tomorrow weather permitting I hope to Deliver a few more Christmas mixes and mail out more this week.
I am sad to report the The Grind coffee house is closing their doors.Debbie was also so nice but business isn't good for her.
Friday is Bay Heads Christmas walk!I plan to go!Last year I had a bad head cold and missed it.
I got 2 awesome mixes in the Mail today.One was a Christmas mix for my friend Robert song from the Zenrunningorder fame and also one non Christmas mix from Al Telstar as he is known as on zenrunning order.
My Creative engines have been running hot lately and I cranked out a few mixes in the past 2 weeks.Track lists to be posted soon.
Have a great week!

Friday, November 25, 2011

tis the season.A Poem

Tis the season
Be of good Cheer
Each person in my life
is so dear
In my heart you are near
I love my music
The beat within
Let the fun begin
The shiney bright things
and Christmas Cheer
makes me happy to be here
So enjoy these days
don't be a grinch
Be happy
its a cinch!
My poetry maybe lame
its from my heart
just the same
Let the festivities begin
and feel the joy of the season within!

Monday, November 21, 2011

DJ Trish Rocks the Longboard Grill Black Friday

AT 4:30PM

Sunday, November 20, 2011

a warm day in November

Yesterday Nancy,Dan and the kids went on a camping trip to Allair Park.My assignment was to take care of Bayou.I fed her,let her out and rubbed her belly.I also fed the fish.Man they were hungry.Thank god they're nor Piranhas!This morning I woke up at 8:15ish and let Bayou out and fed her.According to WOBM it was 50 degrees out.The troops arrived home about 9.I checked my email and posted on facebook that Id be heading to Rockin' Joes around 1pm.
En rout to Rockin' Joes I delivered a few Christmas mixes and nearby friends.I had a large coffee and a bagel with cream cheese and was hoping for Knight and KC to show up.No one!I didnt let it get me down.
I continued on and bought a color cartridge for the printer at Bordans and CD Jewel cases at Ocean County music.They got a Christmas mix too.I stop in at Thoughtful Treasures and convinced eloise to join me at The Longboard Grill for lunch!I had the classic slider with fries and she had an ice tea.We talked to Robert the chef there and he told me to stop in tomarrow and they would know for sure what time my gig was.
After lunch I walked back with here to the store and her husband had a few customers and things got busy so I left.
My last stop was Atomic CDs were Eric,the owner also received a Christmas mix.There was a trio outside the Green Planet coffee Shop.3 guys.2 Were playing accoustic Guitars and the other was on Sax.There were playing some jazz.They played Dave Brubecks Take five.I was impressed.I hung around for a few songs and my VERY last stop was a George and Beth Nicholas's and George and I had a quick beer before he had to leave to help a friend.I chatted with beth 4:30 it starts getting dark so my visit wasnt too long.That was a long but productive and fun day.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Don't stop the presses!

The other dayI read that some music companies will stopputting out CDs!This would be horrible.To only have access to music through downloads?NOOooo!
For me I prefer the physical copy.Theres nothing like reading the history of the artists,how the music was made,etc
Sure downloading is OK for the one special song your looking for but to stop making albums and CDs?
Thats just as bad as not publishing books.Limiting peoples access to media in a certain format will not go well with many lovers of music or readers.
How can this be can we save our music?
Input anybody please!
Tell your music and book company Please DON"T stop the presses!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Eclectic Planet

A few weeks ago I made a mock radio Show mixtape for my fellow mixmaker,Larry White.I had a few guests on it including Barbara Montgomery,The Studio Custodian who jumps in the DJ booth when the DJ is in the Bathroom.MR Jones,her boss that always catches her in the act and a few guest call ins requesting songs.Of course all these folks are made up by me.I named the mix Eclectic planet.I liked the Title so I used it for my long awaited mix.
for the next mock Radio show Ms Montgomery may be Killed off only to be replaced by someone else.My wheels of my imagination will dream that up soon but in the meantime here is my latest CD mix.

