Wednesday, August 17, 2011

45 minutes each side

I don't use it much anymore but once in a while I check out to see whats going on at Art of the mix.
Someone posted a blog about the old days of the mixed tape..yes cassette.They rememmber it the way I do.Locking themselves in their room and in from of them was a turntable and a tapedeck.
How did we do without iphones and ipods?Come back with me in time zwoop zwoop zwoop!
If you had to make a call you went to a phonebooth and searched frantically for the correct change.The receiver was often covered my greazy oily handcream of perfume.Other folks numbers were written on the sides or other gross graffiti johnny is a c--k sucker or Brenda like Joeys big fat d--k.
You had your yellow Sony Walkman and if you had a 90 minute mix each side was a mere 45 minute.If you didn't clean the tape heads all the magnetism would build up and the tape would get eaten.If you stopped the tape in time it could be saved but if not that tape was history.If things were really messed it you had to figure out how to get all of the tape out of the mechanism without breaking the machine.
The rest I told you about in an earlier blog about the hardship but creative adventures of the recording process itself.
Oh and home phones?I remember being on the phone and someone picking up the other end announcing they were expecting a call or had to make one.
Oh and it you dare walk too far away and stretch that 10 foot cord beyond its limits and get it tangled up.
Coughing into the receiving was also frowned upon.I was of ten blamed for spreading a cold around after coughing in the receiver.Ma bell probably got the flu because of me coughing into the phone.
If you had a white phone your hands better be Ivory clean baby.If not who do you think got blame for the dirty fingerprints on the phone?If the smelled like motor oil it was my brother.
The advancement of technology isn't so bad after all huh?
OK time to come back to current time zwoop zwoop zwoop..ding!Time to go to bed.Its a work night.

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