Saturday, July 26, 2014

DJ Trish August 2014 update

Hello my friend here it is
my next DJ gigs

August 1
Movie Night at the Beach house
I go on at 630 and play surf and reggae tunes and other crowd pleasures!
The Movie goes on at Dusk

August 16th
 The Bay Head Fire Companies Annual Clambake
Located on Bridge Ave in Bay Head
The event raises funds for maintaining vital life saving equipment and training firefighters.
There will be food ,firetruck rides and music by the Sherman Brothers Band and DJ Trish
 This is my biggest event of the year and I always get excited when this time of the year comes around!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Yay Bay Head Beach

People think lifeguards just sit on they're chairs and watch the girls.Wrong!
These lifeguards train early in the morning getting into shape and do lifeguard saving drills and keep up on rescue and first aid training. they also enter lifeguard tournaments and come back with awards and trophies! When a real rescue happens they are ready!
 heres a fishing boat enjoying a day of fishing..a little too close in my opinion but no one was in the water so I guess we let it slide!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

DJ Trish's Party Zone

                               The new mix is finished and I like the way it turned out!

Friday, July 4, 2014

There still are good people in this world

When I watch oe listen to the news 7 out of 10 stories are negative and grim.
 There are still good people in the world though.
The other day a guy came on my beach with what I thought was a baby fish and asked if he could return it to the water.
Sure I said.
         He ran down and put in in the water and watched it for a while. A minute later he came back.
He said he was working on a house and saw an osprey on a fencepost eating something and when he tried to get closer to take a picture of it with his iPhone the Osprey flew away and left his prey behind.
  The man went up and found a baby sand shark still alive and picked it and  brought it to my beach and put it back in the water. He said he didn't know if the little fellow had a fighting chance but he did what he could.
Yesterday one of my patrons came on my beach and gave me a can of soda and a freshly made cheeseburger.
 Although our mainstream media fill us with fear doubt, Im reminded almost every day that there are STILL good people in this world!