Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Random thoughts and Ideas

Alrighty folks get your coffee or tea and sit back for a nice read.
Oh man I'm so looking forward to spring.
Two of my friends who have businesses locally are relocating. Locally not to far from their former locations. I look forward to doing brand new video tours in both their shops. I hope to go to other spots as well including the train room and the upstairs of Point antique Pavilion.
  My CD collection is pretty much complete. I don't think I'll be buy many more but if I do it will be for others..
 A few folks in the Vinyl Community on youtube have been showing some cool funky records and yes they do inspire me to make a new mix. Being the weather sucks and money is tight right now I went to the Library website and had a field day finding cool music. Now I pray all the CDs I'm putting on hold aren't scratched to hell. its been my luck of late with Library items.
 Once spring gets here I also plan to return to the Boardwalk to do another video tour of the Aquarium!
 I hope to get some footage of some surfers in action too.
I also hope to get a few more DJ gigs too!
I want to get back into a 3 laps a day at the community park with power walks.
what else?..Oh Yes Church. gotta get back to ol Sacred Heart.
OK well one last things
I was going though some stuff today and found an old note book that I was throwing out but before I did I took a few shots of some of my cartons in it

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