Wednesday, March 25, 2015

End of March news and ramblings

Last night I got curious about what new CDs our local library had.
     I went on their website and search for new music in March. Some world music, Disney classics and now 53 were among the CDs I put on hold. I also have a few things overdue that I must return tomorrow.
 as far as adding music to my collection I have no urgent desires apart from 3 CDs I ordered from Cd
 I got to weed out before I add any more. I'm in that process now.
  Today we got a few packages of books to samples and review at work. one was on this big bubble mailer. after my boss opened it I asked him if I could have it. I told him that I send records to vinyl loving friends and upon getting home a record just makes it. A few 7 inches or 45s would do better.
 OK now for some DJ Trish news! Once again I will have the pleasure of spinning tunes at Point Pleasants earth day on Saturday April 25 at 12 noon at Riverfront park. its a volunteer gig but its the first gig of spring and I get to meet up with friends , see bands when the bands are playing I get up to grab a bite to eat and take videos and photos.
Being earthday is later in the month I hope it will be warmer too!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

gifts and additions

Recently I had 2 awesome gifts sent to me in the mail from two wonful folks in the youtube vinyl community. Tom aka the high rant district send me a few great things, A Sharon jones cd,a mix he made and a box of Tea from Sri Lanka.
Another member had 2 t shirts with this logo on it. so sweet!

here are two CDs I picked up the other day at a local antique mall.

a new friend and member of my mix trade group made me this mix.what a beautiful week.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

digging in my own collection

Lately I haven't had the time or finances to really go digging and all the darn snow didn't help but I've rediscovered so many gems already in my collection. This compilation is full of greats from Billy May, Dean Martin and Martin Denny just to name a few. The cover itself it awesome too!

Another compilation full of great music.
This is a great compilation of awesome jazz. If you see this in vinyl or CD I highly recommend you pick this up if your into jazz or just curios about it!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

first Bikeride in 3 months

At Last
after a long cold winter today it was 61 degrees according the the digital thermometer in my car.
  I was finally able to get out on my bike.
I stopped at the canal and got a few pictures of nearby geese.
Afterwards I stopped by to see Sheryl and Jack at the new location of special T graphics. Its right across from O' Brians florists and from there I went to consignment for cast\h and they are no longer there!
I did stop by riteaid and picked up jewel cases and mailing envelopes so my trip down that way was not a total loss.
kinda bummed that consignment for cash is no longer there. yhey were nice people!
OK now here's the geese photos

Sunday, March 8, 2015

As the sun sets

As I was walking today I saw the sun set right over a house and it looked to cool I just had to whip out the camera!
On the way home from my walk I thought how neat this view ahead was and again whipped out the camera!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

oh thank you Mystery Gifter

Once in a while there a sweet gift in my box. Yesterday it was a sweet gift indeed.
I don't know who to thank though. no one signed and I asked suspected gifters but they are not fessing up.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Up Next

This winter has been long.I haven't gone shopping for music since before Christmas. I'm currently rediscovery great tunes already in my collection and talking about them on my youtube channel
I'm calling it digging in my own collection