Monday, October 20, 2014

Music news and More

Alright folks hold on to your hats THIS is gonna be a long one!
Lets start with Saturday
  Chip my #1 Roadie and close friend picked me up at about 8:15am to get me and my gear to St Pauls Festival of Hope in Bay Head.
 I get set up and started playing music at a low volume being it was barely 9am.
     They had a 5K at 9am and I played the national anthem AKA the Star Spangled banner!
 after the race got going I turned the volume up a hair more. I stuck to oldies and jazz and occasionally slipped in songs like the electric slide and Happy!
  The Church band played too.
  There were many announcements made. Its seemed like if I played 5 songs straight through without an announcement needing to me made that was a lot!
  At The end of the day I got a nice applause which warmed my heart!
     Next was Eakfest!
    Chip took me there too.
  I think throughout the whole night I made 2 announcements. One included a raffle drawing!
  There was a guy dressed up as Mr Potato head!
the food was good and Alicia even showed me the secret stash of beer for staff only. At the end of the night when things were winding down I helped myself to one!
 There was one woman who stayed through the whole night. she raved about the music which warmed my heart again!
 I told chip I wanted  to pay him in some way and he said I can treat him to a few beers some night soon. I agreed. Time to roll!
 all in all it was a fun day of DJing for 2 great fundraisers!

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