Thursday, August 11, 2011

good news and observations

Well I went to the Dr for a follow up to my follow up!
I lost 3 pounds but my BP is still high.At first my dr said I needed to go on blod press meds and get blood work and see him again in a month.
As I was walking out of the examining room a light came on my brain.Would the blood pressure meds and claritain D be OK together.
Upon this revolation the dr said to go off the claritan D and just use regular claritan.Claritan D contain antihistamines(Spelling?)which higher you blood pressure.
Later Nancy called his office wondering if I could just use the regular claritan and hold off on the BP meds and see if that works.Yes!
Power walks will continue and so will avoiding large amounts of chips and pretzels.
In other news after Piano lessions I went to Monalyssa's for a slice and pizza and they were closed.there were orange notices all over the windows stating they had failed to pay they're taxes and were shut down.Damn.I like that place.Hopefully the owner straightens things out and reopens!
Still in the mood for pizza I went to Fredaricos in the beach being I was going in that direction anyway.
Sometimes they have sician pizza and I get a slice if they do but I noticed there wasn't any so I just got a plain slice.
I went to see Eric at Atomic CDs and stopped in at a few other spots but didnt hang out much.Eloise of Thoughtful Treasures fame took the day off and the grind coffee house was closed so home I went but on the way home I realized I still had to go to the bank and cash my check.I put some in my account though.
I noticed at few cars at the firehouse including the cheifs car.I poked my head in the say hello.Chip and another firefighter were putting some equiptent back in a truck that just came back from service.
Chip and I had a diet coke in the kitchen and chatted.
Now Im going to have a glass of wine and something for dinner while I rock out to my ipod.

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