Friday, October 28, 2011

sounds from the past inspiration for the future

Im Patiantly waiting for my order to come and don't want to start work on a new mix till I get it.I feel like a dog chained to a tree when I see a cat.I waana go for it but theres something holding me back.Yes Ive started on my christmas mix and its going well.I wanna start another new mix.I was looking in one of my old CD carring cases.I found a mix I made in 2005.I thought you might like to take a peek.
JUNE 2005

1. song for life - The Waterboys
2. The Nile - Santana
3. Mystery Babylon - Peter Tosh
4. Place in this world - Michael W Smith
5. Kings and Queens - Aerosmith
6. The X-Files Theme - The Dust Brothers
7. Pata Pata - Mariam Makeba
8. Boplicity - Miles Davis & his Orchestra
9. Diggy Liggy Lo - Guy & Ralna
10. Traffic Jam - James Tayla
11. Send one your love - Sting
12. The Halllujah Chorus - The Roaches
13. Isrealites - Desmond Dekker
14. Run for the road - Atlantik
15. Good Time - Ziggy Marley
16. Lieberstaum - Spike Jones
17. Doghouse Polka - Babe Wagner
18. The windmills of your mind - Henry Mancini
19. Coo coo u - The Kingston Trio
20. Bosco Stomp - Alli Young,Bessyl Duhun & Rodney Belfa

This mix was made on Musicmatch which got bought by yahoo and I think is now part of yahoo music or something like that
you welcome to correct me if Im wrong!

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