Thursday, September 18, 2014

more world music

  In my travels Yesterday I stopped at a place called Sunshine Daydream which sells women's cloths ,accessories and Putumayo world music.
   As most of you know especially those who I swap CD mixes with I enjoy world music.
   The Putumayo world series is great. All original songs my the original artists.
  I've been on a CD buying binge lately but I'll slow down in time to save up for the holidays.
    Oh I know its a hair too early to be talking about the holidays but I start gathering music and compiling my Christmas mixes around late October.
  This weekend I'll be making my fall mix called "Falling out of Summer 2014"
    I have 3 DJ gigs in October 3 Saturdays in a row. I'm chuffed!
  details to follow soon
please check back soon!

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