1. Threshold - The Steve Miller Band
2. Theres a feeling in Music - Pete Seeger & Tony Trichka
3. Solitude is Bliss - Tame Impala
4. Theme from Rocky & Bullwinkle - Birdsongs of the Mesozoic
5. Save a Prayer - Duran Duran
6. Kon-tiki - The Shadows
7. Immagrant Song - Dread Zeppelin
8. The Note of Hope - Van Dyke Parks
9. Soul - Van Morrison
10. The Look Of Love - Dusty Springfield
11. Turn Your Lights Down Low - Bob Marley
12. Hi'ilawe - John Cruz
13. Earth Crises - Steel Pulse
14. What did you learn in school today - Pete Seger
15. Wild Mountain Honey - The Steve Miller Band
16. Gold - Spandau Ballet
17. Life Itself - Bruce Springsteen
18. Pass it on - Ziggy Marley
19. Apache - The Shadows
20. Orange Blossom Special - Johnny Cash
21. Farewell - Pete Seeger
22. Hawaii Five-0 Main Title Theme - Brian Tyler

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

notes from the past

Tonight I started cleaning out my desk drawers and starting a "to be shredded bag"containing old bank statements and checks.Among things found was a paper with music reviews on may have been from my myspace days but thought Id share it with you anyhow.
Kinky- A band from Mexico.Many of their songs are in spanish.I dont know spanish but the beats are cool
Isalnds - A compilation from the Putamayo world music series.Many songs are song in African but the rhythems and the beats are great.World music Fans will love it.
Abba Gold - Pretty much a greatest hits CD.Its cool!
Asia-Alpha I got turned on to Asia back in the early 80s when WPLJ played classic Rock.I had the album shortly after earning my first Paycheck at Starline Aluminum.
James Dalton - Butterflies and passerbys - Wow you wanna hear from great Harmonica playing and great Blues?This is a CD worth checking out.James or JPat as he's known to many writes and composes the songs himself.

clearing' things up

OK My last blog was in no way saying that those who blog have no life.What I meant was simply Ive been spending lots of time blogging and and not that its a bad thing but There are other things I should be spending more time on like Practicing my piano.Im struggling with chords lately but If I spend more time practicing they would become easier as time went on.I should also organize my room and my closet and get rid of shirts and pants I have worn in 8 years so I can make room for stuff I have now.My CDs were once in an orderly way too.So you see I was only referring to myself as spending to much time blogging when there are other things I should be spending more time on!Being today's a lousy rainy day Im going to take a little nap and get on my room and hallway closet.I hope this clears things up.

Monday, November 14, 2011


It was a good but busy day at work today.I delivers some Christmas mixes to fellow staff members.Many look forward to my Christmas mix each year.Its great to see the new teachers faces light up when they find the CD in their mailbox.Im curious what the reviews will be in the coming weeks.
I arrived home from work to find my order at the front door.Actually my order was duplicated so I got 2!
I emailed to this matter and think they were happy I was honest enough to mention it.Yep my parents instilled honesty and integrity in me.Im going to mail in extra copies back and the money I spend mailing them back will be credited to my card!My friend Beth Nicolas told me I'll be blessed for my integrity.OK I was briefly tempted to keep the extras but the better half of my conscious would not let such a thought slip through.
Alright enough of the damn babble gosh lets git down to business.
Music review!that's what Im talkin' about!
The Shadows best of
If you into cool instrumental and cool surf Guitar the Best of the Shadows are a great band from the 60s.3 guitars and drums.One of their more famous songs they are known for is called Kon Tiki.
Check it out.. a fellow mix maker Matt has a website where he reviews old movies and books in addition to making cool mixes
OK time for a little dinner.
Have a great week!
Peace love and music

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Club 08742

Recently two fellow mix makers sent me a Imagine if I were a club DJ type mixes.My Imagination went into action today and I made one of my own
Club 08742
1. Life - Big Men Feat.Larbi Dabi & U Roy
2. Tiki Tiki - Phinda
3. Brown Derby Jump - Cherry Poppin Daddies
4. Jumpin Jive - Joe Jackson
5. Bandstand Boogie - Les Elgert & his Orchestra
6. C'mon A My House - Dan Hicks & his Hot licks
7. Tango Rhumba Afro Cubana - Mambo All Stars
8. Rock A hula - Elvis Presley
9. Twist Twist Senora - Gary U.S Bonds
10. The Heart of Rock & Roll - Huey Lewis & the News
11. Mirando De Lado - Kinky
13. Can you Feel the Beat - Lisa Lisa & the Cult Jam
14. In My House - The Mary Jane Girls
15. The safety Dance - Men without Hats
16. Let's All Chant - Michael Zegar Band
17. We are all made of Stars - Moby
18. Mr DJ - Mr Disco
19. I like it like that - Latin All Stars
20. Sunshine Day - Osibisa
21. Dance Tonight - Paul McCartney

Of course this might go well wherever I play.What do you think?

