Monday, August 4, 2014

going on 8 Years in the mix CD trade

I just rejoined the IMP mix exchange group. I missed getting assignments each month. for a while I put off renewing my membership and even thought about taking a long break.
    Recently I realized how much a missed coming home and seeing my new assignment in my email. Usually the end of the first week and middle of the second week of the month is when they come.
   I discovered IMP in 2007 when I typed CD mix in the search bar. I was thrilled to know others were as obsessed with making CD mixes as I was.
    It was the advent of the MP3 and iPods era. People were telling me that the CD mix is a thing of the past and soon DJs will be replaced my iPods and laptops!
    I didn't listen to it. Computers can crash and Ipods can be lost broken and stolen. then what?
        With the recent resurgence in interest in vinyl records I hope more folks regain an appreciation of the physical format,CD ,albums and tapes.
   I still think making mix tapes/CDs is cool and is a fun creative outlet of turning others on to great music. Making the cover art is fun too where you put one of your own pictures on it or something you cut out of an old magazine, junk mail, etc.
 seeing others reaction when to give them a mix you make is a thrill too. Getting a 6X9 envelope with your name on it  is cool too!
  curious? So how do I sign up you wonder

I have made a few friend who I still keep in touch with too!

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