Monday, December 8, 2014

Dec Thoughts and Ideas

 So Far this years Christmas mix is getting nice reviews! I have enough music to make a new mix but I want to focus on Getting my Christmas mixes out first.
 today was the first snow of the season. luckily it was a light snow but it was enough for me to postpone a trip to the post office to mail out Christmas mixes for the cousins.
Perhaps by the end of the week.
   I dare not say tomorrow because we are supposed to get heavy winds and rain. There's also a chance of coastal flooding.
   In my hurry to get out to clear the car of snow I forgot the bag of CDs I need to take back to the library!
 I didn't however get to work safe and sound and yes on time. Frank informed me that my friend Joan Sherman isn't expected to live much longer and they reserves the firehouse for her wake and he offered to take me there. We were discussing life, death and the fact that we are saved and we know where we are going. I sometimes call him Reverend because he has so much faith and knowledge and is a real man of God and lifts he up and encourages me! He's my big brother and I adopted him in my heart! I call chip my younger brother.
I am blessed with many awesome friends!

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