Saturday, July 23, 2011

Its hot hot hot

Tomorrow we celebrate my nephew Brendans 11th birthday.Wow where did those years go?
This summer will mark my th year DJing at the clambake.Wow and its my 2nd year DJing the movie nights at the Beach House.
Last night the movie was Tubular swells.Its from 1975 but theres awesome surfing footage and even a cool soundtrack including Fleetwood mac,Santana and Steve Miller!I imagine back then artists were so happy to be asked to use their music in a movie but today Im sure theres legal ragling and stuff.
Last night I played alot of reggae and island music and threw in a dance number or two.A little Dancing and lots of positive feedback.
Cooper,the Rep for Sanuk gave me a set of earphone that I put in front of my player but at the end of the night they were gone.
Someone really wanted sad they had to steal em.Well Like I say Karma has a funny way of turning around and biting folks like that in the butt!
Today I got Brendan a $20.00 gift card for Applebees.I hope he likes it!

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