Friday, January 2, 2015

New Years Day DJ gig!

2 weeks or so back I saw Ed Austin at Joan Shermans memorial service and asked him if they needed a DJ at the New Years day lunch at Sacred Heart, He said he didn't Need one but He welcomed my assistance.
  A group from Valentine house which houses physically and mentally disabled adults were the guests. Wow they had a great time! There was a small space for dancing inform of Ed and I and they packed it and cut loose!
 I could tell they were having fun!
It was a fun afternoon. That's the great thing about music. It lifts hearts and souls and for a few hours these folks were able to cut loose and forget the worries of the world if only for a few hours it was so worth volunteering my time to make a group of folks who got a short end of the straw in life happy for a few hours.
We got a big round of applause of the end of the day!
Ed took some pictures of me too!
Thank you Ed for a great afternoon!

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