Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Rumble rumble..false alarm!

My day off and my game plan went well..kinda!
My first stop on my list was Cafe De Paont.A large coffee and a blueberry muffin.Deee-lish!Brea and her partner are so nice.a Gentleman went up to order a spot of cofee and did and english accent.I ask him if he was getting a shubbery too.He laughed.He started talking about Monty Pythons holy grail.
The next stop was Special T Graphics where a long overdue visit took place.I gave her a small bag of can tabs for the happy tabs can!
My visit was short due to the darkening sky.
As I was leaving Nancy called.I told her where I was and that I was heading home.My plan to go for pizza was cancelled and I pedeled as fast as I could.
I got home and nothing came of the storm.False Alarm!I pedelled pretty fast too, dammit!
When I check my email my fellow mixmaker Larry sent me an email saying his snail mail got stolen while he was away.The theives most likely took the envelope of mixes I sent him too.
Pardon my french but the theiving rat bastards most likely have the mixes I sent him and are rockin' out damn them!
he gave me a P.O box to send new ones to.I hope the theives get cought.I hope they spend many years in jail and get whats coming to them.scuse the rant but it makes me made when stuff like that happens.Whats with some people?

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