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Friday, November 11, 2011

order shipped

My order is on its way!
There was oviously a lack of communication on both sides.
I placed the order with a gift card and they called me saying it was rejected then I told then it was a gift card and that seemed to clear things up.I dont know how the process works but if the moneys in there and the numbers match how hard can it be?
When you place a credit card order it doesnt ask you if its a gift credit card and just gives you the choice of credit cards,visa, master and discovery.
I know folks who make purchases all the time by credit card on line with seldom if any problem and then I have a friend who account was tapped and suddenly he had thousands of dollars on his bill.lucky the cc company called him and got it straightened out but getting it squared away took weeks.
If I had a real credit card Id be knee deep in debt which is why I only deal in cash or check.It keeps me on a tight leash financially.
OK why an I up gabbin about this at 3am!3 cups of tea after 2 cans of beer.a second wind is here but I must go to bed so I can to tomorrow what I didn't do today.I did do a load of laundry though.
OK OK Goodnight!

memories and miller lights

As I was enjoying a Miller light by the fireplace I member Steve Millers Album book of Dreams.It was one of my most played albums of the 70s and 80s.It got played at parties,borrowed by friends and family.When I started making mixtapes there were 2 bands sure to be included in the mix.The Beatles and the Steve Miller Band.Paul McCartney even played on an album or two.When I had to part with my records I made sure Book of dreams went to a happy home.One day Ill get it on CD.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Steve Miller Band CD review

In 1977 I heard a song called Fly Like an Eagle by the Steve Miller Band and Loved it.That summer I got the album and the following year I got Their album with Jungle Love on it.The Album was called Book of Dreams.
The Steve Miller Band has stood the test of time
Young Hearts: Complete Greatest hits is a reminder of that.
If you never really got into their music Young Hearts:Complete Greatest hits is a great CD to check out.Its not super mellow or thrash metal.Hearing this will remind you of greatness of classic Rock.Unified vocals and beautiful Guitar work.
You can dance and sing along with the Steve Miller Band!

Pete Seegar CD review

Pete Seeger was a Folk Singer in the 1960s.He put out a 2 album of a concer he did at Carnegie Hall in 1963
I got the CD from the Library and disc 1 is awsome.till it starts skipping.The CD is scratched.My Fave track is called what did you learn in school today.
There are others dealing civil rights a hot subject at the time,and also anti war songs.Its was the time of civil rights marches and the Vietnam conflict was starting.4 guys from Liverpool were starting to take the world by starm too!
Pete Seeger add humar to his songs too!Its you want to check out folk songs of the 1960s,Pete Seegar is a good artist to check out

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pasta Night 2011

Look what i found!So proud of my coworkers and the kids at Bay Head school!So honored be be among a fabulous posse

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

revisiting old mixes

A mixer Named Frenchy Posted an ideas in the Zen Running order forum about folks posting old mixes.As my luck would have it I found a old mix from 2007 called"Island Groove 2007" and I listened to it last night.
Today my fellow mix maker Texas Hobart posted a reggae mix.That was the spark that ignited the fire.
Another mixmaker Tornado Z emailed me and thanked me for my nice comments on his blog the homoerractic radio show.Im trying to inspire him to trade mixes with me.His collects records and loves old and obscure stuff I think Id like hearing.If he joined my mix exchange Im sure he and Al Telstar would be perfect mix partners.
OK well without further delay here is my gem that I relocated
1. Hamanitarian - Jimmy Cliff
2. Brown Eyed Girl - Jimmy Buffett
3. Mad Mad World - Judy Mowatt
4. I doubt - Khiiomal Nurse;Krosfyah
5. Skaramont - Lester Sterling
6. Free the world - Luciano
7. Abbabajanoi - Sister Carol
8. More Bills - Sparrow
9. Bamboleo - Steelsophical
10. Reggae Fever - Steel Pulse
11. Boom Bam - Calypso Rose
12. Jammin' - Bob Marley & the Wailers
13. Sayamanda - Andre Tanker
14. Darkness - Los Pericos
15. Promised Land - Majek Fashek
16. Baubles,Bangles and Beads - Martin Denny
17. My Boy Lollipop - Millie Small
18. Dance Charlene - Natasha
19. Message to you Rudy - Rico & the Specials
20. I show you how to Reggae - The Soulful Dynamics
21. Tropical Surprise - Steelsophical


