Tuesday, February 17, 2015

3 dog night

On my youtube channel I started a series called digging in my own collection. I go and pick out 4 or more cool CDs I have and talk about them.
 Back in the 70s I would tape songs off the radio.
One day I believe it was a snowday I got a blank Kmart 90minute tape and started taping away. I would often channel surf and tape songs off different radio stations.
This one tape had among them 3 dog night, Pink Floyd and I thing David Bowie songs on them.
 Out in the country was one of the songs on the tape.
   After school I would come home and play this tape. I played it so much that eventually the tape recorder would eat it.
Years later I learned that 1.00 90 minute 3 packs were not good quality tapes. I also learned the importance and cleaning tape heads and pinch rollers.
The life lessons of a young mixtaper!

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