Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Cool Grooves Mix Exchange update

Formally the Jersey shore Mix club Oh effin MTV!You stole the Jersey Shore title and ruined it.I renamed it "Cool Grooves" after my hotmail account got jacked.
OK well anyway..we are a fun bunch of Music Loving,Mixmakers out to exchange cool music and make new friends!I'M NOT trying to be bigger or better than anyone else,Just doing my part to keep the Mixtape community alive in the age of ipods.
Im not doing it alone though.I have 24 awesome fellow mixmakers helping in keeping it going.
Theres also a neat little newsletter too.You may contribute to it by telling me your start in making mixes and even a album review.
Ive been doing this for almost 3 years now.a few have stayed and many have come and gone but I hope many friendships are made and many cool mixes are exchanged.Good friends and good music.What a combination!
Oh yes there are rules.
1 All mixes must have a tracklist
2 All mixes should be profanity free(So everyone can enjoy)
You may include email or website with your mix so you mix partner can send you a review and make a connection for future trades!
Musically yours

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