Friday, October 21, 2011

music news and mix club exchange update

I have resumed work on my Christmas mixes.I hope to get one out to each person that showed interest in previous years and of course family and friends.last year I think made 140 and this year may hit 150 or 160.Ill crank out a few each day.this years mix is kinda jazzy to set the mood for mellowness and hanging by the fire sipping on hot cocoa.mmm!A few Shop owners in town will be graced with them too and of course the holly Jolly coworkers at BHS. Tis the season to be groovin'!
We are up to 26 members!Im stoked about that!
this month there is no set them but November will have a theme.Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate.
All member will be asked to send out holiday mixes to all your fave mixers.Save those Pennies now.
Postage rates going up?Gas prices coming down?
With the elimination of Gaddafi or Qaddafi however ya spell it I read that it may cause gas prices to go down.I also read postage prices may go the many I save on gave I'll use to mail out mixes?

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