Friday, November 29, 2013

Thankgiving pics

whaddaya mean I'm gonna end up on someones dining room table someday??

Monday, November 25, 2013

get ready class of 83

My longtime Friend Krissy Tooker asked me to DJ the Point Beaches class of 83 reunion! Most of their requests are 80s artists so Im loading up my DJ case with 80s goodness! the following Saturday I will be spinning Christmas tunes at the Santa Breakfast at the BHFD!
Its been a very good year for this DJ! Thank you Lord!!!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

sky on fire?

                                                       A beauty of a sunset as I was headed home from a bikeride!

Monday, November 18, 2013

a small shooting spree.. with the camera

2 figurines on a nearby neighbors porch

cool things in a shore I went to and fallen leaves on the lawn

Sunday, November 17, 2013

More Thanksgiving and random thoughts

So January 2013 Things start to settle down and the process of starting the year on a positive note begins.
Repair and clean up from Hurricane sandy Does too. I anticipate replacing my computer sometime near may or June. Murphy's law steps up my schedule to Mid March when it just crashed. The blue screen of death appeared and nothing will boot up! The words I was using when this happens were as you can imagine bad. Gee I hope I apologized to God for that!
Once again Nancy and Dan came to the rescue and got me a new one. Setting it up didn't take long.
So Big Kudos to them.
   Asking for help is something that's hard for me because there are things I want to do myself but can't. Especially things that require heavy lifting. There are time I with I had superhuman strength but I never has much into athletics since high school.
 I don't drive at night either because the oncoming lights hurt my eyes and I got headaches after doing so in my early driving days and nights.
  In my Last Blog I failed to thank my friend Valerie Boyle for her help in being my roadie On top of being recently divorced, the downstairs of her house was flooded by sandy and is just now halfway repaired.
 I complained that I had only one gig last year while many lost their houses. Thats doesn't mean my heart didn't heart for did!
I have so many folks in my life who inspire me to keep on and all I can do is wake up each day and hope to make just one person happy or cheer up one person. All I can do is to do what I do and hope someone is blessed by it.All I can do is do a good job and do my best to set a good example for others and prayer they see my honesty and integrity.
 This summer the beaches did reopen. The only challenge was navigating the rocks that were exposed and Not falling and getting hurt
Thankfully no one did!it was a good summer.
Most of my regular patrons returned.
 Repairs on the downstairs rooms at BHS are underway thanks to Frank and Tony. I often remind Them to "Please be careful"Franks replies what, you don't want me to have time off? Only if you win the Lottery! I tell him
    The new Beach platforms are being built and man are they big!I joked with one guy that we will have to start training boot camp style in the spring to get the strength to get up the stairs.I can see Hank in cammies standing at the top yelling come on up those stairs! Move it! Mooove it!
  I continue to make new friends in a community on youtube called the vinyl community. Its a fine group of music lovers who show their music collections and talk about what they listen to. community
We all Have one thing in common.we love music. It doesn't matter what format you collect.Records,CDs or have a voice in the VC! Some of us send nysuc to each other.We call this VCLT(vinyl community Love train.)
 I have been called the CD mix queen by some.My fellow mixmaker Daryl Washington is our King!
  There has been so much to be thankful for this year!
A great Family, Wonderful Friends,great jobs, and fun DJ gigs!
 I am blessed!
May you and your family have a healthy thanksgiving!
Peace,Love and Music

A Thankful DJ!

Last year at this time I only was 1 gig in the fall.After Hurrican Sandy I tried to get gig for benefits but no luch.I only had I gig at public works to boost the moral of the folks working there plus the police,National Guard and whoever else came by.Don't get me wrong that was a cool gig.
This fall however things changed. From the end of September till now Ive been working every other weekend and I'll be djing my first class reunion of a friends 25 year class reunion at the end of the month.
Thank you to my Roadies Sheryl and Dave, George and Beth,and Chip and Joyce!You guys are awesomeAlso Thank you to Dan.
To those who who enlisted my DJ services also get a BIG thank you.
BHFC #1,Eakfest(Alicia) and the Grenville. Thank you very Much.
Happy Thanksgiving!
P.S Also an Advance thank you to Krissy Tooker!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

shots of the day

beautiful poodles!
                                         VW Pumpkin!
                             Tired pup!

 The Fallen leavens are a sure sign that fall is here!

 A beautiful sunset over barnagat bay and a crane ready for another weeks work rebuilding the Bay Head Yacht club!