Wednesday, August 3, 2011

so Cool!

Yesterday I went to the car cruise.DJ Tommy Lynch was there and so was Ed Austin.There were also some modern Dance troupe there and the name escapes me.There was another Small trio by the Sunshine daydream shop.
Tommy and Ed both gave me hellos over the mic.Sweet.Ed and Tommy were Talking at one point.Im guessing they know each other from over the years.
Roxy of Roxys Bay Head blog Gave both me and the Sherman brother band shout outs on her blog.
I put in for a day off on the 20th.
so set sail for fun and musical adventure August 20th from 12 noon till 5pmat the Bay head fire companys annual clambake.Im so happy to be giving my time to a worthy cause.There will be a 50/50 too!
Each year I know im getting older when I see more and more BHS alumni drinking beer,married and bearing children.oh my!yep 10 years till retirement.How fast they grow up!Most of them make me proud though,I must say!
No matter how much your tix cost remember its a VERY worth while cost.Keep our firefighters well trained and equipted!Think your family van takes alot of gas?ask what it cast to fuel a firetruck!
OK so back to the car show.There were quite a few antique cars no modernized with new stereo systems or interior bling!that was cool for me.
It was a nice turnout.
Soo August has arrived and with it comes a semi return to school duties.Yesterday I filled 3 garbage bags will shredded documents.Our recourse room teacher Diane informed me she has MORE for me.I promised her Id do that upon my next day im there.
Our Secretary and principal were both out.If they think im a slacker perhaps the amount of shredding I did in 2 hours time will remind them I'm NOT!
Im not asking for praise or whatever.just a little R E S P E C T!
OK that is the news and I am outta here!

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