Saturday, June 11, 2011

Oh the decision

Tonight was a fun night at Music and movie night.
any fun request and a little Dancing I saw.Folks had fun!The night was Sponsored the The Christian surfers of Manasquan.We watched a Movie Called Walking On water.It was fun and there were parts the tugged at my heart.
It got me to thinking how I really need to get back to church.Id like to go to Sacret heart because that is my church but it makes me sad because I always went with mom or dad and ever since dad died I can't go alone without getting teary just a tad.I do go to my friends Tyler and Joans church which is first baptist and they love seeing me there and I don't get teary.
Oh what should I do?Tough it out and go to sacred heart and try to be strong or go to first baptist where Im better emotionally?

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  1. Do you think people at church need you?Do you need to feel like you belong?Stay home and drink your beer and pray while you watch the sun go down.God is real to me when I'm not trying to please other people with the golden rule and all my sunday learning.I see god in everything and I think god is watching me.Not some savior but,the great creator.Just something to think about.Please,don't take this the wrong way because,I want you to feel free to worship any way you chose.