The other day A coworker told me about how he told his leftover Holloween candy for a quarter a piece and gave the money to the animal Shelter.The coworkers son is in 2nd grade.How awesome is that?
Tonight I got to thinking.Id like to hold a dance and the admission price is a few canned goods and they could go to the Ocean County Food bank
Who would help me do such a thing?Where would I hold it?
If you watched the video I posted about the homless in lakewood.Its about a halk hour from where I live.
How can this be allowed.Each year folks give thousands to polical causes but there are still homess folks.not so far away!

Monday, November 7, 2011

The word of the week is BLAZING!

Tonight my cousin Cathy and Molly came over for pizza and beer and a little celebration of Molly's Birthday.We wound up watching Dancing with the stars.
The one Judge Named Len used the word blazing and it stuck with us all night.
I swear Len is a relative of Simon Calwell.Hes the mean.Some of the routines should have gotten a higher score.Im glad J.R and his Partner got a good score.
The Beer Pick of the night was Heineken.A little more expensive but Molly's worth it.I made her a custom mix and a Christmas mix and she isn't that keen on jazz but i told her its time to broaden her musical Horizons.Gotta get her out of that punk and alternative music scene,well perhaps just expand beyond it.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

serve em up hot and good

Congrats to the Longboard Grill for winning the cook of at Bar A today!Darrle the owner wants me to DJ the day of the tree lighting!More info on time soon!
Im working on Christmas mixes.Some went out already.The fine folks at the longboard grill got some.I also save a few to my friends at Gerards where I get my wine and Vasuvios where I get a ham and cheese sub once in while.
Winter is here!Wheres my gloves!brr!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Thursday, November 3, 2011


My #1 fave group.Had to share this!

Ouch that needle hurt!

OK well today the saga of blood pressure check ups continue and today it was high so The dr wants me to go on meds to regulate it.
I also got a flu shot and although I didnt feel it at first an hour later my arm did hurt.Am I going to be one of these 50 plus people who sit around talking about doctors and health issues all the time.I don't plan on being that way.
I started a new playlist called Eclectic Planet.My first big batch of christmas mixes went out the other day and another will go out tomorrow.
Next week when we have a few days off for the teachers Convention I'll start some Christmas shopping.I have Ideas already and plan on doing an updated version of where to shop blog this year.This year Perhaps it will more like places to eat while you shop.aha!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

my creative engines are revvin' again

Out of curiosity I went on the library website and searched new music.I didnt expect to find much,oh but thats like a wino walking into a bar not thinking he'll get a drink.frackin hello!I found some and requested them after swearintg to myself I have enough music.
One is music from the new Hawaii Five O series which I only saw half of the first episode.That soundtrack has some goodies on it.
Another was the first issue of the now series.Frank and I spun the heck out of that CD back in he days when we did the dances at the school.The biggest requests were flagpole sita and Barbie girl and of course the spice girls.
One year some of the chaperones cooked up some chicken wings and the smoke from the oven set off the fire alarm but a few folks joked it was franks fog machine.nope it was the chicken wings!
Frank used to raffle off stuff including old keys he said were to the cabinet holding answer booklets to math tests!
oh the memories.
at Valentines Dances he would bring an old half full bottle of aftershave and told the boys it they wore it they girls would dance with then.That gym reaked for a week of it after those dances!
those were the days.
I also ordered a copy of the new Coldplay CD.I saw them play Paradise on some talkshow and liked it.I wont have that one for awhile though im 66th in line for it!
Im sure I'll be posting a music review soon.
Stay tuned and keep the rockin'
Peace Love and music

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

another shout out

a man of many talents Texas Hobart is a mixmaker,poet and Photographer.
Tex and I have been trading mixes for over a year.He has inspired to to explore Bluegrass and early American music and I've been sending him world music and Rock N roll.Now Im a little more country and he's a little more Rock N Roll.Hes on my follower list.
While Im on the subject of shout outs also check out my friend Breas site
They have an open mic night on Sundays from 6pm till 10pm with music and poetry.The coffee and food is great.