Tuesday, November 1, 2016

CDs and why I'm staying with them

 CDs came out in the early to mid 1980s. The were around $20.00 and up! Records were between $5-10.00!
I swore back then I would stick to records because CDs were out of my Price range! In the early 1990s I got a stereo that played albums,cassettes and CDs. I bought a CD here and there when I had extra cash. When I made mixes you can tell the songs that came off CDs sounded better. I still collected records and 45s though.
 slowly the Records started disappearing from the shelved and bearing replaced by CDs. By this time CDs were more affordable.
 in or around 2013 or so there was a renewed interest in vinyl again but records were more expensive then CDs! A new record can be $25-30.00!
Production and pressing costs have going up.
You can go to a thrift shore or goodwill be you may not find the records in good shape.
CDsare still down in price and many titles and artist can be founds for a few bucks on places like
oldies.com,amazon and best buy!
I respect records and record collectors but price wise and space to store has worked out for me and they STILL sound great. Even old recordings like ella,Louie and ol blues eyes himself sound great on CD!
 If you go to a second hand store or flea market ALWAYS check your album or CD for scratches and other defects!
Groove on!

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