Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What does one do without the computer?

OK so you may askyourself what does one do without the computer?OK those who know me know I love to make mixes.
For a mixmaker like me its was like being stuck in traffic during rush hour.
Playlists were in my head but there was no way to let em loose creatively.
Lately I've been listening to a classic rock station called the hawk.It wakes me up in the morning and I often hear a song and think Dang I wanna put that on my next mix.
I listened to some one my earlier mixes and come across of few made for me by others.
Before Zero and IMP I was in a mix club called Procrastination Dance Party
I made a mix for everyone in the group and mail them to the leader of it.it was bi monthly and I wasn'nt in it to long before it desolved.I made a few friends but they either got a new email or moved and we never reconnected
I cought up on some sleep.There were nights when theres was not much good on TV,no wine in the house so what the heck,go to bed.
I did watch a good DVD though
and heres a review
SOUL SURFER(movie review)
A young Female Surfer Bethany Hamilton was becoming known in surfing compitions at the tener age of 14.One day she was out surfing with her friends when she was attacked by a tiger shark.
Months later she was back in the water sufing in a compitition and was badly beaton.
Thinking she had lost her edge she gave it up until she was helping encourage a little boy go in the water while she was with here church mission group.The little boys courage helped her regain her courage to give surfing another try.
With the help and love of family and friends Bethany got physically in shape and returned to surfing.She also made friends with a rival surfer.
This is a great movie to the whole family to see.
2 thumbs up!

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