Wednesday, March 25, 2015

End of March news and ramblings

Last night I got curious about what new CDs our local library had.
     I went on their website and search for new music in March. Some world music, Disney classics and now 53 were among the CDs I put on hold. I also have a few things overdue that I must return tomorrow.
 as far as adding music to my collection I have no urgent desires apart from 3 CDs I ordered from Cd
 I got to weed out before I add any more. I'm in that process now.
  Today we got a few packages of books to samples and review at work. one was on this big bubble mailer. after my boss opened it I asked him if I could have it. I told him that I send records to vinyl loving friends and upon getting home a record just makes it. A few 7 inches or 45s would do better.
 OK now for some DJ Trish news! Once again I will have the pleasure of spinning tunes at Point Pleasants earth day on Saturday April 25 at 12 noon at Riverfront park. its a volunteer gig but its the first gig of spring and I get to meet up with friends , see bands when the bands are playing I get up to grab a bite to eat and take videos and photos.
Being earthday is later in the month I hope it will be warmer too!

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