Thursday, June 23, 2011

rumble rumble flash flash

Yesterday our day at the beach was ended an hour early because of an approaching thunder storm.
As I pulled into Bridge Ave,One of our lifeguards took my radio and told me to rock n roll.In other words hit the road kid the storms coming.
Its amazing how fast my feet can peddle when a storms approaching.I was just approaching Bay Ave when I saw a big bolt of lightning over the bay,followed by a loud thunder.
I wasn't taking chances.I pulled into Bay Point Market to wait it out!Theres a fine line between faith and stupidity.The benefits of waiting it out.Drying off,avoiding getting hit my lightning and a cup of coffee!
Common sense..I love you!
When I got home I was a wet rat covered in sunscreen.Yuck.Time for a shower.
After my shower and a set of dry clothes I had some dinner and a glass of wine!

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  1. A bit of excitement,trish.Common sense has gotten me this far.I'm glad you use it too.Cooking for one is kinda sad,i know.I'm glad to hear about your day.