Sunday, January 11, 2015

Thought on France and other stuff

Friday Morning I walked into the boiler room to get a cup of coffee and saw the news on the TV about Terrorists in France in two locations. It must have been as scary as 9//11 was for us.
By the end of the day all the terrorists were killed but 2 are still at large.
  My heart goes out to them.
I don't know much about France but I know they are a pretty peaceful country. Do their police even carry guns?
   My fellow mixmaker Sid from Northern Ireland invited me to this mixtrade group on yahoo and I joined. There are folks who still enjoy making CD mixes like I do. A few members emailed me welcoming me to the group. Like me they have the same mindset Trade mixes via mail and make new friends in the process.
 I hope to send out a few packages tomorrow. Weather permitting!ugh
 We are supposed to get snow early in the morning and as cold as it is the snow will make for bad driving conditions.
 OK so back to the music, A happy subject. I'm thinking of a world music mix for 2015.
A artist friend of mine posted a beautiful picture of a fish she drew on facebook.I'm thinking of asking her if I can use it for a mix cover and give her the credit of course.
 OK I'm told once you post a picture of facebook its public domain but I still believe in asking permission to use it. In my mind the artist ,photographer gets a thrill that someone likes what they did so much they want to use it and its buts a smile on their face, plus its keeps your conscious and integrity in the clear. Asking is better in this case.
 I ordered MORE music from the library despite the fine I have. I'll pay the off the week!
 More on the music later this week.
Stay warm
Peace Love and music!

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