Tuesday, May 24, 2011

that wasn't bad!

Yesterday I went to the dentist for my annual check up.It was a little chilly but took my bike.I took Beaverdam road to the 88 Bridge.after I got over the bridge I heard this sound like someone was tapping on a tin can,then I saw one of the gates on the other side go down.It was the "Bridge is about to go up bell"compared to the Loveland town bridge bell it was not loud.
NO Cavities!Im always glad to find that out!He doesnt tell me "No cavities" he just says "everything looks good"
When I get out the door I raise both hands in the air and thank Jesus!
I didnt have much to eat so being Dunkin Donuts is a block away I went and had a small cofee and a Bagel with Cream Cheese!It was a good Day!

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