Wednesday, April 15, 2015

rembering 1985

people started turning the colors up on there Izod shirts and girls wore these things called legwarmers.
  I was still going to bible studies enjoying it.
This guy named Prince did this song lets go crazy. and had a purple motorcycle.
I got this weird thing called rubrics cube but it frustrated the heck out of me.
It was also the year we got a new custodian named Frank Alechko. He looked like a tough guy  buy  soon after I found out he too was a Christian and we shared the love of secular music and Coffee!
 There was a place in Bay Head that sold tapes and soon after I started hearing about bands like U2,Dire Straights,Talking Heads and Sade just to name a few.
I also remember getting into a show called Miami vice and VHS tapes and taping shows and movies off the TV would be replaced by making mixtapes. We not replaced but Id get more into making mixtapes more than taping stuff off the tv!

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