Friday, July 29, 2011

rumble rumble for real

Today my Felt bad .its a woman thing I know.I took 2 Motrin and slept till 2pm.MyPlans for the day were scrapped untill 4ish when I started feeling well again.I went to get Jewel Cases at Rite aid.The sky was looking grey.
On the way home I heard thunder.My plans to stop by Cafe de Point would have to wait for another day.I saw people In the community park and some looked like they were headed out and others were walking ,etc.
I was a block from the house when I thought I saw a flash of lightning and picked up the pace of the pedeling.
As I pulled in the driveway it seemed like the thunder was louder and thanked God for getting me home safe as I pushed my bike in the garage.
When I was eating dinner a big bolt of lighting flash and the sky opened up.
It seemed like the storm lasted an hour.As much as I hot lightining storms we need a good rain to lesson the threat of a drought.
We lost power for five minuted so I had to reset my alarm clock after the storm passed.
I waited till after the lightning stopped till I rebooted the computer.

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  1. Reading about the little things in your life makes me appreciate and shed light on my own life.Trish you mean soo much to me.Thanks to you I feel good about myself.The music you made for me on Rare Spins will always be in my heart.